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50 metres Freestyle, Men

Date2 – 3 August 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants58 from 51 countries

Brazil’s César Cielo Filho was the defending champion, the 2011 World Champion, and the world record holder and was favored. Other contenders were the two Americans, US champion Cullen Jones, and 2000 co-champion Anthony Ervin, who had retired for 10 years only to return in 2011 in an attempt to make another Olympic team. The fastest qualifiers were Cielo and Jones, who dead-heated in their semi-final. Out in lane seven in the final was France’s Florent Manaudou, better known as the brother of Laure Manaudou, gold medalist at Athens in 2004. Perhaps he was not seen by the favorites but it was Manaudou who came to the wall first, finishing in 21.34, the fastest ever textile time, to win the gold medal. Jones was second in 21.54, equaling his semi-final time, while Cielo came in for bronze in 21.59.

1Florent ManaudouFRA22.09 (3 h8)21.80 (3 h2)21.34 (1)Gold
2Cullen JonesUSA21.95 (2 h7)21.54 (=1 h1)21.54 (2)Silver
3César Cielo FilhoBRA21.80 (1 h8)21.54 (=1 h1)21.59 (3)Bronze
4Bruno FratusBRA21.82 (2 h8)21.63 (1 h2)21.61 (4)
5Anthony ErvinUSA21.83 (2 h6)21.62 (3 h1)21.78 (5)
6Roland SchoemanRSA21.92 (1 h7)21.88 (4 h2)21.80 (6)
7George BovellTTO21.77 (1 h6)21.77 (2 h2)21.82 (7)
8Eamon SullivanAUS22.27 (5 h7)21.88 (4 h1)21.98 (8)
9Gideon LouwRSA22.12 (=4 h8)21.92 (5 h1)
10Andrey GrechinRUS22.09 (3 h6)21.98 (5 h2)
11James MagnussenAUS22.11 (4 h7)22.00 (6 h1)
12Krisztián TakácsHUN22.19 (4 h6)22.01 (7 h1)
13Luca DottoITA22.12 (=4 h8)22.09 (6 h2)
=14Andriy HovorovUKR22.09 (3 h7)22.12 (8 h1)
=14Brent HaydenCAN22.15 (6 h8)22.12 (7 h2)
16Norbert TrandafirROU22.22 (5 h6)22.30 (8 h2)
17Stefan NystrandSWE22.32 (6 h6)
18Amaury LeveauxFRA22.35 (6 h7)
19Marco OrsiITA22.36 (7 h7)
20Adam BrownGBR22.39 (7 h6)
21Sergey FesikovRUS22.42 (7 h8)
22Jasper AerentsBEL22.43 (1 h5)
23Hanser GarcíaCUB22.45 (8 h6)
24Roy-Allan BurchBER22.47 (1 h4)
25Ari-Pekka LiukkonenFIN22.57 (8 h7)
26Shi YangCHN22.64 (2 h5)
27David DunfordKEN22.72 (3 h5)
28Mario TodorovićCRO22.75 (4 h5)
29Barry MurphyIRL22.76 (2 h4)
30Ioannis KalargarisGRE22.80 (8 h8)
31Árni ÁrnasonISL22.81 (5 h5)
32Brett FraserCAY22.91 (6 h5)
33Kacper MajchrzakPOL23.00 (7 h5)
34Shehab YounisEGY23.16 (3 h4)
35Federico GrabichARG23.30 (8 h5)
36Luke HallSWZ23.48 (4 h4)
37Kareem EnnabJOR24.09 (5 h4)
38Chakyl CamalMOZ24.43 (6 h4)
39Mohammad Mahfizur RahmanBAN24.64 (7 h4)
40Kerson HadleyFSM24.82 (1 h3)
41Zac PayneCOK25.26 (8 h4)
42Adama OuédraogoBUR25.26 (2 h3)
43Rony BakaleCGO25.64 (3 h3)
44Kouassi BrouCIV25.82 (4 h3)
45Tolga AkcayliVIN26.27 (5 h3)
46Giordan HarrisMHL26.88 (6 h3)
47Prasiddha ShahNEP26.93 (7 h3)
48Hem Thon PonloeuCAM27.03 (8 h3)
49Abdourahman OsmanDJI27.25 (1 h2)
50Mohamed El-KhedrSUD27.26 (2 h2)
51Ching WeiASA27.30 (3 h2)
52Jackson NiyomugaboRWA27.38 (4 h2)
53Ganzi MugulaUGA27.58 (5 h2)
54Paul EkaneCMR27.87 (6 h2)
55Christian NassifCAF28.04 (1 h1)
56Phathana InthavongLAO28.17 (2 h1)
57Mulualem TeshaleETH28.99 (7 h2)
58Wilfried TevoedjreBEN29.77 (3 h1)

