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Half-Lightweight (≤66 kilograms), Men

Date 7 August 2016
LocationArena Carioca 2, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants34 from 34 countries

Another surprise gold medal winner was Fabio Basile in the men’s 66 kg class. He was ranked 29th on the IJF list, and his best result prior to the Olympics was a bronze medal at the 2016 European Championships. On his way to the Rio final, he defeated three opponents by Ippon (full point), including second ranked Davaadorjiin Tömörkhüleg from Mongolia, the 2014 Asian Games gold medalist. He also beat Slovenia’s Adrian Gomboc. The Slovenian was the only opponent lower than Basile in the ranking list and in the semi-final he resisted Basile for the complete five minutes but lost by two Shidos (penalties) for non-combativity. In the final Basile faced the top ranked reigning World Champion An Ba-Ul of Korea. Basile surprised him with a Seoi-otoshi (back-drop) scoring an Ippon just 1:24 min into the bout.

Bronze medals went to Rishod Sobirov of Uzbekistan and Masashi Ebinuma of Japan, both previous World Champions. Both were defeated by An in the quarter-finals and semi-finals respectively of the elimination round.

1Fabio BasileITAGold
2An Ba-UlKORSilver
=3Rishod SobirovUZBBronze
=3Masashi EbinumaJPNBronze
=5Adrian GombocSLO
=5Antoine BouchardCAN
=7Wander MateoDOM
=7Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL
=9Kilian Le BlouchFRA
=9Jayme MataARU
=9Sergiu OleinicPOR
=9Ma DuanbinCHN
=9Houd ZourdaniALG
=9Nicat ŞıxəlizadəAZE
=9Imad BassouMAR
=9Mathews PunzaZAM
=17Zhansay SmagulovKAZ
=17Colin OatesGBR
=17Dzmitry ShershanBLR
=17Joe MahitVAN
=17Heorhiy ZantaraiaUKR
=17Rodrick KukuCOD
=17Charles ChibanaBRA
=17Anass HousseinDJI
=17Sulaiman HamadKSA
=17Yigal KopinskySUR
=17Sugoi UriarteESP
=17Sebastian SeidlGER
=17Mikhail PulyayevRUS
=17Nathan KatzAUS
=17Golan PollackISR
=17Vazha MargvelashviliGEO
=33Jasper LefevereBEL
=33Raymond OvinouPNG

Round One (7 August 2016 — 10:00)

Winners advance to round two.

Match 1 An Ba-UlKOR bye
Match 2 Zhansay SmagulovKAZ Jasper LefevereBEL 0000/0003 P12 5:00
Match 3 Kilian Le BlouchFRA bye
Match 4 Colin OatesGBR bye
Match 5 Rishod SobirovUZB bye
Match 6 Dzmitry ShershanBLR bye
Match 7 Joe MahitVAN bye
Match 8 Jayme MataARU bye
Match 9 Heorhiy ZantaraiaUKR bye
Match 10 Sergiu OleinicPOR bye
Match 11 Wander MateoDOM bye
Match 12 Rodrick KukuCOD bye
Match 13 Masashi EbinumaJPN bye
Match 14 Charles ChibanaBRA bye
Match 15 Anass HousseinDJI bye
Match 16 Ma DuanbinCHN bye
Match 17 Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL bye
Match 18 Sulaiman HamadKSA bye
Match 19 Yigal KopinskySUR bye
Match 20 Houd ZourdaniALG bye
Match 21 Nicat ŞıxəlizadəAZE bye
Match 22 Sugoi UriarteESP bye
Match 23 Sebastian SeidlGER bye
Match 24 Fabio BasileITA bye
Match 25 Mikhail PulyayevRUS bye
Match 26 Antoine BouchardCAN Raymond OvinouPNG 1000/0000 UMA 0:43
Match 27 Imad BassouMAR bye
Match 28 Nathan KatzAUS bye
Match 29 Golan PollackISR bye
Match 30 Mathews PunzaZAM bye
Match 31 Adrian GombocSLO bye
Match 32 Vazha MargvelashviliGEO bye

Round Two (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to round three.

