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100 metres Breaststroke, Women

Date7 – 8 August 2016
LocationEstádio Aquático Olímpico, Parque Olímpico da Barra, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
Participants44 from 35 countries

Before it started, this event had some fireworks between the competitors. American Lilly King was the favorite, based on her 2016 record that included an NCAA title, but she was not happy with the presence of Russian Yuliya Yefimova. Yefimova had served two doping bans, the most recent earlier in the year for the controversial drug meldonium, but WADA had shortened all the meldonium bans, and Yefimova was eligible to compete. Eligible she may have been, but King let the media and the world know she did not agree with that decision. Lithuania’s Rūta Meilutytė was also formidable, as the defending gold medalist, and the silver medalist at the 2015 World Championships.

King came through for the gold medal, winning in an Olympic record 1:04.93 with Yefimova taking silver, over a ½-second behind. Katie Meili gave the Americans two medals with her third-place finish. Meilutytė finished seventh in the final. Yefimova would also finish second in the 200 breaststroke, while King and Meili added gold medals as part of the USA team in the medley relay.

1Lilly KingUSA1:05.78 (1 h6)1:05.70 (1 h2)1:04.93 (1)GoldOR
2Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:05.79 (1 h5)1:05.72 (1 h1)1:05.50 (2)Silver
3Katie MeiliUSA1:06.00 (1 h4)1:06.52 (=3 h2)1:05.69 (3)Bronze
4Shi JinglinCHN1:06.55 (3 h6)1:06.31 (2 h2)1:06.37 (4)
5Rachel NicolCAN1:06.85 (4 h4)1:06.73 (6 h2)1:06.68 (5)
6Hrafnhildur LúthersdóttirISL1:06.81 (4 h6)1:06.71 (5 h2)1:07.18 (6)
7Rūta MeilutytėLTU1:06.35 (2 h6)1:06.44 (2 h1)1:07.32 (7)
8Alia AtkinsonJAM1:06.72 (2 h5)1:06.52 (=3 h2)1:08.10 (8)
9Jennie JohanssonSWE1:06.84 (3 h5)1:07.06 (3 h1)
10Rikke Møller PedersenDEN1:06.58 (2 h4)1:07.07 (4 h1)
11Taylor McKeownAUS1:06.73 (3 h4)1:07.12 (5 h1)
12Satomi SuzukiJPN1:06.99 (5 h6)1:07.18 (7 h2)
13Chloé TuttonGBR1:06.88 (4 h5)1:07.29 (6 h1)
14Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR1:07.14 (5 h5)1:07.41 (8 h2)
15Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.22 (5 h4)1:07.43 (7 h1)
16Jessica VallESP1:07.07 (6 h6)1:07.55 (8 h1)
17Arianna CastiglioniITA1:07.32 (6 h5)
18Jenna LaukkanenFIN1:07.35 (1 h3)
19Kierra SmithCAN1:07.41 (7 h6)
20Martina CarraroITA1:07.56 (7 h5)
21Fiona DoyleIRL1:07.58 (8 h5)
22Zhang XinyuCHN1:07.59 (8 h6)
23Molly RenshawGBR1:07.92 (2 h3)
24Georgia BohlAUS1:07.96 (6 h4)
25Anna SztankovicsHUN1:08.06 (3 h3)
26Martina MoravčíkováCZE1:08.50 (4 h3)
27Sophie HanssonSWE1:08.67 (5 h3)
28Fanny LecluyseBEL1:08.80 (7 h4)
29Darya ChikunovaRUS1:09.12 (8 h4)
30Amit IvryISR1:09.42 (6 h3)
31Maria RomanjukEST1:09.49 (1 h2)
32Yvette KongHKG1:09.56 (7 h3)
33Phee Jinq EnMAS1:10.22 (2 h2)
34Darya TalanovaKGZ1:10.94 (3 h2)
35Tjaša VozelSLO1:11.15 (8 h3)
36Tatiana ChișcaMDA1:11.37 (4 h2)
37Evita LeterSUR1:14.96 (5 h2)
38Pilar ShimizuGUM1:16.65 (6 h2)
39Izzy JoachimVIN1:17.37 (7 h2)
40 Jamila LunkuseUGA1:19.64 (8 h2)
41Darýa SemýonowaTKM1:19.84 (1 h1)
42Rachael TonjorNGR1:21.43 (2 h1)
43Teona BostashviliGEO1:22.91 (3 h1)
44Daniah HagulLBA1:25.47 (4 h1)