Round One (2 August 2012 — 10:00)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (10:00)

15Christian NassifCAF28.040.70
24Phathana InthavongLAO28.170.71
33Wilfried TevoedjreBEN29.770.87

Heat Two (10:02)

12Abdourahman OsmanDJI27.250.79
26Mohamed El-KhedrSUD27.260.86
33Ching WeiASA27.300.80
47Jackson NiyomugaboRWA27.380.84
55Ganzi MugulaUGA27.580.69
64Paul EkaneCMR27.870.78
71Mulualem TeshaleETH28.990.77

Heat Three (10:04)

16Kerson HadleyFSM24.820.75
24Adama OuédraogoBUR25.260.70
35Rony BakaleCGO25.640.77
42Kouassi BrouCIV25.820.74
53Tolga AkcayliVIN26.270.70
61Giordan HarrisMHL26.880.73
78Prasiddha ShahNEP26.930.75
87Hem Thon PonloeuCAM27.030.73

Heat Four (10:07)

14Roy-Allan BurchBER22.470.64
25Barry MurphyIRL22.760.67
33Shehab YounisEGY23.160.79
46Luke HallSWZ23.480.66
52Kareem EnnabJOR24.090.70
67Chakyl CamalMOZ24.430.71
71Mohammad Mahfizur RahmanBAN24.640.79
88Zac PayneCOK25.260.71

Heat Five (10:09)

13Jasper AerentsBEL22.430.66
21Shi YangCHN22.640.63
34David DunfordKEN22.720.71
47Mario TodorovićCRO22.750.69
58Árni ÁrnasonISL22.810.73
65Brett FraserCAY22.910.64
76Kacper MajchrzakPOL23.000.65
82Federico GrabichARG23.300.69

Heat Six (10:11)

13George BovellTTO21.770.70Q
24Anthony ErvinUSA21.830.71Q
35Andrey GrechinRUS22.090.74Q
46Krisztián TakácsHUN22.190.71Q
58Norbert TrandafirROU22.220.63Q
62Stefan NystrandSWE22.320.68
77Adam BrownGBR22.390.73
81Hanser GarcíaCUB22.450.68

Heat Seven (10:13)

11Roland SchoemanRSA21.920.62Q
24Cullen JonesUSA21.950.71Q
37Andriy HovorovUKR22.090.68Q
45James MagnussenAUS22.110.71Q
53Eamon SullivanAUS22.270.63Q
66Amaury LeveauxFRA22.350.74
72Marco OrsiITA22.360.64
88Ari-Pekka LiukkonenFIN22.570.68

Heat Eight (10:15)

14César Cielo FilhoBRA21.800.65Q
25Bruno FratusBRA21.820.71Q
33Florent ManaudouFRA22.090.64Q
=46Luca DottoITA22.120.64Q
=47Gideon LouwRSA22.120.73Q
68Brent HaydenCAN22.150.66Q
72Sergey FesikovRUS22.420.71
81Ioannis KalargarisGRE22.800.69

Semi-Finals (2 August 2012 — 19:32)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (19:32)

=14César Cielo FilhoBRA21.540.66Q
=13Cullen JonesUSA21.540.64Q
35Anthony ErvinUSA21.620.72Q
48Eamon SullivanAUS21.880.63Q
57Gideon LouwRSA21.920.74
62James MagnussenAUS22.000.71
71Krisztián TakácsHUN22.010.66
86Andriy HovorovUKR22.120.70

Heat Two (19:36)

15Bruno FratusBRA21.630.69Q
24George BovellTTO21.770.69Q
32Florent ManaudouFRA21.800.63Q
43Roland SchoemanRSA21.880.64Q
56Andrey GrechinRUS21.980.72
67Luca DottoITA22.090.66
71Brent HaydenCAN22.120.64
88Norbert TrandafirROU22.300.63

Final (3 August 2012 — 20:09)

17Florent ManaudouFRA21.340.63
25Cullen JonesUSA21.540.66
34César Cielo FilhoBRA21.590.62
46Bruno FratusBRA21.610.70
53Anthony ErvinUSA21.780.78
68Roland SchoemanRSA21.800.65
72George BovellTTO21.820.69
81Eamon SullivanAUS21.980.63