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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date12 – 14 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants64 from 55 countries

The 100 metre freestyle at Beijing promised to deliver a classic head-to-head matchup between two swimmers who were clearly the best in the world and a level above their competition. The two men, Alain Bernard of France and Eamon Sullivan of Australia had both ducked under Pieter van den Hoogenband’s long standing world record in the months prior to the Olympics with the Frenchman’s record time being just 0.02 seconds faster than the Australian’s personal best. The semi-final stage in Beijing was little short of a sensation as firstly Bernard took a huge chunk off the world record then in the second semi Sullivan brought the record down to an almost unbelievable 47.05 seconds. The final did not veer from the expected script and the two men matched each other stroke-for-stroke throughout the race. As the wall approached Bernard had a little more left in the fuel tank than Sullivan and eased away in the last 20 metres to record the victory. Behind the two principals the fight for the bronze medal between Jason Lezak of the USA and César Cielo Filho of Brazil could not produce a winner and the two men tied for the third place on the podium. In 5th was reigning champion van den Hoogenband who made a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to claim a third successive victory in the event.

1Alain BernardFRA47.85 (1 h9)47.20 (1 h1)47.21 (1)Gold
2Eamon SullivanAUS47.80 (1 h8)47.05 (1 h2)47.32 (2)Silver
=3Jason LezakUSA48.33 (4 h7)47.98 (3 h1)47.67 (=3)Bronze
=3César Cielo FilhoBRA48.16 (4 h8)48.07 (5 h1)47.67 (=3)Bronze
5Pieter van den HoogenbandNED47.97 (3 h8)47.68 (2 h2)47.75 (5)
6Lyndon FernsRSA48.26 (3 h9)48.00 (4 h1)48.04 (6)
7Matt TargettAUS48.40 (4 h9)47.88 (3 h2)48.20 (7)
8Stefan NystrandSWE47.83 (2 h8)47.91 (2 h1)48.33 (8)
9Christian GalendaITA48.55 (6 h8)48.47 (6 h1)
10Jonas PerssonSWE48.51 (5 h9)48.59 (7 h1)
11Fabien GilotFRA48.42 (5 h7)49.00 (8 h1)
12Filippo MagniniITA48.30 (3 h7)48.11 (4 h2)
13Garrett Weber-GaleUSA48.19 (2 h9)48.12 (5 h2)
14Brent HaydenCAN47.84 (1 h7)48.20 (6 h2)
15Andrey GrechinRUS48.50 (5 h8)48.71 (7 h2)
16Dominik MeichtrySUI48.55 (6 h7)49.58 (8 h2)
17Milorad ČavićSRB48.15 (2 h7)1
18Yevgeny LagunovRUS48.59 (6 h9)
19Yoris GrandjeanBEL48.82 (7 h7)
20George BovellTTO48.83 (1 h6)
21Martin VernerCZE48.95 (1 h5)
22Albert SubiratsVEN48.97 (2 h6)
23Joel GreenshieldsCAN49.04 (7 h8)
24Jason DunfordKEN49.06 (1 h4)
25Chen ZuoCHN49.08 (3 h6)
26Nimrod ShapiraISR49.10 (2 h4)
27Jakob AndkjærDEN49.25 (7 h9)
=28Balázs MakányHUN49.27 (=2 h5)
=28Paulius ViktoravičiusLTU49.27 (=2 h5)
30Ryk NeethlingRSA49.28 (8 h8)
31Peter MankočSLO49.33 (3 h4)
32Nabil KebbabALG49.38 (4 h6)
33Steffen DeiblerGER49.39 (8 h9)
34Duje DraganjaCRO49.49 (8 h7)
35José MeolansARG49.50 (5 h6)
=36Shaune FraserCAY49.56 (4 h5)
=36Yuriy YehoshynUKR49.56 (6 h6)
38Mitja ZastrowNED49.61 (7 h6)
39Ryan PiniPNG49.72 (4 h4)
40Hisayoshi SatoJPN49.85 (8 h6)
41Matti RajakyläFIN49.91 (5 h4)
42Virdhawal KhadeIND50.07 (1 h3)
43Martín KutscherURU50.08 (5 h5)
44Stanislau NeviarouskiBLR50.14 (6 h5)
45Tiago VenâncioPOR50.30 (7 h5)
46Romāns MiloslavskisLAT50.40 (2 h3)
47Terrence HaynesBAR50.50 (3 h3)
48Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE50.62 (6 h4)
49Örn ArnarsonISL50.68 (8 h5)
50Norbert TrandafirROU50.74 (7 h4)
51Danil HaustovEST50.92 (8 h4)
52Aleksandr SklyarKAZ51.24 (4 h3)
53Jan RoodzantARU51.69 (1 h2)
54Im Nam-GyunKOR51.80 (5 h3)
55Pyotr RomashkinUZB51.83 (6 h3)
56Mikayel KoloyanARM51.89 (2 h2)
57Gaël AdamMRI52.35 (3 h2)
58Carl ProbertFIJ52.37 (4 h2)
59Christopher DuenasGUM52.64 (7 h3)
60Roy-Allan BurchBER52.65 (5 h2)
61Obaid Al-JasmiUAE53.29 (6 h2)
62Rony BakaleCGO55.08 (1 h1)
63Miguel NavarroBOL56.96 (2 h1)
64Sofyan El-GadiLBA57.89 (3 h1)

