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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date20 – 21 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants44 from 29 countries

In the past four years, no one had approached Mark Spitz’s gold medal winning time of 54.27 from the 1972 Olympics, and nobody had come forward to dominate this event during the interval. With no clear favorite, people looked to East German Roger Pyttel, silver medalist in both butterfly events at the 1975 World Championships, and in the semi-finals he posted 54.75, the second fastest time in history. The next three fastest qualifiers for the final were the American trio of Matt Vogel (54.80), the 1976 NCAA champion in the event, Joe Bottom (55.26), and Gary Hall (55.32). Pyttel could not match his semi-final effort and the final was all-USA, as Vogel led an American sweep in 54.35, followed by Bottom in 54.50, and Hall in 54.65, the 2-3-4 times in the event.

Gary Hall had come to Montréal, by defying the odds of trying to make an Olympic team while a medical student. He had been on the 1968 and 1972 teams and was a surprise in making the 1976 USA team. The US team members then selected him to carry the US flag at the Opening Ceremony, and his bronze medal capped his swimming career, as he related, “When I saw the sweep I almost came to tears.” Hall would later become an ophthalmologist and return to the Olympic pools to watch his son, Gary Hall, Jr., win 10 Olympic medals, including five gold.

1Matt VogelUSA55.40 (1 h4)54.80 (2 h2)54.35 (1)Gold
2Joe BottomUSA56.26 (1 h6)55.26 (1 h1)54.50 (2)Silver
3Gary HallUSA55.35 (1 h5)55.32 (2 h1)54.65 (3)Bronze
4Roger PyttelGDR55.25 (1 h3)54.75 (1 h2)55.09 (4)
5Roland MatthesGDR56.41 (2 h6)55.88 (3 h2)55.11 (5)
6Clay EvansCAN55.65 (2 h4)55.86 (4 h1)55.81 (6)
7Hideaki HaraJPN56.57 (3 h3)56.52 (5 h2)56.34 (7)
8Neil RogersAUS57.08 (2 h2)55.72 (3 h1)56.57 (8)
9Klaus SteinbachFRG56.10 (2 h3)55.90 (4 h2)
10John MillsGBR56.53 (2 h5)56.54 (5 h1)
11Steve PickellCAN56.59 (3 h5)56.66 (6 h1)
12Bruce RobertsonCAN57.06 (2 h1)56.72 (6 h2)
13Peter BroscienskiFRG57.15 (3 h4)56.81 (7 h2)
14Jorge DelgadoECU56.79 (1 h2)56.91 (8 h2)
15Pär ArvidssonSWE57.17 (3 h1)56.93 (7 h1)
16Yevgeny SeredinURS56.95 (1 h1)57.46 (8 h1)
17Michael KrausFRG57.22 (3 h6)
18John CouttsNZL57.29 (4 h5)
19Jorge JaramilloCOL57.33 (4 h3)
20Jon Jon ParkGBR57.42 (5 h3)
=21Paolo BarelliITA57.64 (=4 h4)
=21Aleksandr ManachinskyURS57.64 (=4 h4)
23Hartmut FlöcknerGDR57.66 (5 h5)
24Ross SeymourAUS57.74 (4 h6)
25Miloslav RoľkoTCH57.79 (3 h2)
26Cees VervoornNED57.84 (4 h1)
27Luis GoicoecheaVEN57.92 (6 h5)
28John DalyPUR58.04 (7 h5)
=29Serge ButtetFRA58.37 (=4 h2)
=29Arnaldo PérezPUR58.37 (=4 h2)
31Richard IredaleGBR58.50 (5 h6)
32Shinsuke KayamaJPN58.55 (6 h6)
33Rômulo ArantesBRA58.80 (5 h1)
34Riccardo UrbaniITA58.83 (6 h2)
35José Luis PradoMEX59.16 (6 h4)
36Adi PragISR59.99 (6 h1)
37Konstantinos KoskinasGRE1:00.20 (7 h6)
38Rob HowardIRL1:00.92 (8 h6)
39Carlos GonzálezPAN1:00.97 (7 h2)
40Steven NewkirkISV1:01.46 (8 h5)
41Paulo FrischknechtPOR1:01.97 (7 h4)
42Campari KnoepfflerNCA1:02.05 (6 h3)
43Lawrence KwohHKG1:02.47 (8 h4)
DQFrançois DeleyBEL– (DQ h1)
DNSJanos BarthaHUN– (DNS h3)
DNSJohn EbitoNGR– (DNS h2)

Round One (20 July 1976 — 10:15)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

15Yevgeny SeredinURS56.95Q
24Bruce RobertsonCAN57.06Q
33Pär ArvidssonSWE57.17Q
42Cees VervoornNED57.84
56Rômulo ArantesBRA58.80
67Adi PragISR59.99
DQ1François DeleyBEL

Heat Two

15Jorge DelgadoECU56.79Q
24Neil RogersAUS57.08Q
36Miloslav RoľkoTCH57.79
=43Serge ButtetFRA58.37
=47Arnaldo PérezPUR58.37
62Riccardo UrbaniITA58.83
71Carlos GonzálezPAN1:00.97
DNS8John EbitoNGR

Heat Three

14Roger PyttelGDR55.25Q
25Klaus SteinbachFRG56.10Q
33Hideaki HaraJPN56.57Q
42Jorge JaramilloCOL57.33
56Jon Jon ParkGBR57.42
68Campari KnoepfflerNCA1:02.05
DNS1Janos BarthaHUN

Heat Four

14Matt VogelUSA55.40Q
25Clay EvansCAN55.65Q
36Peter BroscienskiFRG57.15Q
=42Paolo BarelliITA57.64
=43Aleksandr ManachinskyURS57.64
67José Luis PradoMEX59.16
71Paulo FrischknechtPOR1:01.97
88Lawrence KwohHKG1:02.47

Heat Five

14Gary HallUSA55.35Q
26John MillsGBR56.53Q
35Steve PickellCAN56.59Q
42John CouttsNZL57.29
53Hartmut FlöcknerGDR57.66
61Luis GoicoecheaVEN57.92
77John DalyPUR58.04
88Steven NewkirkISV1:01.46

Heat Six

14Joe BottomUSA56.26Q
25Roland MatthesGDR56.41Q
33Michael KrausFRG57.22
46Ross SeymourAUS57.74
52Richard IredaleGBR58.50
67Shinsuke KayamaJPN58.55
71Konstantinos KoskinasGRE1:00.20
88Rob HowardIRL1:00.92

Semi-Finals (20 July 1976 — 19:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

13Joe BottomUSA55.26Q
24Gary HallUSA55.32Q
31Neil RogersAUS55.72Q
45Clay EvansCAN55.86Q
56John MillsGBR56.54
62Steve PickellCAN56.66
78Pär ArvidssonSWE56.93
87Yevgeny SeredinURS57.46

Heat Two

14Roger PyttelGDR54.75Q
25Matt VogelUSA54.80Q
36Roland MatthesGDR55.88Q
43Klaus SteinbachFRG55.90Q
52Hideaki HaraJPN56.52q
61Bruce RobertsonCAN56.72
78Peter BroscienskiFRG56.81
87Jorge DelgadoECU56.91

Final (21 July 1976 — 19:15)

15Matt VogelUSA54.35
23Joe BottomUSA54.50
36Gary HallUSA54.65
44Roger PyttelGDR55.09
51Roland MatthesGDR55.11
67Clay EvansCAN55.81
78Hideaki HaraJPN56.34
82Neil RogersAUS56.57