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Team, Men

Date29 July – 1 August 1984
LocationCoto de Caza Equestrian Center, Coto de Caza, California / Pistol Range, Coto de Caza, California / William Woolett, Jr. Aquatics Center, Heritage Park, Irvine, California, USA
Participants52 from 17 countries
FormatScoring by point tables. Team scores totalled from individual scores. Three-man teams with all scores counting.

Except for the United States win in 1979, all World Championships since 1954 had been won by an Eastern Bloc nation. With the Eastern Bloc boycott, the 1984 team modern pentathlon was lacking most of the top teams in the world – mainly Hungary, Poland, and the Soviet Union. Italy had two of the medalists from the individual event – Daniele Masala and Carlo Massullo and were led by them as they won the gold medal. Italy and the United States finished one-two in the riding, the first phase, and they stayed that way through all four days of competition, with the USA winning silver, followed by France in third place, which was their first Olympic pentathlon medal. Sweden was close after three events, but was eliminated from contention when Roderick Martin was disqualified in the shooting. He failed to shoot at one target and then shot twice at the next.

Daniele Masala16,0605,469
Carlo Massullo16,0605,406
Pierpaolo Cristofori16,0605,185
2United StatesUSA15,568Silver
Mike Storm15,5685,325
Greg Losey15,5685,158
Dean Glenesk15,5685,085
Paul Four15,5655,287
Didier Boubé15,5655,186
Joël Bouzou15,5655,092
Andy Jung15,3435,163
Peter Steinmann15,3435,104
Peter Minder15,3435,076
Ivar Sisniega15,2835,282
Alejandro Yrizar15,2835,049
Marcelo Hoyo15,2834,952
6West GermanyFRG15,028
Achim Bellmann15,0285,114
Michael Rehbein15,0285,021
Christian Sandow15,0284,893
7Great BritainGBR14,894
Richard Phelps14,8945,391
Michael Mumford14,8944,940
Stephen Sowerby14,8944,563
Jorge Quesada14,8915,281
Eduardo Burguete14,8914,895
Federico Galera14,8914,715
Pasi Hulkkonen14,8275,193
Jorma Korpela14,8274,968
Jussi Pelli14,8274,666
Svante Rasmuson14,4645,456
Martin Lamprecht14,4644,803
Roderick Martin14,4644,205
Shoji Uchida13,9204,829
Hiroyuki Kawazoe13,9204,809
Daizou Araki13,9204,282
Ihab El-Lebedy13,9084,745
Samy Awad13,9084,634
Ahmed Nasser13,9084,529
Saleh Sultan Farhan Faraj13,8664,912
Abdul Rahman Jassim13,8664,490
Nabeel Saleh Mubarak13,8664,464
Alex Watson13,8395,108
Matthew Spies13,8394,778
Daniel Esposito13,8393,953
15Republic of KoreaKOR13,246
Jeong Gyeong-Hun13,2464,547
Kim Il13,2464,387
Gang Gyeong-Hyo13,2464,312
Luís Monteiro12,7384,332
Roberto Durão12,7384,321
Manuel Barroso12,7384,085
Michael Billwein11,8744,760
Ingo Peirits11,8743,682
Horst Stocker11,8743,432
Anton Liederer11,87401