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Air Rifle, 10 metres, Women

Date18 September 1988 — 10:30
LocationTaeneung International Shooting Range, Seoul
Participants45 from 29 countries

The favorite was Bulgarian Vesela Lecheva who was the defending World Champion and the world record holder. A media favorite because of her looks, she struggled in this event and would finish only tied for 17th. After the preliminary round three shooters were tied for first – Irina Shilova (URS), Zhang Qiuping (CHN), and Launi Meili (USA). But both Zhang and Meili shot poorly in the final and dropped out of the medals. Shilova fired 103.5 in the final round to win the gold medal, holding off Germany’s Sylvia Sperber, who had the highest final round with 104.5 and won the silver.

1Iryna ShylavaURS498.5Gold
2Silvia SperberFRG497.5Silver
3Anna MalukhinaURS495.8Bronze
4Zhang QiupingCHN494.7
5Pirjo PeltolaFIN493.6
6Launi MeiliUSA493.3
7Sharon BowesCAN493.1
8Gaby BühlmannSUI493.0
9Sylvia BaldessariniAUT393
10Deena WiggerUSA392
11Éva JoóHUN392
=12Éva FóriánHUN391
=12Gang Hye-JaKOR391
=12Nonka MatovaBUL391
=15Irene DufauxSUI390
=15Li DanCHN390
=17Carmen GieseFRG389
=17Vesela LechevaBUL389
=17Yoko MinamotoJPN389
=20Dominique AuprètreFRA388
=20Valérie MaletFRA388
=22Christina AshcroftCAN387
=22Alison FeastAUS387
=22Carina JanssonSWE387
=22Lenka KolouškováTCH387
=22Mladenka MaleničaYUG387
=22Anne Grethe StormorkenNED387
=28Karin BivaBEL386
=28Zeynep OkaTUR386
=30Dagmar BílkováTCH385
=30Soma DuttaIND385
=30Lee Mi-GyeongKOR385
=33Sarah CooperGBR383
=33Anita KarlssonSWE383
=33Barbara TrogerAUT383
36Siri LandsemNOR382
37Katja KleppGDR381
38Kyoko KinoshitaJPN380
=39Liou Yuh-JuTPE379
=39May Irene OlsenNOR379
=41Sirpa YlönenFIN377
=41Flavia ZanfràITA377
=43Fabienne DiatoMON375
=43Parvati ThapaNEP375
45Jeanne LopesAHO364

Preliminary Round (18 September 1988)

10 metres. Four rounds of 10 shots each. 400 possible.

=1Iryna ShylavaURS3959710010098QOR
=1Zhang QiupingCHN395989910098QOR
=1Launi MeiliUSA3951009699100QOR
=4Anna MalukhinaURS3949797100100Q
=4Sharon BowesCAN39499989998Q
=4Gaby BühlmannSUI394989910097Q
=7Silvia SperberFRG39397989999Q
=7Pirjo PeltolaFIN39397999899Q
9Sylvia BaldessariniAUT393999810096
10Deena WiggerUSA39297979999
11Éva JoóHUN39298979899
=12Éva FóriánHUN39198989798
=12Gang Hye-JaKOR39198969998
=12Nonka MatovaBUL391979710097
=15Irene DufauxSUI39094999899
=15Li DanCHN39099969897
=17Carmen GieseFRG38997989797
=17Vesela LechevaBUL38996999698
=17Yoko MinamotoJPN38996989798
=20Dominique AuprètreFRA388969510097
=20Valérie MaletFRA38898979796
=22Christina AshcroftCAN38796979797
=22Alison FeastAUS38798989596
=22Carina JanssonSWE38797979796
=22Lenka KolouškováTCH38794979799
=22Mladenka MaleničaYUG387941009895
=22Anne Grethe StormorkenNED38797959897
=28Karin BivaBEL38696999596
=28Zeynep OkaTUR38694969997
=30Dagmar BílkováTCH38597949797
=30Soma DuttaIND38598979595
=30Lee Mi-GyeongKOR38598979595
=33Sarah CooperGBR38397979495
=33Anita KarlssonSWE38395959697
=33Barbara TrogerAUT38392959898
36Siri LandsemNOR38295979397
37Katja KleppGDR38195969496
38Kyoko KinoshitaJPN38094959695
=39Liou Yuh-JuTPE37994949497
=39May Irene OlsenNOR37996979591
=41Sirpa YlönenFIN37790959696
=41Flavia ZanfràITA37797929692
=43Fabienne DiatoMON37595939493
=43Parvati ThapaNEP37592939793
45Jeanne LopesAHO36494889290

Final Round (18 September 1988)

Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

1Iryna ShylavaURS498.5395103.5OR
2Silvia SperberFRG497.5393104.5
3Anna MalukhinaURS495.8394101.8
4Zhang QiupingCHN494.739599.7
5Pirjo PeltolaFIN493.6393100.6
6Launi MeiliUSA493.339598.3
7Sharon BowesCAN493.139499.1
8Gaby BühlmannSUI493.039499.0