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Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Men

Date3 – 5 September 1960
LocationScuola di Fanteria dell'Esercito Italiano, Cesano
Participants39 from 22 countries

The long-distance shooting range at the Italian Infantry School was completely exposed to the wind, which caused the competitors great problems with wind doping. On the day of the final round, the wind blew up a fine dust of the grading used in constructing the range. The event had to be delayed slightly and the shooters were given extra time to finish their rounds. The scores were well down as a result, with Austria’s Hubert Hammerer winning the gold medal with 1,129, far below the Olympic record of 1,138 set in 1956. That was set by Vasily Borisov, who competed in Rome and won the bronze medal. Hammerer, a former Waffen-SS member, had qualified for the 1948 and 1952 Olympics, but declined participation because only old Soviet weapons were available in Austria. At Rome, he used a new rifle by Swiss weaponmaker André Danner.

1Hubert HammererAUT1,129Gold
2Hansruedi SpillmannSUI1,127Silver
3Vasily BorisovURS1,127Bronze
4Vilho YlönenFIN1,126
5Moisey ItkisURS1,124
6Vladimír StiboříkTCH1,123
7John FosterUSA1,121
8Sándor KrebsHUN1,118
9Esa KervinenFIN1,117
10Daniel PuckelUSA1,114
11August HollensteinSUI1,112
12Hans-Joachim MarsGER1,105
13Stefan MasztakPOL1,105
14Anders KvissbergSWE1,104
15František ProkopTCH1,101
16Wilhelm SachsenmaierAUT1,098
17Henryk GórskiPOL1,098
18Miklós SzabóHUN1,096
19Kurt JohanssonSWE1,095
20Constantin AntonescuROU1,092
21Uffe Schultz LarsenDEN1,088
22Jorge di GiandoménicoARG1,088
23Josip ĆukYUG1,085
24Edson WarnerCAN1,078
25Pedro ArmellaARG1,078
26Wu Tao-YanTPE1,074
27Vladimir GrozdanovićYUG1,073
28Adolfo FelicianoPHI1,072
29Egon StephansenDEN1,071
30Marin FerecatuROU1,050
31Don TolhurstAUS1,049
32Evald GeringCAN1,037
33Luis AlbornozPER1,037
34John HoltAUS1,030
35Rubén ValdezPER1,028
36Michiel VictorRSA1,012
37Omar AnasSUD812
38Abdul Aziz WainsPAK487
39Basha BakriSUD421

Qualifying Round (3 September 1960)

Final Round (5 September 1960 — 09:00)

300 metres. 120 shots, 40 shots prone, 40 kneeling, and 40 standing. 400 possible at each distance, 1,200 posible overall.

1Hubert HammererAUT1,129390379360
2Hansruedi SpillmannSUI1,127397377353
3Vasily BorisovURS1,127383381363
4Vilho YlönenFIN1,126389381356
5Moisey ItkisURS1,124380379365
6Vladimír StiboříkTCH1,123383380360
7John FosterUSA1,121380384357
8Sándor KrebsHUN1,118386373359
9Esa KervinenFIN1,117380376361
10Daniel PuckelUSA1,114380381353
11August HollensteinSUI1,112385373354
12Hans-Joachim MarsGER1,105384377344
13Stefan MasztakPOL1,105377370358
14Anders KvissbergSWE1,104378372354
15František ProkopTCH1,101384372345
16Wilhelm SachsenmaierAUT1,098388363347
17Henryk GórskiPOL1,098382378338
18Miklós SzabóHUN1,096382366348
19Kurt JohanssonSWE1,095387368340
20Constantin AntonescuROU1,092379362351
21Uffe Schultz LarsenDEN1,088383363342
22Jorge di GiandoménicoARG1,088375358355
23Josip ĆukYUG1,085379366340
24Edson WarnerCAN1,078391367320
25Pedro ArmellaARG1,078376357345
26Wu Tao-YanTPE1,074374367333
27Vladimir GrozdanovićYUG1,073370364339
28Adolfo FelicianoPHI1,072380356336
29Egon StephansenDEN1,071379352340
30Marin FerecatuROU1,050367364319
31Don TolhurstAUS1,049380353316
32Evald GeringCAN1,037377347313
33Luis AlbornozPER1,037360350327
34John HoltAUS1,030372347311
35Rubén ValdezPER1,028372344312
36Michiel VictorRSA1,012373347292
37Omar AnasSUD812331275206