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Sprint, Classical, Men

Date13 February 2018
LocationAlpensia Cross-Country Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants80 from 39 countries
FormatFinal standings based on time achieved in last round competed in.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,381 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 53 m

Just two days after his disappointing tenth place in the skiathlon, Norway’s new cross-country star Johannes Høsflot Klæbo won an expected gold medal in the men’s sprint in the classical style. The heavily favored 21-year-old secured first place in the shortest cross-country distance, to become the youngest ever Olympic cross-country gold medalist. In the final, Klæbo was in a dominant position at the final climb, and held on to the lead in a superb manner. The 2017 world champion Federico Pellegrino from Italy, was 1.3 seconds behind, but took silver after beating Aleksandr Bolshunov, Olympic Athlete from Russia, in a photo finish by just two hundreds of a second. Although Klæbo was only third in the 2017 World’s, he dominated the last two seasons of the World Cup in the classical, as well as in the freestyle. The three other finalists, Pål Golberg from Norway, Oskar Svensson from Sweden and Ristomatti Hakola from Finland, never seriously challenged the top three finishers.

Of the six finalists at the 2017 World Championships, all three competing in PyeongChang – Klæbo, Pellegrino and Hakola - appeared in the final again. Silver medalist Sergey Ustyugov from Russia had been suspended. Hakola clocked the fastest time in the qualification with Klæbo second. Maybe the most prominent skier, who did not qualify for the top 30 to advance to the PyeongChang quarter-finals was Canadian Alex Harvey in joint 32nd place. Klæbo proceeded to win both his quarter-final and semi-final heats. The only major clash came in heat five of the quarter-finals involving American Simi Hamilton, Finland’s Lauri Vuorinen and Russian Aleksey Vitsenko leaving only three contenders for two spots in the semi-final. The race was another disappointment for Sweden whose athletes again went home without a medal, and their potential favorite, and Sochi silver medalist, Teodor Peterson only fifth in the semi-final.

1Johannes Høsflot KlæboNOR3:08.73 (2)3:11.09 (1 h1)3:06.01 (1 h1)3:05.75 (1)Gold
2Federico PellegrinoITA3:13.18 (9)3:10.55 (1 h2)3:06.17 (2 h1)3:07.09 (2)Silver
3Aleksandr BolshunovROC3:10.20 (3)3:08.45 (1 h3)3:06.63 (3 h1)3:07.11 (3)Bronze
4Pål GolbergNOR3:13.71 (11)3:11.07 (2 h2)3:07.24 (4 h1)3:09.56 (4)
5Oskar SvenssonSWE3:12.02 (7)3:08.77 (1 h4)3:10.61 (2 h2)3:13.48 (5)
6Ristomatti HakolaFIN3:08.54 (1)3:09.41 (2 h3)3:09.93 (1 h2)3:26.47 (6)
7Len VäljasCAN3:17.11 (25)3:10.87 (3 h4)3:13.91 (3 h2)
