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30 kilometres Skiathlon, Men

Date 9 February 2014 — 14:00
LocationKompleks Dlya Sorevnovaniy Po Lyzhnym Gonkam i Biatlonu Laura, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants68 from 30 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 30,421 m
Height Differential: 87 m
Maximum Climb: 56 m
Total Climbing: 1,076 m

The event consists of a 15 km section in the classical technique, followed immediately – after a change of skis – by another 15 km in the freestyle technique. The field included 2010 Olympic champion Marcus Hellner of Sweden and reigning World Champion, the Swiss Dario Cologna. However, both had recently been plagued by injuries and health problems. Therefore, home favorite Aleksandr Legkov and Norway’s Petter Northug were counted among the potential winners. Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway led a large group of skiers at the half way mark. A group of only four – Cologna, Hellner, Sundby and Russian Maksim Vylegzhanin – were in the lead approaching the final uphill stage. Hellner made an effort to break away from the quartet on the final climb, but was unsuccessful. Since none of the skiers could establish a decisive lead, it came down to a sprint to the finishing line, Cologna managing to win the gold, beating Hellner by only 0.4 sec. A second behind, Sundby, who had done much of the donkey work by frequently leading the race, took the bronze with Vylegzhanin missing the medals by just 0.1 sec.

In May 2016 WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) commissioned a report, the McLaren Report, to look into allegations of systematic Russian doping and a cover-up to avoid positives at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. The report was released in two parts, in July and December 2016, and confirmed the allegations. In 2017 the IOC formed a commission to investigate this, headed by IOC Member Dennis Oswald, and usually referred to as the Oswald Commission. In late October 2017 the Oswald Commission began to release its findings. On 9 November 2017, the fourth-place finisher in this event, Maksim Veglyzhanin, was implicated by the Oswald Commission and was disqualified.

121Dario ColognaSUI1-08:15.4Gold
211Marcus HellnerSWE1-08:15.8Silver
31Martin Johnsrud SundbyNOR1-08:16.8Bronze
47Maksim VylegzhaninRUS1-08:16.91
59Ilya ChernousovRUS1-08:29.0
614Jean-Marc GaillardFRA1-08:29.8
715Daniel RickardssonSWE1-08:31.7
812Maurice ManificatFRA1-08:33.6
927Lars NelsonSWE1-08:37.7
102Aleksandr LegkovRUS1-08:43.12
1124Giorgio Di CentaITA1-08:43.7
128Hannes DotzlerGER1-08:44.8
1325Anders SödergrenSWE1-08:46.9
1423Tobias AngererGER1-08:49.7
153Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ1-08:51.5
165Petter NorthugNOR1-09:39.6
174Alex HarveyCAN1-10:00.2
1813Yevgeny BelovRUS1-10:00.53
1910Sjur RøtheNOR1-10:02.5
2020Tord Asle GjerdalenNOR1-10:06.7
2137Francesco De FabianiITA1-10:10.7
2228Axel TeichmannGER1-10:13.3
2333Mikhail SiamionauBLR1-10:13.3
2418Ivan BabikovCAN1-10:14.6
2544Iivo NiskanenFIN1-10:22.0
2631Curdin PerlSUI1-10:22.4
2730Martin JakšCZE1-10:52.1
2846Jonas BaumannSUI1-10:52.3
2922Roland ClaraITA1-10:56.3
3047Martin BajčičákSVK1-11:00.1
3138Yevgeny VelichkoKAZ1-11:05.6
3217Sami JauhojärviFIN1-11:12.0
3342Siarhei DalidovichBLR1-11:28.1
3426Noah HoffmanUSA1-11:28.1
3532Petr NovákCZE1-11:28.5
3619Thomas BingGER1-11:32.9
3729Lari LehtonenFIN1-11:34.1
3851Maciej KreczmerPOL1-11:47.6
3916Matti HeikkinenFIN1-11:52.6
4034Ivan Perrillat BoiteuxFRA1-12:04.5
4145Erik BjornsenUSA1-12:42.3
4256Philipp HälgLIE1-12:47.8
4336Jiří MagálCZE1-12:49.5
4440Graeme KillickCAN1-13:16.1
4552Sergey MikayelyanARM1-13:16.6
4641Brian GreggUSA1-13:26.3
4748Paul PepeneROU1-13:36.2
4849Sergey CherepanovKAZ1-13:39.7
4954Imanol RojoESP1-13:40.4
5043Aivar RehemaaEST1-13:47.2
5162Martin MøllerDEN1-14:05.1
5239Veselin TsinzovBUL1-14:12.0
5335Kris FreemanUSA1-14:34.6
5453Aliaksandr LazutkinBLR1-14:39.4
5550Mark StarostinKAZ1-15:36.6
5660Andrey GridinBUL1-15:44.7
5755Javier GutiérrezESP1-16:01.0
5866Xu WenlongCHN1-16:53.3
5961Callum WatsonAUS1-17:00.4
6063Paweł KliszPOL1-17:18.5
6159Callum SmithGBR1-17:37.1
6267Artur YeghoyanARM1-17:44.5
6358Jan AntolekPOL1-18:18.8
6457Edi DadićCRO1-19:31.5
6565Arvis LiepiņšLAT1-20:00.1
6664Vytautas StroliaLTU1-20:37.2
DNF68Hwang Jun-HoKORlapped
DQ6Johannes DürrAUT[1-08:32.0]4