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4 x 100 metres Medley Relay, Men

Date20 – 21 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Kentro Ugrou Stivou, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Athina (Main Pool)
Participants73 from 16 countries

One simple statistic explains the history of this event at the Olympic Games namely that the USA had won 20 of the 22 heats and finals in which they have competed. Add the fact that their two defeats came in heat swims where sub-strength teams idled to easy qualifications and you fully explain the domination that America has over the medley relay. The golden streak was easily maintained in Athens despite the decision of Michael Phelps, the 100 metre butterfly champion, to give up his place in the final to silver medallist Ian Crocker. After Aaron Peirsol broke his own world record in the backstroke lead there was no way back for rest of the field and each American increased the team’s lead as the race progressed. The winning time of 3:30.68 took 0.86 of a second off the world record that the same quartet of Peirsol, Hansen, Crocker and Lezak had set at the World Championships in Barcelona a year later. Germany, who won silver, and third placed Japan both set continental records.

1United StatesUSA3:35.10 (1 h2)3:30.68 (1)Gold
Ian CrockerBrendan HansenJason LezakAaron PeirsolMark GangloffLenny KrayzelburgMichael PhelpsNeil Walker
2GermanyGER3:36.65 (2 h2)3:33.62 (2)Silver
Lars ConradSteffen DriesenJens KruppaThomas RupprathHelge Meeuw
3JapanJPN3:37.04 (4 h2)3:35.22 (3)Bronze
Kosuke KitajimaTomomi MoritaYoshihiro OkumuraTakashi Yamamoto
4Russian FederationRUS3:38.07 (1 h1)3:35.91 (4)
Igor MarchenkoAleksandr PopovRoman SludnovArkady VyatchaninAndrey KapralovYevgeny Korotyshkin
5FranceFRA3:37.60 (6 h2)3:36.57 (5)
Fréd BousquetHugues DuboscqSimon DufourFranck Esposito
6UkraineUKR3:38.85 (2 h1)3:36.87 (6)
Pavlo IllichovOleh LisohorAndriy SerdinovYuriy YehoshynValeriy DymoDenys Sylantiev
7HungaryHUN3:37.27 (5 h2)3:37.46 (7)
Richárd BodorLászló Cseh, Jr.Zsolt GáspárAttila Zubor
8Great BritainGBR3:36.94 (3 h2)3:37.77 (8)
James GibsonJames HickmanMatthew KiddGregor Tait
9AustraliaAUS3:39.14 (3 h1)
Michael KlimAdam PineJim PiperMatt Welsh
10CanadaCAN3:39.36 (4 h1)
Mike BrownBrent HaydenRiley JanesMike Mintenko
11FinlandFIN3:41.64 (5 h1)
Jere HårdJarno PihlavaMatti RajakyläJani Sievinen
12New ZealandNZL3:42.74 (7 h2)
Cam GibsonBen LabowitchCorney SwanepoelScott Talbot
13South AfricaRSA3:43.94 (8 h2)
Eugene BotesTerence ParkinKarl Otto ThaningGerhard Zandberg
14SloveniaSLO3:44.17 (6 h1)
Jernej GodecPeter MankočBlaž MedvešekEmil Tahirovič
15BrazilBRA3:44.41 (7 h1)
Kaio MárcioEduardo FischerPaulo MachadoJader Souza
DQItalyITA– (DQ h1)
Paolo BossiniEmanuele MerisiMattia NalessoGiacomo Vassanelli

Round One (20 August 2004)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (12:08)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14Russian FederationRUS3:38.07Q
Arkady Vyatchanin27.7255.470.8455.47 (2)
Roman Sludnov28.621:01.220.361:56.69 (1)
Yevgeny Korotyshkin24.4252.350.152:49.04 (1)
Andrey Kapralov22.7549.030.063:38.07 (1)
Pavlo Illichov27.6256.400.7256.40 (4)
Valeriy Dymo28.781:01.230.091:57.63 (3)
Denys Sylantiev24.3352.410.232:50.04 (2)
Yuriy Yehoshyn23.0548.810.003:38.85 (2)
Matt Welsh26.9255.360.6455.36 (1)
Jim Piper28.951:02.100.351:57.46 (2)
Adam Pine24.6353.020.002:50.48 (4)
Michael Klim23.4048.660.193:39.14 (3)
Riley Janes27.1356.170.7056.17 (3)
Mike Brown29.291:01.730.181:57.90 (4)
Mike Mintenko24.0252.480.122:50.38 (3)
Brent Hayden23.3648.980.103:39.36 (4)
Jani Sievinen27.7056.840.5956.84 (7)
Jarno Pihlava28.361:01.390.121:58.23 (5)
Jere Hård24.0353.19-0.012:51.42 (5)
Matti Rajakylä23.3750.220.183:41.64 (5)
Blaž Medvešek27.6856.470.7656.47 (5)
Emil Tahirovič28.561:02.520.231:58.99 (6)
Peter Mankoč24.9753.750.202:52.74 (6)
Jernej Godec24.1251.430.343:44.17 (6)
Paulo Machado28.2057.330.6357.33 (8)
Eduardo Fischer28.861:02.580.291:59.91 (7)
Kaio Márcio24.9153.520.282:53.43 (7)
Jader Souza24.4450.980.493:44.41 (7)
Emanuele Merisi27.4656.550.6156.55 (6)
Paolo Bossini-0.06– (AC)
Mattia Nalesso– (AC)
Giacomo Vassanelli– (AC)

