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200 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date13 – 15 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants40 from 34 countries

As world champion and world record holder Leisel Jones of Australia was already a hot favourite for the gold medal at 200 metres breaststroke. Her impressive victory in the 100 three days earlier seem to put the matter beyond doubt. Rebecca Soni’s performance in the heats, where she set an Olympic record may, have a good impression but few thought the American could challenge Jones for the title. The Australian went into an early lead but Soni was always at her shoulder and at 150 metres she surged into the lead. Over the final length of the pool Soni put over three quarters of a second between her and Jones and touched the wall in a new world record time of 2:20.22.

Another surprise was the identity of the bronze medal winner. Sara Nordenstam broke the European record and became the first Norwegian woman to win an Olympic swimming medal.

1Rebecca SoniUSA2:22.17 (1 h5)2:22.64 (1 h2)2:20.22 (1)Gold
2Leisel JonesAUS2:23.81 (1 h6)2:23.04 (1 h1)2:22.05 (2)Silver
3Sara NordenstamNOR2:24.47 (3 h6)2:23.79 (2 h1)2:23.02 (3)Bronze
4Mirna JukicAUT2:24.39 (2 h6)2:23.76 (2 h2)2:23.24 (4)
5Yuliya YefimovaRUS2:25.07 (3 h4)2:24.00 (3 h1)2:23.76 (5)
6Annamay PierseCAN2:25.01 (2 h4)2:23.94 (3 h2)2:23.77 (6)
7Rie KanetoJPN2:24.62 (1 h4)2:25.65 (4 h2)2:25.14 (7)
8Megumi TanedaJPN2:24.75 (2 h5)2:25.42 (4 h1)2:25.23 (8)
9Sally FosterAUS2:25.54 (4 h5)2:26.33 (5 h1)
10Anne PoleskaGER2:26.74 (5 h5)2:26.71 (6 h1)
11Jeong Seul-GiKOR2:25.95 (4 h6)2:26.83 (5 h2)
12Joline HöstmanSWE2:26.00 (5 h6)2:27.14 (7 h1)
13Qi HuiCHN2:26.16 (6 h6)2:27.63 (6 h2)
14Jeong Da-RaeKOR2:27.28 (5 h4)2:28.28 (8 h1)
15Suzaan van BiljonRSA2:25.51 (3 h5)2:28.45 (7 h2)
16Elise MatthysenBEL2:27.04 (4 h4)2:29.64 (8 h2)
17Ina KapishinaBLR2:27.34 (1 h3)
18Amanda BeardUSA2:27.70 (6 h4)
19Siow Yi TingMAS2:27.80 (1 h2)
=20Olga DetenyukRUS2:27.87 (7 h4)
=20Kirsty BalfourGBR2:27.87 (6 h5)
22Adriana MarmolejoMEX2:28.10 (2 h3)
23Yuliya PidlisnaUKR2:28.84 (7 h6)
24Mireia BelmonteESP2:29.46 (8 h4)
25Alia AtkinsonJAM2:29.53 (2 h2)
26Luo NanCHN2:29.67 (8 h6)
27Katalin BorHUN2:29.95 (3 h3)
28Sara El-BekriMAR2:30.04 (4 h3)
29Diana GomesPOR2:30.18 (5 h3)
30Sophie de RonchiFRA2:30.93 (7 h5)
31Marina KučMNE2:31.24 (3 h2)
32Buse GünaydınTUR2:31.86 (4 h2)
33Nađa HiglSRB2:32.78 (6 h3)
34Smiljana MarinovićCRO2:32.80 (5 h2)
35Raminta DvariškytėLTU2:33.32 (1 h1)
36Nicolette TeoSGP2:34.60 (6 h2)
37Agustina De GiovanniARG2:34.94 (7 h3)
38Angeliki ExarchouGRE2:36.83 (8 h3)
39Noora LaukkanenFIN2:38.97 (2 h1)
40Tatiane SakemiBRA2:39.13 (3 h1)
DNSSarah PoeweGER– (DNS h5)

Round One (13 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (19:19)

15Raminta DvariškytėLTU2:33.320.78
23Noora LaukkanenFIN2:38.970.89
34Tatiane SakemiBRA2:39.130.69

Heat Two (19:23)

12Siow Yi TingMAS2:27.800.77
24Alia AtkinsonJAM2:29.530.80
37Marina KučMNE2:31.240.80
43Buse GünaydınTUR2:31.860.74
56Smiljana MarinovićCRO2:32.800.86
65Nicolette TeoSGP2:34.600.75

Heat Three (19:28)

17Ina KapishinaBLR2:27.340.69
24Adriana MarmolejoMEX2:28.100.73
31Katalin BorHUN2:29.950.80
42Sara El-BekriMAR2:30.040.77
53Diana GomesPOR2:30.180.83
66Nađa HiglSRB2:32.780.81
78Agustina De GiovanniARG2:34.940.76
85Angeliki ExarchouGRE2:36.830.85

Heat Four (19:32)

16Rie KanetoJPN2:24.620.82Q
25Annamay PierseCAN2:25.010.78Q
34Yuliya YefimovaRUS2:25.070.77Q
48Elise MatthysenBEL2:27.040.76Q
51Jeong Da-RaeKOR2:27.280.81Q
63Amanda BeardUSA2:27.700.72
72Olga DetenyukRUS2:27.870.88
87Mireia BelmonteESP2:29.460.87

Heat Five (19:37)

14Rebecca SoniUSA2:22.170.77QOR
25Megumi TanedaJPN2:24.750.85Q
37Suzaan van BiljonRSA2:25.510.75Q
43Sally FosterAUS2:25.540.90Q
52Anne PoleskaGER2:26.740.78Q
61Kirsty BalfourGBR2:27.870.77
78Sophie de RonchiFRA2:30.930.75
DNS6Sarah PoeweGER

Heat Six (19:41)

14Leisel JonesAUS2:23.810.83Q
25Mirna JukicAUT2:24.390.78Q
31Sara NordenstamNOR2:24.470.86Q
43Jeong Seul-GiKOR2:25.950.85Q
56Joline HöstmanSWE2:26.000.79Q
62Qi HuiCHN2:26.160.76Q
78Yuliya PidlisnaUKR2:28.840.78
87Luo NanCHN2:29.670.76

Semi-Finals (14 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:56)

14Leisel JonesAUS2:23.040.82Q
25Sara NordenstamNOR2:23.790.88Q
36Yuliya YefimovaRUS2:24.000.78Q
43Megumi TanedaJPN2:25.420.79Q
52Sally FosterAUS2:26.330.80
61Anne PoleskaGER2:26.710.79
77Joline HöstmanSWE2:27.140.78
88Jeong Da-RaeKOR2:28.280.82

Heat Two (11:02)

14Rebecca SoniUSA2:22.640.74Q
25Mirna JukicAUT2:23.760.77Q
36Annamay PierseCAN2:23.940.80Q
43Rie KanetoJPN2:25.650.83Q
57Jeong Seul-GiKOR2:26.830.87
61Qi HuiCHN2:27.630.79
72Suzaan van BiljonRSA2:28.450.77
88Elise MatthysenBEL2:29.640.80

Final (15 August 2008 — 10:11)

14Rebecca SoniUSA2:20.220.71WR
25Leisel JonesAUS2:22.050.81
36Sara NordenstamNOR2:23.020.86
43Mirna JukicAUT2:23.240.77
57Yuliya YefimovaRUS2:23.760.77
62Annamay PierseCAN2:23.770.83
78Rie KanetoJPN2:25.140.78
81Megumi TanedaJPN2:25.230.78