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Individual All-Around, Women

Date30 July – 3 August 1984
LocationEdwin W. Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles, California
Participants65 from 16 countries

The format was the now standard of 36 gymnasts advancing to a final round from the team all-around, with no more than three gymnasts allowed per nation. The total score consisted of 50% of the qualifying scores, and the final round score. In the absence of the Soviets, who did not really have a dominant individual gymnast in 1984, the favorite’s role fell to Romanian Ecaterina Szabo, who had won an all-around bronze medal at the 1983 World Championships. However, the team qualifying was led by American Mary Lou Retton, a tiny West Virginian, who had never before competed in a major international. Szabo started to pull back in the final round, but Retton then scored perfect 10s on the final two rotations, the floor exercise and the vault, which brought her the gold medal. Retton would become an American hero for her performance and would win five medals in Los Angeles, while Szabo won four gold medals, with three individual apparatus golds.

1Mary Lou RettonUSA79.175Gold
2Ecaterina SzaboROU79.125Silver
3Simona PăucaROU78.675Bronze
4Julianne McNamaraUSA78.400
5Laura CutinaROU78.300
6Ma YanhongCHN77.850
7Zhou PingCHN77.775
8Chen YongyanCHN77.725
9Romi KesslerSUI77.525
10Kathy JohnsonUSA77.450
11Maiko MorioJPN76.850
12Anja WilhelmFRG76.425
13Bonnie WittmeierCAN76.375
=14Andrea ThomasCAN76.225
=14Laura MuñozESP76.225
16Noriko MochizukiJPN76.100
17Anita BotnenCAN76.025
18Chihiro OyagiJPN75.825
19Natalie DaviesGBR75.775
20Laura BortolasoITA75.675
21Ana MansoESP75.275
22Amanda HarrisonGBR75.225
23Astrid BeckersFRG75.125
24Susi LatanzioSUI75.000
25Kathy WilliamsGBR74.925
26Marta ArtigasESP74.450
27Tatiana FigueirêdoBRA74.400
28Florence LaborderieFRA74.175
29Natalie SeilerSUI73.975
30Lee Jeong-HuiKOR73.750
31Nancy GoldsmithISR73.725
32Corinne RagazzacciFRA73.250
33Kerry BattersbyAUS72.650
34Kellie WilsonAUS72.350
35Lena AdomatSWE71.325
36Elke HeineFRG57.725
8 r1/2Cristina Elena GrigorașROU
9 r1/2Wu JianiCHN
10 r1/2Mihaela StănulețROU
11 r1/2Lavinia AgacheROU
12 r1/2Michelle DusserreUSA
16 r1/2Tracee TalaveraUSA
17 r1/2Pam BileckUSA
19 r1/2Zhou QiuruiCHN
21 r1/2Huang QunCHN
28 r1/2Gigi ZosaCAN
=31 r1/2Brigitta LehmannFRG
=31 r1/2Angela GolzFRG
=31 r1/2Heike SchwarmFRG
=31 r1/2Tokie KawaseJPN
=36 r1/2Jessica TudosCAN
=43 r1/2Lisa YoungGBR
=43 r1/2Hayley PriceGBR
45 r1/2Ayami YukimoriJPN
47 r1/2Sae WatanabeJPN
=48 r1/2Irene MartínezESP
=48 r1/2Sally LarnerGBR
50 r1/2Kelly BrownCAN
=51 r1/2Monika BeerSUI
=51 r1/2Bettina ErnstSUI
=54 r1/2Virginia NavarroESP
56 r1/2Margot EstévezESP
58 r1/2Marisa JervellaSUI
64 r1/2Sim Jae-YeongKOR
65 r1/2Limor FridmanISR

Qualifying (30 July – 1 August 1984 — 09:30-11:30, 14:00-16:00, 18:30-20:30)

Top 36, maximum three per nation, from team all-around competition advanced to the individual all-around final. 50% of score from team all-around added to score derived from optional exercise on all four apparatuses.

