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100 metres Freestyle, Women

Date10 – 11 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants46 from 36 countries

The Australian Campbell sisters were expected to dominate this race. Cate Campbell had recently set the world record with 52.06, while Bronte Campbell had won the 2015 World Championships. They were expected to go 1-2, with the bronze challengers including the defending gold medalist, Ranomi Kromowidjojo of the Netherlands and Sweden’s Sarah Sjoström.

Nobody expected this result as neither Campbell sister made the podium. Cate led at 50 metres and then crashed and burned to finish sixth, while Bronte was 0.05 seconds off the podium in fourth. The gold medal turned out to be a rare tie between American Simone Manuel and Canadian prodigy Penny Oleksiak, who had only turned 16 two months before the Rio Games, and was quite unknown. Sjoström seemed off the podium until the last few strokes when she caught Bronte Campbell to win the bronze. The only other gold medal tie in this event had occurred at the 1984 Olympics between Americans Nancy Hogshead and Carrie Steinseifer. It was only the third such tie in Olympic swimming, the other one occurring in the 2000 men’s 50 freestyle.

=1Simone ManuelUSA53.32 (1 h4)53.11 (1 h1)52.70 (=1)GoldOR
=1Penny OleksiakCAN53.53 (=3 h5)52.72 (2 h2)52.70 (=1)GoldOR
3Sarah SjöströmSWE53.37 (1 h6)53.16 (3 h2)52.99 (3)Bronze
4Bronte CampbellAUS53.71 (3 h6)53.29 (2 h1)53.04 (4)
5Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.43 (2 h5)53.42 (4 h1)53.08 (5)
6Cate CampbellAUS52.78 (1 h5)52.71 (1 h2)53.24 (6)
7Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.54 (2 h6)53.53 (4 h2)53.30 (7)
8Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN53.53 (=3 h5)53.35 (3 h1)53.36 (8)
9Zhu MenghuiCHN54.15 (5 h6)53.98 (5 h1)
10Chantal Van LandeghemCAN53.89 (5 h5)54.00 (5 h2)
11Pernille BlumeDEN54.15 (6 h5)54.19 (6 h2)
12Rikako IkeeJPN54.50 (=6 h6)54.31 (7 h2)
13Aliaksandra HerasimeniaBLR54.25 (2 h4)54.34 (8 h2)
14Miki UchidaJPN54.50 (=6 h6)54.39 (6 h1)
15Charlotte BonnetFRA53.93 (4 h6)54.54 (7 h1)
16Etiene MedeirosBRA54.38 (3 h4)54.59 (8 h1)
17Shen DuoCHN54.41 (4 h4)
18Arianna Vanderpool-WallaceBAH54.56 (7 h5)
19Veronika PopovaRUS54.60 (1 h3)
20Femke HeemskerkNED54.63 (5 h4)
21Larissa OliveiraBRA54.72 (8 h5)
22Béryl GastaldelloFRA54.80 (6 h4)
23Maria UgolkovaSUI54.85 (2 h3)
24Camille Lily ChengHKG54.92 (3 h3)
25Julie MeynenLUX55.09 (4 h3)
26Erika FerraioliITA55.20 (5 h3)
27Susann BjørnsenNOR55.35 (1 h2)
28Nataliya LovtsovaRUS55.37 (7 h4)
29Katarzyna WilkPOL55.44 (6 h3)
30Andi MurezISR55.47 (7 h3)
31Nina RangelovaBUL55.71 (8 h3)
32Natthanan ChankrajangTHA56.24 (2 h2)
33Jasmine AlkhaldiPHI56.30 (3 h2)
34Inés RemersaroURU57.85 (1 h1)
35Jade HowardZAM58.47 (4 h2)
36Ana DascălROU58.72 (5 h2)
37Heather ArsethMRI58.89 (6 h2)
38Tracy Keith-MatchittCOK58.99 (7 h2)
39Karen RiverosPAR59.00 (8 h2)
40Ana Sofia NóbregaANG59.23 (2 h1)
41Fatimə AlkərəmovaAZE59.43 (3 h1)
42Jovana TerzićMNE59.59 (4 h1)
43Nikol MerizajALB59.99 (5 h1)
44Aina Fils RabetsaraMAD1:01.11 (6 h1)
45Yusra MardiniEOR1:04.66 (7 h1)
46Aminath ShajanMDV1:05.71 (8 h1)
DNSFederica PellegriniITA– (DNS h4)
DNSMichelle ColemanSWE– (DNS h6)

