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Running Target, Single Shot, Men

Date29 June – 1 July 1912 — 10:00
LocationEllenhill, Råsunda, Solna
Participants34 from 7 countries
Format100 metres. 10 shots per man with one shot per run. 50 possible, 25 possible in shoot-offs. Ties decided by shoot-offs of five runs.

This event resulted in a three-way tie for first place. In the shoot-off, Finland’s Nestori Toivonen took three of the five shots and then withdrew, as he was well behind. Sweden’s Alfred Swahn and Åke Lundeberg both took the full five shots. Swahn led by one point after four shots, 15-14, but scored a perfect five on the final shot to win the gold medal. Swedish shooters dominated this event, taking five of the first six and six of the first eight places.

Alfred Swahn won nine Olympic shooting medals between 1908 and 1924, three of each color. His father, Oscar Swahn, was the defending champion from London, but finished tied for fourth in this event at Stockholm.

1Alf SwahnSWE4120Gold
2Åke LundebergSWE4117Silver
3Nestori ToivonenFIN4111Bronze
4Karl LarssonSWE39
5Oscar SwahnSWE39
6Anders LindskogSWE39
7Heinrich ElbogenAUT38
8Adolph CederströmSWE37
9Bill LeushnerUSA37
10Adolf MichelAUT36
11Johan EkmanSWE34
12Erik Sökjer-PetersénSWE34
13Erland KochGER33
14Ernst RosenqvistFIN32
15Gustaf LymanSWE31
16Vasily SkrotskyRUS31
17Peter PaternolliAUT31
18Axel Fredrik LondenFIN31
19Nikolaos LevidisGRE31
20Harry BlausRUS29
21Huvi TuiskunenFIN28
22Iivo VäänänenFIN28
23Albert PreußGER28
24Horst Goeldel-BronikovenGER27
25Emil LindewaldSWE27
26Per-Olof ArvidssonSWE26
27Karl ReilinFIN26
28Edward BenedicksSWE26
29Walter WinansUSA24
30Ioannis TheofilakisGRE24
31Dmitry BarkovRUS23
32Eberhard SteinböckAUT23
33Aleksandr DobrzhanskyRUS22
34Pavel LiethRUS10