Match 1 An Ba-UlKOR Zhansay SmagulovKAZ 1100/0002 JGT 4:33
Match 2 Kilian Le BlouchFRA Colin OatesGBR 0002/0003 P12 0:45 GS
Match 3 Rishod SobirovUZB Dzmitry ShershanBLR 0011/0001 KUM 1:07 GS
Match 4 Jayme MataARU Joe MahitVAN 1000/0000 SON 2:06
Match 5 Sergiu OleinicPOR Heorhiy ZantaraiaUKR 0013/0000 ISN 5:00
Match 6 Wander MateoDOM Rodrick KukuCOD 0103/0001 KGU 5:00
Match 7 Masashi EbinumaJPN Charles ChibanaBRA 1010/0000 YSG 2:00
Match 8 Ma DuanbinCHN Anass HousseinDJI 1100/0000 JGT 0:23
Match 9 Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL Sulaiman HamadKSA 1001/0001 KAG 3:14
Match 10 Houd ZourdaniALG Yigal KopinskySUR 1001/000H P21 1:16
Match 11 Nicat ŞıxəlizadəAZE Sugoi UriarteESP 0012/0002 STG 5:00
Match 12 Fabio BasileITA Sebastian SeidlGER 1000/0000 STG 2:10
Match 13 Antoine BouchardCAN Mikhail PulyayevRUS 0011/0001 SUG 0:15 GS
Match 14 Imad BassouMAR Nathan KatzAUS 0013/0001 HRG 5:00
Match 15 Mathews PunzaZAM Golan PollackISR 1000/0000 KKE 1:51
Match 16 Adrian GombocSLO Vazha MargvelashviliGEO 1000/0001 STG 1:18

Round Three (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to quarter-finals.

Match 1 An Ba-UlKOR Kilian Le BlouchFRA 1101/0002 STG 4:11
Match 2 Rishod SobirovUZB Jayme MataARU 1000/0000 OEJ 0:27
Match 3 Wander MateoDOM Sergiu OleinicPOR 1001/0001 TNO 1:09 GS
Match 4 Masashi EbinumaJPN Ma DuanbinCHN 1110/0000 SON 3:14
Match 5 Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL Houd ZourdaniALG 1010/0002 YSG 4:48
Match 6 Fabio BasileITA Nicat ŞıxəlizadəAZE 1101/0001 OEJ 2:37
Match 7 Antoine BouchardCAN Imad BassouMAR 0012/0003 SUG 5:00
Match 8 Adrian GombocSLO Mathews PunzaZAM 1010/0000 SUG 2:33

Quarter-Finals (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.

Match 1 An Ba-UlKOR Rishod SobirovUZB 0101/0002 SON 5:00
Match 2 Masashi EbinumaJPN Wander MateoDOM 1110/0002 SON 4:14
Match 3 Fabio BasileITA Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL 1001/0000 DAB 4:00
Match 4 Adrian GombocSLO Antoine BouchardCAN 1002/0001 SMK 4:09

Repêchage (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 Rishod SobirovUZB Wander MateoDOM 1002/0000 UMA 3:02
Match 2 Antoine BouchardCAN Davaadorjiin TömörkhülegMGL 0103/0001 OUG 5:00

Semi-Finals (7 August 2016)

Winners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.

Match 1 An Ba-UlKOR Masashi EbinumaJPN 0011/0001 UNN 0:49 GS
Match 2 Fabio BasileITA Adrian GombocSLO 0000/0002 P29 5:00

Final Round (7 August 2016)

Match 3/5 Rishod SobirovUZB Adrian GombocSLO 1100/0000 OEJ 3:20
Match 3/5 Masashi EbinumaJPN Antoine BouchardCAN 1011/0000 SON 4:06
Match 1/2 Fabio BasileITA An Ba-UlKOR 0001/0011 SOO 1:24