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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date19 – 20 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants32 from 22 countries

The top two breaststrokers in the world since Munich were American John Hencken and Britain’s David Wilkie, with Hencken considered better in the 100 and Wilkie in the 200. Hencken was World Champion in the 100 in 1973, but Wilkie had won it in 1975 when Hencken did not swim. Hencken had set the last three world records in the event, the current mark standing at 1:03.88 set in 1974. In the first round, he equalled that mark. He improved that in the semi-finals, posting another world record of 1:03.62, pushed by Canadian Graham Smith, who posted 1:03.92 in placing second. The final was more of the same. Hencken went out well in the lead with 29.38 to wall, with Wilkie inexplicably back in sixth place after missing his first kick off the start. But Wilkie’s strength brought him back in to finish in 1:03.43, under the recently posted record, but it gained him only silver, as Hencken set his third world record in the event, finishing in 1:03.11 for gold. Smith was unable to match his semi pace, finishing in 1:04.26 to trail Soviet Arvydas Juozaitis, and just miss out on the bronze medal. Four days later, Wilkie and Hencken would again finish 1-2 in the 200 breaststroke, this time Wilkie having the better of it.

1John HenckenUSA1:03.88 (1 h5)1:03.62 (1 h2)1:03.11 (1)Gold
2David WilkieGBR1:05.19 (=1 h4)1:04.29 (1 h1)1:03.43 (2)Silver
3Arvydas JuozaitisURS1:04.78 (1 h2)1:04.76 (4 h2)1:04.23 (3)Bronze
4Graham SmithCAN1:05.19 (=1 h4)1:03.92 (2 h2)1:04.26 (4)
5Giorgio LalleITA1:06.38 (2 h3)1:04.35 (2 h1)1:04.37 (5)
6Walter KuschFRG1:05.88 (3 h2)1:04.28 (3 h2)1:04.38 (6)
7Duncan GoodhewGBR1:04.92 (1 h1)1:04.59 (3 h1)1:04.66 (7)
8Chris WooUSA1:05.39 (3 h5)1:04.86 (4 h1)1:05.13 (8)
=9Peter LangFRG1:05.25 (2 h2)1:05.19 (5 h2)
=9Larry DowlerUSA1:05.32 (3 h4)1:05.19 (5 h1)
11Nikolay PankinURS1:05.38 (2 h1)1:05.59 (6 h2)
12Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:04.65 (2 h5)1:05.69 (6 h1)
13David LeighGBR1:06.12 (1 h3)1:05.91 (7 h2)
14Paul JarvieAUS1:06.22 (5 h5)1:06.20 (8 h2)
15José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.18 (4 h5)1:06.38 (7 h1)
16Sérgio RibeiroBRA1:06.07 (4 h4)1:06.69 (8 h1)
17Anders NorlingSWE1:06.52 (3 h3)
18Ove WisløffNOR1:06.85 (3 h1)
19Vladimir DementyevURS1:06.96 (4 h3)
20Tateki ShinyaJPN1:07.59 (4 h1)
21Pedro BalcellsESP1:07.98 (5 h4)
22Cezary ŚmiglakPOL1:08.02 (5 h1)
23Steffen KriechbaumAUT1:08.09 (4 h2)
24Tuomo KerolaFIN1:08.22 (5 h2)
25Zdravko DivjakYUG1:08.31 (6 h5)
26Carlos NazarioPUR1:08.33 (6 h2)
27Mel ZajacCAN1:08.52 (6 h1)
28Gustavo LozanoMEX1:08.89 (5 h3)
29Glen SochaskyVEN1:09.93 (7 h5)
30Bruce KnowlesBAH1:11.65 (6 h4)
31Henrique VicêncioPOR1:13.55 (7 h2)
32Campari KnoepfflerNCA1:15.18 (7 h1)
DNSWolfram SperlingGDR– (DNS h3)
DNSBernard PierreFRA– (DNS h5)
DNSIstván JavorHUN– (DNS h3)
DNSWang Ching-ChunTPE– (DNS h4)

Round One (19 July 1976 — 11:00)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

14Duncan GoodhewGBR1:04.92QOR
25Nikolay PankinURS1:05.38Q
33Ove WisløffNOR1:06.85
46Tateki ShinyaJPN1:07.59
57Cezary ŚmiglakPOL1:08.02
62Mel ZajacCAN1:08.52
71Campari KnoepfflerNCA1:15.18

Heat Two

15Arvydas JuozaitisURS1:04.78QOR
23Peter LangFRG1:05.25Q
34Walter KuschFRG1:05.88Q
42Steffen KriechbaumAUT1:08.09
57Tuomo KerolaFIN1:08.22
66Carlos NazarioPUR1:08.33
71Henrique VicêncioPOR1:13.55

Heat Three

16David LeighGBR1:06.12Q
25Giorgio LalleITA1:06.38Q
37Anders NorlingSWE1:06.52
44Vladimir DementyevURS1:06.96
52Gustavo LozanoMEX1:08.89
DNS3Wolfram SperlingGDR
DNS1István JavorHUN

Heat Four

=14David WilkieGBR1:05.19Q
=15Graham SmithCAN1:05.19Q
33Larry DowlerUSA1:05.32Q
46Sérgio RibeiroBRA1:06.07Q
52Pedro BalcellsESP1:07.98
67Bruce KnowlesBAH1:11.65
DNS1Wang Ching-ChunTPE

Heat Five

14John HenckenUSA1:03.88Q=WR
25Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:04.65Q
33Chris WooUSA1:05.39Q
46José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.18Q
52Paul JarvieAUS1:06.22Q
67Zdravko DivjakYUG1:08.31
71Glen SochaskyVEN1:09.93
DNS8Bernard PierreFRA

Semi-Finals (19 July 1976 — 19:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

13David WilkieGBR1:04.29Q
28Giorgio LalleITA1:04.35Q
35Duncan GoodhewGBR1:04.59Q
42Chris WooUSA1:04.86Q
56Larry DowlerUSA1:05.19
64Nobutaka TaguchiJPN1:05.69
71José Sylvio FioloBRA1:06.38
87Sérgio RibeiroBRA1:06.69

Heat Two

14John HenckenUSA1:03.62QWR
23Graham SmithCAN1:03.92Q
37Walter KuschFRG1:04.28Q
45Arvydas JuozaitisURS1:04.76Q
56Peter LangFRG1:05.19
62Nikolay PankinURS1:05.59
71David LeighGBR1:05.91
88Paul JarvieAUS1:06.20

Final (20 July 1976 — 20:00)

14John HenckenUSA1:03.11WR
26David WilkieGBR1:03.43
31Arvydas JuozaitisURS1:04.23
45Graham SmithCAN1:04.26
52Giorgio LalleITA1:04.37
63Walter KuschFRG1:04.38
77Duncan GoodhewGBR1:04.66
88Chris WooUSA1:05.13