8Emil IversenNOR3:14.36 (12)3:10.21 (2 h4)3:14.09 (4 h2)
9Teodor PetersonSWE3:11.55 (5)3:12.23 (2 h1)3:11.02 (5 h1)
10Martti JylhäFIN3:16.79 (23)3:17.46 (1 h5)3:14.93 (5 h2)
11Aleksandr PanzhinskyROC3:11.63 (6)3:11.15 (4 h4)3:19.05 (6 h1)
12Baptiste GrosFRA3:16.27 (19)3:18.62 (2 h5)3:27.44 (6 h2)
13Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:13.27 (10)3:11.95 (3 h2)
14Iivo NiskanenFIN3:16.37 (20)3:12.20 (3 h3)
15Thomas BingGER3:16.66 (21)3:18.64 (3 h5)
16Richard JouveFRA3:17.69 (28)3:12.40 (3 h1)
17Marko KilpEST3:15.05 (14)3:12.00 (4 h2)
18Jovian HedigerSUI3:15.86 (16)3:14.25 (4 h3)
19Simi HamiltonUSA3:16.13 (18)3:27.89 (4 h5)
20Aleksey VitsenkoROC3:14.56 (13)3:30.72 (5 h5)
21Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:15.95 (17)3:18.25 (5 h2)
22Peter MlynárSVK3:16.82 (24)3:15.77 (5 h4)
23Aliaksandr VoranauBLR3:17.12 (26)3:14.95 (5 h3)
24Erik BjornsenUSA3:17.69 (29)3:12.72 (4 h1)
25Maicol RastelliITA3:11.32 (4)3:14.38 (5 h1)
26Viktor ThornSWE3:12.19 (8)3:17.33 (6 h3)
27Sebastian EisenlauerGER3:15.06 (15)3:16.22 (6 h4)
28Lauri VuorinenFIN3:16.69 (22)3:33.13 (6 h5)
29Kamil BuryPOL3:17.15 (27)3:25.79 (6 h2)
30Raido RänkelEST3:17.88 (30)
=31Alex HarveyCAN3:17.95 (=31)
=31Miha ŠimencSLO3:17.95 (=31)
33Lucas ChanavatFRA3:18.46 (33)
34Jesse CockneyCAN3:18.54 (34)
35Andy NewellUSA3:19.36 (35)
36Maciej StaręgaPOL3:19.42 (36)
37Ueli SchniderSUI3:19.47 (37)
38Mirco BertolinaITA3:20.07 (38)
39Stefan ZelgerITA3:20.18 (39)
40Logan HannemanUSA3:20.74 (40)
41Aleš RazýmCZE3:21.05 (41)
42Modestas VaičiulisLTU3:21.10 (42)
43Andrew YoungGBR3:21.50 (43)
44Janez LampičSLO3:22.03 (44)
45Alin Florin CioancăROU3:22.22 (45)
46Andrey MelnichenkoROC3:22.27 (46)
47Magnus KimKOR3:22.36 (47)
48Erwan KäserSUI3:22.48 (48)
49Denis VolotkaKAZ3:22.52 (49)
50Luis StadloberAUT3:23.01 (50)
51Russell KennedyCAN3:23.37 (51)
52Isak Stianson PedersenISL3:24.57 (52)
53Andrej SegečSVK3:24.84 (53)
54Mark ChanloungTHA3:26.12 (54)
55Miroslav RyplCZE3:27.46 (55)
56Veselin TsinzovBUL3:28.19 (56)
57Michal NovákCZE3:28.33 (57)
58Miroslav ŠulekSVK3:28.74 (58)
59Thomas Maloney WestgårdIRL3:29.61 (59)
60Indulis BikšeLAT3:30.53 (60)
61Mantas StroliaLTU3:31.11 (61)
62Phil BellinghamAUS3:31.54 (62)
63Wang QiangCHN3:31.56 (63)
64Ádám KónyaHUN3:31.84 (64)
65Yordan ChuchuganovBUL3:32.62 (65)
66Edi DadićCRO3:33.17 (66)
67Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR3:33.40 (67)
68Hamza DursunTUR3:36.53 (68)
69Mikayel MikayelyanARM3:37.40 (69)
70Andriy OrlykUKR3:39.18 (70)
71Apostolos AngelisGRE3:47.10 (71)
72Damir RastićSRB3:50.65 (72)
73Seyed Sattar SeydIRI3:56.08 (73)
74Ömer AyçiçekTUR3:57.91 (74)
75Tariel ZharkymbaevKGZ4:05.99 (75)
76Stavre JadaMKD4:23.85 (76)
ACSun QinghaiCHN– (AC)DQ1
ACAleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:14.43 (AC)3:12.60 (AC h1)DQ2
ACDominik BaldaufAUT3:18.54 (AC)DQ3
ACKarel TammjärvEST3:22.68 (AC)DQ4

