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Shot Put, Men

Date26 July 1996
LocationCentennial Olympic Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants36 from 24 countries

Randy Barnes had set the world record of 23.12 (75-10¼) in 1990 and had the year’s best throw of 22.40 (73-6), and was favored. But he struggled in the final. He opened with only 19.46 (63-10¼), as Oleksandr Bahach (UKR) led the first round with 20.41 (66-11½). Barnes got 20.44 (67-0¾) in round two, but the lead was taken by Italy’s Paolo Dal Soglio with 20.65 (67-9), and Bagach improved to 20.50 (67-3¼). American John Godina came thru in the fourth and fifth rounds with 20.64 (67-8¾) and 20.79 (68-2½), to move into the lead in round five. Barnes was only in fourth place heading into the final round, but he produced – tossing the shot 21.62 (70-11¼) for the gold medal. Bagach also improved, bumping Dal Soglio out of the medals with 20.75 (68-1). In May 1990, Barnes had tested positive for methyltestosterone and was banned for two years. In April 1998, he tested positive for androstenedione and was banned for life. The life ban was controversial as androstenedione was an over-the-counter supplement in the United States and was not a banned drug internationally until a few months before Barnes’s positive test. He readily admitted taking it, not knowing it was banned. It was the same drug taken by major league home run king Mark McGwire, who also admitted to taking it. Bronze medalist Bagach also was subsequently banned for life. He had tested positive in 1989 for testosterone, tested positive for ephedrine in 1997 at the World Championships, and was banned for life in 2000 after a positive doping test for anabolic steroids.

12329Randy BarnesUSA20.42 (4)21.62 (1)Gold
22353John GodinaUSA20.54 (2)20.79 (2)Silver
32302Oleksandr BahachUKR20.23 (5)20.75 (3)Bronze
41700Paolo Dal SoglioITA20.58 (1)20.74 (4)
51534Oliver-Sven BuderGER20.43 (3)20.51 (5)
62323Roman VirastiukUKR19.81 (7)20.45 (6)
72364C. J. HunterUSA19.95 (6)20.39 (7)
82442Dragan PerićSCG19.61 (8)20.07 (8)
91130Dzmitry HancharukBLR19.57 (9)19.79 (9)
102096Bilal Saad MubarakQAT19.39 (12)19.33 (10)
111705Corrado FantiniITA19.40 (11)19.30 (11)
AC r2/22307Oleksandr KlymenkoUKR19.45 (10)– (NM)
13 r1/21579Dirk UrbanGER19.39 (13)
14 r1/21407Mika HalvariFIN19.37 (14)
15 r1/21355Manuel MartínezESP19.12 (15)
16 r1/21563Michael MertensGER19.07 (16)
17 r1/22252Kent LarssonSWE19.05 (17)
18 r1/21409Arsi HarjuFIN19.01 (18)
19 r1/21726Giorgio VenturiITA18.98 (19)
20 r1/22151Yevgeny PalchikovRUS18.96 (20)
21 r1/21308Miroslav MencCZE18.69 (21)
22 r1/21222Gert WeilCHI18.67 (22)
23 r1/22422Yojer MedinaVEN18.53 (23)
24 r1/21294Ilias LoukaCYP18.48 (24)
25 r1/21998Chima UgwuNGR18.39 (25)
26 r1/22160Aleksey ShidlovskyRUS18.37 (26)
27 r1/21503Shaun PickeringGBR18.29 (27)
28 r1/21295Michalis LoukaCYP18.23 (28)
29 r1/21840Khaled Al-KhalidiKSA18.22 (29)
30 r1/21892Saulius KleizaLTU18.21 (30)
31 r1/21211Brad SnyderCAN17.98 (31)
32 r1/21126Viktar BulatBLR17.29 (32)
33 r1/22411Sergey KotUZB16.51 (33)
34 r1/21028Anthony LeiatoASA13.02 (34)
AC r1/21650Jenő KócziánHUN– (NM)
AC r1/21783Sergey RubtsovKAZ– (NM)

