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Individual, Open

Date13 – 19 August 2008
LocationXianggang Tiyu Xueyuan, Hong Kong
Participants47 from 22 countries
FormatAverage score of round two (Grand Prix Special) and round three (Grand Prix Freestyle) determined final placement.

Dutch rider Theodora Elisabeth Gerarda “Anky” van Grunsven came into Beijing as the two-time defending gold medalist, a two-time World Champion, and a four-time European Champion. She was favored but was expecting a big challenge from her long-time rival, German Isabell Werth, individually the champion at Atlanta in 1996, a three-time World and five-time European champion. In Beijing Werth led after the Grand Prix round, and the Grand Prix Special round, with van Grunsven second in both phases. However, in the Grand Prix Freestyle, done to music, or the so-called kür, van Grunsven had the highest score in both artistic and technical components to win that phase and win her third consecutive gold medal, with Werth taking silver. German Heike Kemmer won bronze.

In the Grand Prix round Japan’s Hiroshi Hoketsu finished in a tie for 34th, and did not advance to the second round (only the top 25 did). This was his second Olympics, after competing at Tokyo in 1964, fully 44 years before Beijing. Hoketsu’s gap of 44 years between Olympic appearances was far more than the previous record of 32 years set by Mexican Eduardo Prieto, who competed in fencing in 1932 and sailing in 1964, and the mark of 28 years in the same sport, held by six Olympians. Hoketsu would compete again in 2012, when he was 71-years-old.

1Anky van GrunsvenNEDSalinero78.680Gold
2Isabell WerthGERSatchmo76.650Silver
3Heike KemmerGERBonaparte 6774.455Bronze
4Steffen PetersUSARavel74.150
5Hans Peter MinderhoudNEDNadine73.035
6Aleksandra KorelovaRUSBalagur72.625
7Emma HindleGBRLancet72.345
8Kyra KyrklundFINMax71.985
9Bernadette PujalsMEXVincent71.675
10Jan BrinkSWEBriar71.205
11Andreas HelgstrandDENDon Schufro70.675
12Tinne SilfvénSWESolos Carex70.345
13Ashley HolzerCANPop Art70.105
14Nathalie zu Sayn-WittgensteinDENDigby69.110
15Juan MuñozESPFuego XII
16Nadine CapellmannGERElvis VA
17Laura BechtolsheimerGBRMistral Hojris
18Hayley BeresfordAUSRelampago
19Kristy Oatley-NistAUSQuando Quando
20Marc BobletFRAWhitini Star
21Anne van OlstDENClearwater
22Michał RapcewiczPOLRandon
23Patrik KittelSWEFloresco
24Hubert PerringFRADiabolo St Maurice
25Imke Schellekens-BartelsNEDSunrise
26Victoria Max-TheurerAUTFalcao 12
27Jordi DomingoESPPrestige
28Jacqueline BrooksCANGran Gesto
29Iryna LisBLRRedford
30Jane GregoryGBRLucky Star
31Julia Chevanne-GimelFRACalimucho
32Daniel PintoPORGalopin De La Font
33Debbie McDonaldUSABrentina
=34Hiroshi HoketsuJPNWhisper
=34Heath RyanAUSGreenoaks Dundee
=36Tatyana MiloserdovaRUSWat A Feeling
=36Pierluigi SangiorgiITAFlourian
38Carlos PintoPORNotavel
39Luiza AlmeidaBRASamba
40Liu LinaCHNPiroschka
41Mieko YagiJPNDow Jones
42Leandro SilvaBRAOceano Do Top
43Leslie ReidCANOrion
44Yuko KitaiJPNRambo
45Choi Jun-SangKORCinque Cento
46Miguel DuartePOROxalisDNF
ACCourtney King-DyeUSAMythilusDQ (doping)1

Round One (Grand Prix) (13 – 14 August 2008 — 19:15)

Top 25 riders advanced to round two (Grand Prix Special).