Round One (10 August 2016 — 13:02)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (13:02)

15Inés RemersaroURU57.850.69
23Ana Sofia NóbregaANG59.230.74
36Fatimə AlkərəmovaAZE59.430.71
44Jovana TerzićMNE59.590.66
52Nikol MerizajALB59.990.70
68Aina Fils RabetsaraMAD1:01.110.72
77Yusra MardiniEOR1:04.660.70
81Aminath ShajanMDV1:05.710.68

Heat Two (13:05)

14Susann BjørnsenNOR55.350.72
23Natthanan ChankrajangTHA56.240.68
35Jasmine AlkhaldiPHI56.300.75
48Jade HowardZAM58.470.79
56Ana DascălROU58.720.77
61Heather ArsethMRI58.890.65
77Tracy Keith-MatchittCOK58.990.68
82Karen RiverosPAR59.000.70

Heat Three (13:08)

15Veronika PopovaRUS54.600.74
21Maria UgolkovaSUI54.850.66
37Camille Lily ChengHKG54.920.66
48Julie MeynenLUX55.090.65
54Erika FerraioliITA55.200.70
63Katarzyna WilkPOL55.440.71
76Andi MurezISR55.470.75
82Nina RangelovaBUL55.710.64

Heat Four (13:11)

13Simone ManuelUSA53.320.70Q
26Aliaksandra HerasimeniaBLR54.250.73Q
38Etiene MedeirosBRA54.380.62Q
42Shen DuoCHN54.410.731
54Femke HeemskerkNED54.630.79
67Béryl GastaldelloFRA54.800.63
71Nataliya LovtsovaRUS55.370.77
DNS5Federica PellegriniITA

Heat Five (13:14)

14Cate CampbellAUS52.780.82QOR
25Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.430.70Q
=33Penny OleksiakCAN53.530.70Q
=36Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN53.530.68Q
52Chantal Van LandeghemCAN53.890.72Q
68Pernille BlumeDEN54.150.66Q
77Arianna Vanderpool-WallaceBAH54.560.64
81Larissa OliveiraBRA54.720.67

Heat Six (13:17)

15Sarah SjöströmSWE53.370.70Q
23Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.540.68Q
34Bronte CampbellAUS53.710.69Q
42Charlotte BonnetFRA53.930.67Q
57Zhu MenghuiCHN54.150.68Q
=61Rikako IkeeJPN54.500.67Q
=68Miki UchidaJPN54.500.68Q
DNS6Michelle ColemanSWE

Semi-Finals (10 August 2016 — 22:12)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (22:12)

14Simone ManuelUSA53.110.69Q
26Bronte CampbellAUS53.290.69Q
33Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN53.350.66Q
45Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.420.71Q
57Zhu MenghuiCHN53.980.68
68Miki UchidaJPN54.390.70
72Charlotte BonnetFRA54.540.66
81Etiene MedeirosBRA54.590.63

Heat Two (22:20)

14Cate CampbellAUS52.710.76QOR
23Penny OleksiakCAN52.720.69Q
35Sarah SjöströmSWE53.160.72Q
46Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.530.68Q
52Chantal Van LandeghemCAN54.000.69
67Pernille BlumeDEN54.190.65
78Rikako IkeeJPN54.310.65
81Aliaksandra HerasimeniaBLR54.340.72

Final (11 August 2016 — 23:18)

=13Simone ManuelUSA52.700.68OR
=15Penny OleksiakCAN52.700.69OR
36Sarah SjöströmSWE52.990.68
42Bronte CampbellAUS53.040.69
51Ranomi KromowidjojoNED53.080.70
64Cate CampbellAUS53.240.80
78Abbey WeitzeilUSA53.300.70
87Jeanette Ottesen GrayDEN53.360.68