Round One (12 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (18:33)

13Rony BakaleCGO55.080.90
24Miguel NavarroBOL56.960.73
35Sofyan El-GadiLBA57.890.72

Heat Two (18:36)

16Jan RoodzantARU51.690.72
23Mikayel KoloyanARM51.890.83
32Gaël AdamMRI52.350.78
45Carl ProbertFIJ52.370.79
54Roy-Allan BurchBER52.650.60
67Obaid Al-JasmiUAE53.290.80

Heat Three (18:38)

14Virdhawal KhadeIND50.070.71
22Romāns MiloslavskisLAT50.400.85
33Terrence HaynesBAR50.500.78
47Aleksandr SklyarKAZ51.240.85
56Im Nam-GyunKOR51.800.72
61Pyotr RomashkinUZB51.830.83
78Christopher DuenasGUM52.640.74

Heat Four (18:42)

14Jason DunfordKEN49.060.72
25Nimrod ShapiraISR49.100.75
36Peter MankočSLO49.330.71
41Ryan PiniPNG49.720.78
53Matti RajakyläFIN49.910.78
68Aristidis GrigoriadisGRE50.620.77
72Norbert TrandafirROU50.740.77
87Danil HaustovEST50.920.70

Heat Five (18:44)

16Martin VernerCZE48.950.74
=25Balázs MakányHUN49.270.80
=27Paulius ViktoravičiusLTU49.270.78
41Shaune FraserCAY49.560.71
52Martín KutscherURU50.080.74
63Stanislau NeviarouskiBLR50.140.75
74Tiago VenâncioPOR50.300.77
88Örn ArnarsonISL50.680.77

Heat Six (18:48)

18George BovellTTO48.830.71
25Albert SubiratsVEN48.970.74
31Chen ZuoCHN49.080.77
43Nabil KebbabALG49.380.84
52José MeolansARG49.500.82
67Yuriy YehoshynUKR49.560.89
74Mitja ZastrowNED49.610.76
86Hisayoshi SatoJPN49.850.74

Heat Seven (18:51)

16Brent HaydenCAN47.840.76Q
28Milorad ČavićSRB48.150.76Q2
33Filippo MagniniITA48.300.76Q
44Jason LezakUSA48.330.73Q
55Fabien GilotFRA48.420.80Q
67Dominik MeichtrySUI48.550.66Q
71Yoris GrandjeanBEL48.820.71
82Duje DraganjaCRO49.490.72

Heat Eight (18:53)

14Eamon SullivanAUS47.800.66Q
25Stefan NystrandSWE47.830.73Q
36Pieter van den HoogenbandNED47.970.76Q
43César Cielo FilhoBRA48.160.71Q
52Andrey GrechinRUS48.500.74Q
68Christian GalendaITA48.550.72q
71Joel GreenshieldsCAN49.040.75
87Ryk NeethlingRSA49.280.70

Heat Nine (18:57)

14Alain BernardFRA47.850.74Q
25Garrett Weber-GaleUSA48.190.69Q
37Lyndon FernsRSA48.260.67Q
46Matt TargettAUS48.400.76Q
58Jonas PerssonSWE48.510.74Q
63Yevgeny LagunovRUS48.590.80
71Jakob AndkjærDEN49.250.68
82Steffen DeiblerGER49.390.76

Semi-Finals (13 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:03)

15Alain BernardFRA47.200.76QWR
24Stefan NystrandSWE47.910.74Q
32Jason LezakUSA47.980.73Q
46Lyndon FernsRSA48.000.67Q
53César Cielo FilhoBRA48.070.72Q
68Christian GalendaITA48.470.74
71Jonas PerssonSWE48.590.75
87Fabien GilotFRA49.000.79

Heat Two (10:08)

14Eamon SullivanAUS47.050.65QWR
23Pieter van den HoogenbandNED47.680.78Q
37Matt TargettAUS47.880.74Q
42Filippo MagniniITA48.110.76
56Garrett Weber-GaleUSA48.120.69
65Brent HaydenCAN48.200.76
71Andrey GrechinRUS48.710.75
88Dominik MeichtrySUI49.580.68

Final (14 August 2008 — 10:51)

15Alain BernardFRA47.210.74
24Eamon SullivanAUS47.320.67
=37Jason LezakUSA47.670.70
=38César Cielo FilhoBRA47.670.68
53Pieter van den HoogenbandNED47.750.78
61Lyndon FernsRSA48.040.66
76Matt TargettAUS48.200.72
82Stefan NystrandSWE48.330.75