Heat Two (12:14)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:35.10Q
Lenny Krayzelburg26.2654.270.6354.27 (1)
Mark Gangloff27.771:00.270.191:54.54 (2)
Michael Phelps24.9552.430.282:46.97 (1)
Neil Walker22.6348.130.383:35.10 (1)
Steffen Driesen26.7254.750.7254.75 (3)
Jens Kruppa27.881:00.800.451:55.55 (4)
Helge Meeuw24.5752.730.412:48.28 (4)
Lars Conrad23.1748.370.303:36.65 (2)
32Great BritainGBR3:36.94Q
Gregor Tait26.8355.360.6455.36 (5)
James Gibson27.471:00.300.091:55.66 (5)
James Hickman24.2352.230.062:47.89 (3)
Matthew Kidd23.2549.050.213:36.94 (3)
Tomomi Morita26.8354.630.5354.63 (2)
Kosuke Kitajima27.9959.690.231:54.32 (1)
Takashi Yamamoto24.8352.660.182:46.98 (2)
Yoshihiro Okumura24.5050.060.333:37.04 (4)
László Cseh, Jr.26.7255.220.6255.22 (4)
Richárd Bodor28.221:00.310.211:55.53 (3)
Zsolt Gáspár24.3152.960.262:48.49 (6)
Attila Zubor23.4548.780.303:37.27 (5)
Simon Dufour27.4355.690.6955.69 (6)
Hugues Duboscq27.961:00.100.061:55.79 (6)
Franck Esposito24.5352.520.202:48.31 (5)
Fréd Bousquet23.2149.290.173:37.60 (6)
71New ZealandNZL3:42.74
Scott Talbot27.3956.110.6456.11 (7)
Ben Labowitch29.171:03.880.091:59.99 (7)
Corney Swanepoel24.0352.410.002:52.40 (7)
Cam Gibson23.9150.340.283:42.74 (7)
87South AfricaRSA3:43.94
Gerhard Zandberg26.4756.230.7356.23 (8)
Terence Parkin29.861:03.890.462:00.12 (8)
Eugene Botes25.3254.570.352:54.69 (8)
Karl Otto Thaning22.8849.250.033:43.94 (8)

Final (21 August 2004 — 20:30)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:30.68WR
Aaron Peirsol26.0253.450.6653.45 (1)
Brendan Hansen27.8359.370.281:52.82 (1)
Ian Crocker23.0550.280.042:43.10 (1)
Jason Lezak22.2647.580.073:30.68 (1)
Steffen Driesen26.6654.260.7254.26 (3)
Jens Kruppa27.671:00.500.281:54.76 (3)
Thomas Rupprath23.3751.400.132:46.16 (3)
Lars Conrad22.3747.460.253:33.62 (2)
Tomomi Morita26.6354.250.5454.25 (2)
Kosuke Kitajima27.8759.350.281:53.60 (2)
Takashi Yamamoto24.1351.870.132:45.47 (2)
Yoshihiro Okumura23.8949.750.283:35.22 (3)
41Russian FederationRUS3:35.91
Arkady Vyatchanin27.1155.150.8355.15 (5)
Roman Sludnov28.131:01.000.311:56.15 (7)
Igor Marchenko23.7951.740.172:47.89 (4)
Aleksandr Popov22.6548.020.263:35.91 (4)
Simon Dufour27.0455.740.6655.74 (7)
Hugues Duboscq27.671:00.070.191:55.81 (5)
Franck Esposito24.0952.220.182:48.03 (6)
Fréd Bousquet23.0548.540.173:36.57 (5)
Pavlo Illichov27.1556.190.7556.19 (8)
Oleh Lisohor28.331:00.990.251:57.18 (8)
Andriy Serdinov23.4850.800.252:47.98 (5)
Yuriy Yehoshyn23.1648.890.183:36.87 (6)
László Cseh, Jr.26.7554.890.6654.89 (4)
Richárd Bodor28.021:00.250.101:55.14 (4)
Zsolt Gáspár24.2753.320.222:48.46 (7)
Attila Zubor23.3549.000.313:37.46 (7)
83Great BritainGBR3:37.77
Gregor Tait26.8255.690.6555.69 (6)
James Gibson27.461:00.300.081:55.99 (6)
James Hickman24.1752.640.052:48.63 (8)
Matthew Kidd22.7249.140.153:37.77 (8)