1Mary Lou RettonUSA79.0539.5039.55Q
2Ecaterina SzaboROU78.7539.5539.20Q
=3Julianne McNamaraUSA78.4039.4538.95Q
=3Laura CutinaROU78.4039.0039.40Q
5Ma YanhongCHN78.2039.0539.15Q
6Kathy JohnsonUSA78.1039.1039.00Q
7Simona PăucaROU78.0539.0039.05Q
8Cristina Elena GrigorașROU77.9038.7039.20
9Wu JianiCHN77.7538.7539.00QDNC
10Mihaela StănulețROU77.7039.0038.70
11Lavinia AgacheROU77.6039.5538.05
12Michelle DusserreUSA77.5538.7538.80
=13Zhou PingCHN77.3538.9538.40Q
=13Romi KesslerSUI77.3538.5038.85Q
=13Chen YongyanCHN77.3538.4038.95q
16Tracee TalaveraUSA77.1038.5038.60
17Pam BileckUSA76.8038.2038.60
18Elke HeineFRG76.5538.1538.40Q
19Zhou QiuruiCHN76.5038.7537.75
20Anja WilhelmFRG76.4538.2038.25Q
21Huang QunCHN76.3037.8038.50
22Maiko MorioJPN75.9037.5038.40Q
=23Bonnie WittmeierCAN75.8538.3537.50Q
=23Andrea ThomasCAN75.8538.2037.65Q
25Laura MuñozESP75.7537.8037.95Q
26Noriko MochizukiJPN75.7038.1537.55Q
27Anita BotnenCAN75.5537.4538.10Q
28Gigi ZosaCAN75.4037.7537.65
29Astrid BeckersFRG75.2537.3537.90Q
30Natalie DaviesGBR75.0537.7537.30Q
=31Brigitta LehmannFRG74.8537.8037.05
=31Angela GolzFRG74.8537.7037.15
=31Heike SchwarmFRG74.8537.7037.15
=31Chihiro OyagiJPN74.8537.2537.60Q
=31Tokie KawaseJPN74.8537.3537.50
=36Laura BortolasoITA74.7537.0037.75Q
=36Jessica TudosCAN74.7536.5538.20
38Amanda HarrisonGBR74.5536.7037.85q
=39Ana MansoESP74.4537.3037.15q
=39Kathy WilliamsGBR74.4537.1537.30q
41Susi LatanzioSUI74.4037.1537.25q
42Natalie SeilerSUI74.1536.6037.55q
=43Lisa YoungGBR74.0537.2036.85
=43Hayley PriceGBR74.0536.5037.55
45Ayami YukimoriJPN73.9036.3537.55
46Marta ArtigasESP73.8037.3036.50q
47Sae WatanabeJPN73.7536.9536.80
=48Irene MartínezESP73.6036.5037.10
=48Sally LarnerGBR73.6036.3537.25
50Kelly BrownCAN73.5036.0537.45
=51Monika BeerSUI73.2036.6036.60
=51Bettina ErnstSUI73.2036.5536.65
=53Florence LaborderieFRA73.1536.3036.85q
=53Virginia NavarroESP73.1536.2036.95
55Lee Jeong-HuiKOR72.8036.8036.00q
56Margot EstévezESP72.7536.2036.55
57Tatiana FigueirêdoBRA72.6036.9035.70q
58Marisa JervellaSUI72.5536.3036.25
59Kerry BattersbyAUS72.3036.5535.75q
60Kellie WilsonAUS72.2036.3535.85q
61Nancy GoldsmithISR72.0535.4036.65q
62Lena AdomatSWE71.8535.8536.00q
63Corinne RagazzacciFRA71.6035.4036.20q
64Sim Jae-YeongKOR70.1035.6034.50
65Limor FridmanISR68.6533.4535.20

Final (3 August 1984 — 17:30-20:00)

Top 36, maximum three per nation, from team all-around competition advanced to the individual all-around final. 50% of score from team all-around added to score derived from optional exercise on all four apparatuses.

1Mary Lou RettonUSA79.17539.52539.65
2Ecaterina SzaboROU79.12539.37539.75
3Simona PăucaROU78.67539.02539.65
4Julianne McNamaraUSA78.40039.20039.20
5Laura CutinaROU78.30039.20039.10
6Ma YanhongCHN77.85039.10038.75
7Zhou PingCHN77.77538.67539.10
8Chen YongyanCHN77.72538.67539.05
9Romi KesslerSUI77.52538.67538.85
10Kathy JohnsonUSA77.45039.05038.40
11Maiko MorioJPN76.85037.95038.90
12Anja WilhelmFRG76.42538.22538.20
13Bonnie WittmeierCAN76.37537.92538.45
=14Andrea ThomasCAN76.22537.92538.30
=14Laura MuñozESP76.22537.87538.35
16Noriko MochizukiJPN76.10037.85038.25
17Anita BotnenCAN76.02537.77538.25
18Chihiro OyagiJPN75.82537.42538.40
19Natalie DaviesGBR75.77537.52538.25
20Laura BortolasoITA75.67537.37538.30
21Ana MansoESP75.27537.22538.05
22Amanda HarrisonGBR75.22537.27537.95
23Astrid BeckersFRG75.12537.62537.50
24Susi LatanzioSUI75.00037.20037.80
25Kathy WilliamsGBR74.92537.22537.70
26Marta ArtigasESP74.45036.90037.55
27Tatiana FigueirêdoBRA74.40036.30038.10
28Florence LaborderieFRA74.17536.57537.60
29Natalie SeilerSUI73.97537.07536.90
30Lee Jeong-HuiKOR73.75036.40037.35
31Nancy GoldsmithISR73.72536.02537.70
32Corinne RagazzacciFRA73.25035.80037.45
33Kerry BattersbyAUS72.65036.15036.50
34Kellie WilsonAUS72.35036.10036.25
35Lena AdomatSWE71.32535.92535.40
36Elke HeineFRG57.72538.27519.45