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100 metres Backstroke, Women

Date20 – 21 July 1976
LocationPiscine olympique, Montréal, Québec
Participants34 from 21 countries

As with every other major backstroke event since Munich the scenario was as follows: Ulrike Richter was in the race, therefore, Ulrike Richter won the race, usually in a world record. Since 1972 Richter had won the 1973 and 1975 World Championships, the 1974 European Championships, and had set nine world records in the 100 backstroke. The only major backstroke she had lost in four years came at the 1976 GDR Olympic Trials, when Kornelia Ender defeated her and briefly claimed the world record, which Richter regained two days later opening the medley relay. Ender was the women’s star of the Montréal Olympics, but did not contest the 100 backstroke which left it open for Richter. She easily won the gold medal over her teammate, Birgit Treiber, with her only disappointment being that the world record stayed intact. Canadians Nancy Garapick and Wendy Cook-Hogg placed 3-4, as the top four finished in same places as they had at the 1975 World Championship.

1Ulrike RichterGDR1:03.61 (1 h5)1:02.39 (1 h1)1:01.83 (1)Gold
2Birgit TreiberGDR1:04.34 (1 h3)1:04.21 (2 h1)1:03.41 (2)Silver
3Nancy GarapickCAN1:03.28 (1 h2)1:03.75 (1 h2)1:03.71 (3)Bronze
4Wendy HoggCAN1:04.31 (2 h5)1:04.17 (3 h2)1:03.93 (4)
5Cheryl GibsonCAN1:05.64 (3 h1)1:04.89 (3 h1)1:05.16 (5)
6Nadezhda StavkoURS1:05.39 (3 h4)1:05.23 (5 h2)1:05.19 (6)
7Antje StilleGDR1:04.34 (1 h4)1:03.94 (2 h2)1:05.30 (7)
8Diane EdelijnNED1:05.56 (3 h5)1:05.58 (6 h2)1:05.53 (8)
9Enith BrigithaNED1:04.98 (2 h4)1:05.21 (4 h2)
10Klavdiya StudennikovaURS1:05.56 (2 h1)1:05.73 (4 h1)
11Linda JezekUSA1:04.69 (2 h3)1:06.01 (5 h1)
12Michelle de VriesAUS1:06.22 (2 h2)1:06.02 (6 h1)
13Heike JohnFRG1:06.20 (5 h5)1:06.26 (7 h2)
14Tauna VandewegheUSA1:05.00 (1 h1)1:06.29 (7 h1)
15Yoshimi NishigawaJPN1:05.78 (4 h5)1:06.46 (8 h2)
16Glenda RobertsonAUS1:06.19 (4 h4)1:06.93 (8 h1)
17Gabriella VerrasztóHUN1:06.27 (3 h2)
18Karin BormannFRG1:06.33 (3 h3)
19Renee MageeUSA1:06.44 (4 h3)
20Antonella RoncelliITA1:06.59 (4 h1)
21Joy BeasleyGBR1:06.66 (5 h3)
22Monique RodahlNZL1:06.73 (5 h4)
23Mandy JamesGBR1:07.28 (4 h2)
24Sylvie TestuzFRA1:07.62 (5 h1)
25Gunilla LundbergSWE1:07.73 (6 h5)
26Angelika GrieserFRG1:08.08 (5 h2)
27Naoko MiuraJPN1:08.31 (6 h4)
28Claudia BellottoARG1:10.27 (6 h3)
29Paola RuggieriVEN1:11.14 (6 h1)
30Deirdre SheehanIRL1:11.53 (7 h4)
31Liliana CianCOL1:11.62 (6 h2)
32Pierrette MichelBEL1:12.73 (7 h5)
33Raphaelynne LeeHKG1:14.66 (7 h3)
34Sansanee ChangkasiriTHA1:19.15 (7 h2)

Round One (20 July 1976 — 11:00)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

15Tauna VandewegheUSA1:05.00Q
23Klavdiya StudennikovaURS1:05.56Q
34Cheryl GibsonCAN1:05.64Q
46Antonella RoncelliITA1:06.59
52Sylvie TestuzFRA1:07.62
67Paola RuggieriVEN1:11.14

Heat Two

14Nancy GarapickCAN1:03.28Q
26Michelle de VriesAUS1:06.22Q
35Gabriella VerrasztóHUN1:06.27
42Mandy JamesGBR1:07.28
53Angelika GrieserFRG1:08.08
67Liliana CianCOL1:11.62
71Sansanee ChangkasiriTHA1:19.15

Heat Three

14Birgit TreiberGDR1:04.34Q
25Linda JezekUSA1:04.69Q
36Karin BormannFRG1:06.33
43Renee MageeUSA1:06.44
52Joy BeasleyGBR1:06.66
67Claudia BellottoARG1:10.27
71Raphaelynne LeeHKG1:14.66

Heat Four

14Antje StilleGDR1:04.34Q
23Enith BrigithaNED1:04.98Q
35Nadezhda StavkoURS1:05.39Q
46Glenda RobertsonAUS1:06.19Q
52Monique RodahlNZL1:06.73
67Naoko MiuraJPN1:08.31
71Deirdre SheehanIRL1:11.53

Heat Five

14Ulrike RichterGDR1:03.61Q
25Wendy HoggCAN1:04.31Q
33Diane EdelijnNED1:05.56Q
42Yoshimi NishigawaJPN1:05.78Q
56Heike JohnFRG1:06.20Q
67Gunilla LundbergSWE1:07.73
71Pierrette MichelBEL1:12.73

Semi-Finals (20 July 1976 — 19:15)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Ulrike RichterGDR1:02.39Q
25Birgit TreiberGDR1:04.21Q
37Cheryl GibsonCAN1:04.89Q
42Klavdiya StudennikovaURS1:05.73
53Linda JezekUSA1:06.01
68Michelle de VriesAUS1:06.02
76Tauna VandewegheUSA1:06.29
81Glenda RobertsonAUS1:06.93

Heat Two

14Nancy GarapickCAN1:03.75Q
23Antje StilleGDR1:03.94Q
35Wendy HoggCAN1:04.17Q
46Enith BrigithaNED1:05.21Q
52Nadezhda StavkoURS1:05.23Q
67Diane EdelijnNED1:05.58
78Heike JohnFRG1:06.26
81Yoshimi NishigawaJPN1:06.46

Final (21 July 1976 — 19:30)

14Ulrike RichterGDR1:01.83OR
22Birgit TreiberGDR1:03.41
35Nancy GarapickCAN1:03.71
46Wendy HoggCAN1:03.93
57Cheryl GibsonCAN1:05.16
68Nadezhda StavkoURS1:05.19
73Antje StilleGDR1:05.30
81Diane EdelijnNED1:05.53