Qualifying Round (26 July 1996 — 10:05)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 19.80 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Paolo Dal SoglioITA20.58Q
2John GodinaUSA20.54Q
3Oliver-Sven BuderGER20.43Q
4Randy BarnesUSA20.42Q
5Oleksandr BahachUKR20.23Q
6C. J. HunterUSA19.95Q
7Roman VirastiukUKR19.81Q
8Dragan PerićSCG19.61q
9Dzmitry HancharukBLR19.57q
10Oleksandr KlymenkoUKR19.45q
11Corrado FantiniITA19.40q
12Bilal Saad MubarakQAT19.3919.28q
13Dirk UrbanGER19.3919.23
14Mika HalvariFIN19.37
15Manuel MartínezESP19.12
16Michael MertensGER19.07
17Kent LarssonSWE19.05
18Arsi HarjuFIN19.01
19Giorgio VenturiITA18.98
20Yevgeny PalchikovRUS18.96
21Miroslav MencCZE18.69
22Gert WeilCHI18.67
23Yojer MedinaVEN18.53
24Ilias LoukaCYP18.48
25Chima UgwuNGR18.39
26Aleksey ShidlovskyRUS18.37
27Shaun PickeringGBR18.29
28Michalis LoukaCYP18.23
29Khaled Al-KhalidiKSA18.22
30Saulius KleizaLTU18.21
31Brad SnyderCAN17.98
32Viktar BulatBLR17.29
33Sergey KotUZB16.51
34Anthony LeiatoASA13.02
NMJenő KócziánHUN
NMSergey RubtsovKAZ

Qualifying Round, Group A (26 July 1996)

114Oliver-Sven BuderGER20.4319.7620.43-
27Randy BarnesUSA20.42×19.7020.42
39Roman VirastiukUKR19.8119.81--
410Dragan PerićSCG19.6119.61×19.61
56Dzmitry HancharukBLR19.5719.57×19.17
62Corrado FantiniITA19.4018.6319.4019.00
73Manuel MartínezESP19.1219.1218.9318.90
817Michael MertensGER19.0718.5718.9019.07
913Kent LarssonSWE19.0518.6018.8619.05
1016Arsi HarjuFIN19.0118.5619.01×
1112Giorgio VenturiITA18.9818.6018.9818.52
1211Ilias LoukaCYP18.4818.4817.98×
134Chima UgwuNGR18.3918.3918.3518.33
1415Aleksey ShidlovskyRUS18.3717.8418.3418.37
151Saulius KleizaLTU18.2118.0818.2118.18
168Anthony LeiatoASA13.0212.28×13.02
NM18Jenő KócziánHUN×××
NM5Sergey RubtsovKAZ×--

Qualifying Round, Group B (26 July 1996)

11Paolo Dal SoglioITA20.5819.4320.58-
26John GodinaUSA20.5420.54--
313Oleksandr BahachUKR20.2320.23--
416C. J. HunterUSA19.9519.95--
57Oleksandr KlymenkoUKR19.4519.1119.45×
65Bilal Saad MubarakQAT19.3919.3919.2319.28
711Dirk UrbanGER19.3919.3918.8219.23
84Mika HalvariFIN19.3719.37×18.78
93Yevgeny PalchikovRUS18.9618.7518.8318.96
1017Miroslav MencCZE18.6918.6918.1318.42
1115Gert WeilCHI18.6718.6418.6718.58
1218Yojer MedinaVEN18.53×18.4918.53
132Shaun PickeringGBR18.2918.2918.2317.45
1410Michalis LoukaCYP18.2318.2318.0318.12
159Khaled Al-KhalidiKSA18.2218.22×17.83
1612Brad SnyderCAN17.9817.98××
1714Viktar BulatBLR17.2916.7016.6717.29
188Sergey KotUZB16.5116.51×16.05

Final Round (26 July 1996 — 20:00)

12Randy BarnesUSA21.6219.4620.44×20.2620.3221.62
24John GodinaUSA20.79×19.9119.9820.6420.79×
37Oleksandr BahachUKR20.7520.4120.5020.29××20.75
46Paolo Dal SoglioITA20.7420.1220.6519.9220.7420.60×
58Oliver-Sven BuderGER20.5120.1619.9220.3720.1320.5119.71
610Roman VirastiukUKR20.4519.4619.8620.3220.2120.45×
79C. J. HunterUSA20.3919.9920.0920.39×20.2520.35
81Dragan PerićSCG20.0719.6619.7519.98××20.07
912Dzmitry HancharukBLR19.79×19.79×
105Bilal Saad MubarakQAT19.3319.1119.33×
113Corrado FantiniITA19.3019.30××
NM11Oleksandr KlymenkoUKR×××