Round One (7 August 2016 — 13:56)

Heat One (13:56)

13Darýa SemýonowaTKM1:19.840.85
25Rachael TonjorNGR1:21.430.87
34Teona BostashviliGEO1:22.910.77
46Daniah HagulLBA1:25.470.75

Heat Two (13:59)

15Maria RomanjukEST1:09.490.69
24Phee Jinq EnMAS1:10.220.70
36Darya TalanovaKGZ1:10.940.76
43Tatiana ChișcaMDA1:11.370.70
52Evita LeterSUR1:14.960.70
61Pilar ShimizuGUM1:16.650.73
78Izzy JoachimVIN1:17.370.77
87 Jamila LunkuseUGA1:19.640.74

Heat Three (14:02)

14Jenna LaukkanenFIN1:07.350.67
22Molly RenshawGBR1:07.920.70
31Anna SztankovicsHUN1:08.060.70
48Martina MoravčíkováCZE1:08.500.78
55Sophie HanssonSWE1:08.670.75
66Amit IvryISR1:09.420.70
73Yvette KongHKG1:09.560.76
87Tjaša VozelSLO1:11.150.72

Heat Four (14:05)

14Katie MeiliUSA1:06.000.63Q
27Rikke Møller PedersenDEN1:06.580.72Q
36Taylor McKeownAUS1:06.730.73Q
42Rachel NicolCAN1:06.850.66Q
53Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.220.71Q1
65Georgia BohlAUS1:07.960.68
71Fanny LecluyseBEL1:08.800.72
88Darya ChikunovaRUS1:09.120.77

Heat Five (14:08)

14Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:05.790.71Q
25Alia AtkinsonJAM1:06.720.67Q
36Jennie JohanssonSWE1:06.840.72Q
48Chloé TuttonGBR1:06.880.70Q
52Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR1:07.140.72Q
67Arianna CastiglioniITA1:07.320.68
73Martina CarraroITA1:07.560.63
81Fiona DoyleIRL1:07.580.67

Heat Six (14:11)

14Lilly KingUSA1:05.780.71Q
25Rūta MeilutytėLTU1:06.350.61Q
33Shi JinglinCHN1:06.550.71Q
46Hrafnhildur LúthersdóttirISL1:06.810.70Q
52Satomi SuzukiJPN1:06.990.64Q
61Jessica VallESP1:07.070.71Q
77Kierra SmithCAN1:07.410.79
88Zhang XinyuCHN1:07.590.68

Semi-Finals (7 August 2016 — 22:29)

Heat One (22:29)

14Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:05.720.74Q
25Rūta MeilutytėLTU1:06.440.60Q
32Jennie JohanssonSWE1:07.060.72
43Rikke Møller PedersenDEN1:07.070.74
56Taylor McKeownAUS1:07.120.74
67Chloé TuttonGBR1:07.290.72
78Kanako WatanabeJPN1:07.430.70
81Jessica VallESP1:07.550.72

Heat Two (22:37)

14Lilly KingUSA1:05.700.69Q
23Shi JinglinCHN1:06.310.74Q
=35Katie MeiliUSA1:06.520.62Q
=36Alia AtkinsonJAM1:06.520.68Q
52Hrafnhildur LúthersdóttirISL1:06.710.67Q
67Rachel NicolCAN1:06.730.70Q
71Satomi SuzukiJPN1:07.180.63
88Viktoria Zeynep GüneşTUR1:07.410.72

Final (8 August 2016 — 22:54)

14Lilly KingUSA1:04.930.69OR
25Yuliya YefimovaRUS1:05.500.71
32Katie MeiliUSA1:05.690.66
43Shi JinglinCHN1:06.370.74
58Rachel NicolCAN1:06.680.67
61Hrafnhildur LúthersdóttirISL1:07.180.67
76Rūta MeilutytėLTU1:07.320.60
87Alia AtkinsonJAM1:08.100.75