Qualifying Round (13 February 2018 — 18:05)

Top 30 finishers advance to quarter-finals.

19Ristomatti HakolaFIN3:08.54Q
219Johannes Høsflot KlæboNOR3:08.73Q
35Aleksandr BolshunovROC3:10.20Q
427Maicol RastelliITA3:11.32Q
512Teodor PetersonSWE3:11.55Q
622Aleksandr PanzhinskyROC3:11.63Q
713Oskar SvenssonSWE3:12.02Q
830Viktor ThornSWE3:12.19Q
916Federico PellegrinoITA3:13.18Q
101Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:13.27Q
1117Pål GolbergNOR3:13.71Q
128Emil IversenNOR3:14.36Q
1325Aleksey VitsenkoROC3:14.56Q
1432Marko KilpEST3:15.05Q
1531Sebastian EisenlauerGER3:15.06Q
1611Jovian HedigerSUI3:15.86Q
177Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:15.95Q
182Simi HamiltonUSA3:16.13Q
194Baptiste GrosFRA3:16.27Q
2010Iivo NiskanenFIN3:16.37Q
2145Thomas BingGER3:16.66Q
2214Lauri VuorinenFIN3:16.69Q
236Martti JylhäFIN3:16.79Q
2451Peter MlynárSVK3:16.82Q
2539Len VäljasCAN3:17.11Q
2641Aliaksandr VoranauBLR3:17.12Q
2753Kamil BuryPOL3:17.15Q
283Richard JouveFRA3:17.69Q
2934Erik BjornsenUSA3:17.69Q
3033Raido RänkelEST3:17.88
=3115Alex HarveyCAN3:17.95
=3129Miha ŠimencSLO3:17.95
3320Lucas ChanavatFRA3:18.46
3452Jesse CockneyCAN3:18.54
3521Andy NewellUSA3:19.36
3626Maciej StaręgaPOL3:19.42
3760Ueli SchniderSUI3:19.47
3850Mirco BertolinaITA3:20.07
3938Stefan ZelgerITA3:20.18
4044Logan HannemanUSA3:20.74
4158Aleš RazýmCZE3:21.05
4247Modestas VaičiulisLTU3:21.10
4318Andrew YoungGBR3:21.50
4428Janez LampičSLO3:22.03
4559Alin Florin CioancăROU3:22.22
4637Andrey MelnichenkoROC3:22.27
4756Magnus KimKOR3:22.36
4835Erwan KäserSUI3:22.48
4943Denis VolotkaKAZ3:22.52
5036Luis StadloberAUT3:23.01
5146Russell KennedyCAN3:23.37
5271Isak Stianson PedersenISL3:24.57
5362Andrej SegečSVK3:24.84
5463Mark ChanloungTHA3:26.12
5555Miroslav RyplCZE3:27.46
5668Veselin TsinzovBUL3:28.19
5740Michal NovákCZE3:28.33
5861Miroslav ŠulekSVK3:28.74
5970Thomas Maloney WestgårdIRL3:29.61
6057Indulis BikšeLAT3:30.53
6167Mantas StroliaLTU3:31.11
6242Phil BellinghamAUS3:31.54
6354Wang QiangCHN3:31.56
6465Ádám KónyaHUN3:31.84
6575Yordan ChuchuganovBUL3:32.62
6666Edi DadićCRO3:33.17
6748Oleksiy KrasovskyiUKR3:33.40
6873Hamza DursunTUR3:36.53
6974Mikayel MikayelyanARM3:37.40
7069Andriy OrlykUKR3:39.18
7180Apostolos AngelisGRE3:47.10
7272Damir RastićSRB3:50.65
7378Seyed Sattar SeydIRI3:56.08
7477Ömer AyçiçekTUR3:57.91
7576Tariel ZharkymbaevKGZ4:05.99
7679Stavre JadaMKD4:23.85
AC64Sun QinghaiCHNDQ5
AC24Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:14.43DQ Q6
AC23Dominik BaldaufAUT3:18.54DQ7
AC49Karel TammjärvEST3:22.68DQ8

Quarter-Finals (13 February 2018 — 20:25)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to semi-finals.

Heat 1 (20:25)

11Johannes Høsflot KlæboNOR3:11.09Q
23Teodor PetersonSWE3:12.23Q
35Richard JouveFRA3:12.40
46Erik BjornsenUSA3:12.72
52Maicol RastelliITA3:14.38
AC4Aleksey PoltoraninKAZ3:12.60DQ9

Heat 2 (20:31)

11Federico PellegrinoITA3:10.55Q
23Pål GolbergNOR3:11.07Q
32Calle HalfvarssonSWE3:11.95
44Marko KilpEST3:12.00
55Eirik BrandsdalNOR3:18.25
66Kamil BuryPOL3:25.79

Heat 3 (20:37)

12Aleksandr BolshunovROC3:08.45Q
21Ristomatti HakolaFIN3:09.41Q
35Iivo NiskanenFIN3:12.20
44Jovian HedigerSUI3:14.25
56Aliaksandr VoranauBLR3:14.95
63Viktor ThornSWE3:17.33

Heat 4 (20:43)

12Oskar SvenssonSWE3:08.77Q
23Emil IversenNOR3:10.21Q
36Len VäljasCAN3:10.87q
41Aleksandr PanzhinskyROC3:11.15q
55Peter MlynárSVK3:15.77
64Sebastian EisenlauerGER3:16.22

Heat 5 (20:49)

16Martti JylhäFIN3:17.46Q
23Baptiste GrosFRA3:18.62Q
34Thomas BingGER3:18.64
42Simi HamiltonUSA3:27.89
51Aleksey VitsenkoROC3:30.72
65Lauri VuorinenFIN3:33.13

Semi-Finals (13 February 2018 — 21:05)

Top 2 finishers in each heat, and next two fastest times, advance to final.

Heat 1 (21:05)

11Johannes Høsflot KlæboNOR3:06.01Q
23Federico PellegrinoITA3:06.17Q
32Aleksandr BolshunovROC3:06.63q
45Pål GolbergNOR3:07.24q
54Teodor PetersonSWE3:11.02
66Aleksandr PanzhinskyROC3:19.05

Heat 2 (21:11)

13Ristomatti HakolaFIN3:09.93Q
21Oskar SvenssonSWE3:10.61Q
36Len VäljasCAN3:13.91
44Emil IversenNOR3:14.09
52Martti JylhäFIN3:14.93
65Baptiste GrosFRA3:27.44

Final Round (13 February 2018 — 21:34)

12Johannes Høsflot KlæboNOR3:05.75
24Federico PellegrinoITA3:07.09
35Aleksandr BolshunovROC3:07.11
46Pål GolbergNOR3:09.56
53Oskar SvenssonSWE3:13.48
61Ristomatti HakolaFIN3:26.47