1Isabell WerthGERSatchmo76,417
2Anky van GrunsvenNEDSalinero74,750
3Heike KemmerGERBonaparte 6772,250
4Emma HindleGBRLancet71,125
5Imke Schellekens-BartelsNEDSunrise70,875
6Kyra KyrklundFINMax70,583
7Nathalie zu Sayn-WittgensteinDENDigby70,417
8Nadine CapellmannGERElvis VA70,083
9Steffen PetersUSARavel70,000
10Hans Peter MinderhoudNEDNadine69,625
11Bernadette PujalsMEXVincent69,250
12Jan BrinkSWEBriar68,875
13Andreas HelgstrandDENDon Schufro68,833
14Aleksandra KorelovaRUSBalagur68,500
15Michał RapcewiczPOLRandon67,500
16Anne van OlstDENClearwater67,375
17Patrik KittelSWEFloresco67,125
18Ashley HolzerCANPop Art67,042
19Hubert PerringFRADiabolo St Maurice66,833
20Marc BobletFRAWhitini Star66,125
21Juan MuñozESPFuego XII66,083
22Tinne SilfvénSWESolos Carex66,042
23Laura BechtolsheimerGBRMistral Hojris65,917
24Kristy Oatley-NistAUSQuando Quando65,750
25Hayley BeresfordAUSRelampago65,583
26Victoria Max-TheurerAUTFalcao 1265,333
27Jordi DomingoESPPrestige64,042
28Jacqueline BrooksCANGran Gesto63,750
29Iryna LisBLRRedford63,500
30Jane GregoryGBRLucky Star63,375
31Julia Chevanne-GimelFRACalimucho63,250
32Daniel PintoPORGalopin De La Font63,083
33Debbie McDonaldUSABrentina63,000
=34Hiroshi HoketsuJPNWhisper62,542
=34Heath RyanAUSGreenoaks Dundee62,542
=36Tatyana MiloserdovaRUSWat A Feeling61,875
=36Pierluigi SangiorgiITAFlourian61,875
38Carlos PintoPORNotavel61,708
39Luiza AlmeidaBRASamba60,833
40Liu LinaCHNPiroschka60,625
41Mieko YagiJPNDow Jones60,167
42Leandro SilvaBRAOceano Do Top60,125
43Leslie ReidCANOrion59,750
44Yuko KitaiJPNRambo59,250
45Choi Jun-SangKORCinque Cento57,333
ACMiguel DuartePOROxalisDNF
ACCourtney King-DyeUSAMythilus70.458DQ (doping)2

Round Two (Grand Prix Special) (16 August 2008 — 19:15)

Top 15 riders advanced to round two (Grand Prix Freestyle).

1Isabell WerthGERSatchmo75,200
2Anky van GrunsvenNEDSalinero74,960
3Heike KemmerGERBonaparte 6772,960
4Steffen PetersUSARavel71,800
5Aleksandra KorelovaRUSBalagur71,400
6Bernadette PujalsMEXVincent71,000
7Hans Peter MinderhoudNEDNadine70,920
8Emma HindleGBRLancet70,440
9Kyra KyrklundFINMax69,720
10Tinne SilfvénSWESolos Carex69,240
11Nathalie zu Sayn-WittgensteinDENDigby69,120
12Jan BrinkSWEBriar68,960
13Andreas HelgstrandDENDon Schufro68,800
14Ashley HolzerCANPop Art68,760
15Juan MuñozESPFuego XII68,160
16Nadine CapellmannGERElvis VA67,240
17Laura BechtolsheimerGBRMistral Hojris67,160
18Hayley BeresfordAUSRelampago66,320
19Kristy Oatley-NistAUSQuando Quando66,080
20Marc BobletFRAWhitini Star65,640
21Anne van OlstDENClearwater65,320
22Michał RapcewiczPOLRandon65,120
23Patrik KittelSWEFloresco64,360
24Hubert PerringFRADiabolo St Maurice62,680
ACCourtney King-DyeUSAMythilus70.800DQ (doping)3
DNSImke Schellekens-BartelsNEDSunrise

Round Three (Grand Prix Freestyle) (19 August 2008 — 19:15)

1Anky van GrunsvenNEDSalinero78,68082,40038,90043,50074,960
2Isabell WerthGERSatchmo76,65078,10037,40040,70075,200
3Heike KemmerGERBonaparte 6774,45575,95036,05039,90072,960
4Steffen PetersUSARavel74,15076,50036,50040,00071,800
5Hans Peter MinderhoudNEDNadine73,03575,15035,85039,30070,920
6Aleksandra KorelovaRUSBalagur72,62573,85035,25038,60071,400
7Emma HindleGBRLancet72,34574,25036,05038,20070,440
8Kyra KyrklundFINMax71,98574,25035,15039,10069,720
9Bernadette PujalsMEXVincent71,67572,35034,65037,70071,000
10Jan BrinkSWEBriar71,20573,45035,15038,30068,960
11Andreas HelgstrandDENDon Schufro70,67572,55034,65037,90068,800
12Tinne SilfvénSWESolos Carex70,34571,45034,15037,30069,240
13Ashley HolzerCANPop Art70,10571,45034,45037,00068,760
14Nathalie zu Sayn-WittgensteinDENDigby69,11069,10033,50035,60069,120
ACCourtney King-DyeUSAMythilus70.17569.55033.35036.20070.800DQ (doping)4