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1,000 metres, Men

Date20 – 24 February 1988
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationMax Bell Arena, Calgary
Participants32 from 10 countries

A week and a half before the Olympics, Peter van der Velde had won the world title in St. Louis. He also claimed the 1,000 m at that occasion, and had set a world record at the European Championships in January, making him a sound favorite in Calgary. But Van der Velde had a gloryless exit in the semi-finals, leaving the event open. The final ended up in a duel between Englishman Wilf O’Reilly, winner of the 500 m, and home favorite Michel Daignault, 1987 World Champion. O’Reilly won the fight. O’Reilly would later win the 1991 world title, and was favored for medals at the 1992 and 1994 Olympics, but missed the final in Albertville, and crashed out of both races two years later.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCFPSPBest Time
1Wilf O'ReillyGBRA1:33.44
2Michel DaignaultCANA1:33.66
3Marc BellaFRAA1:34.45
4Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPNA1:35.72
5Louis GrenierCANA1:37.17
6Bob PerettiITAA1:48.33
7Kim Gi-HunKORB1:37.20
8Richard SuytenNEDB1:37.52
9Didier ClaeysBELB1:38.10
10Orazio FagoneITAB1:38.35
11Tsutomu KawasakiJPNB1:38.40
12Lee Jun-HoKORBDQ
13Robert DubreuilCAN5261:37.38
14Toshinobu KawaiJPN581:35.21
15Mo Ji-SuKOR6241:35.73
16Peter van der VeldeNED6241:36.93
17Mario VincentCANDQ341:38.20
18Jaco MosNEDDQ131:35.41
19Brian ArseneauUSA3131:37.14
20Yuichi AkasakaJPN481:35.46
21Charles VeldhovenNED481:36.13
22Hugo HerrnhofITA481:37.22
23Johnny KahAUS481:38.57
24Andy GabelUSA481:39.74
25Enrico PerettiITA551:36.34
26Emmanuel MichonFRA551:37.01
27Robert BlairGBR551:40.12
28Thierry FagotFRA551:40.88
29Ian EllisGBR551:45.34
30Stuart HorsepoolGBR631:41.22
31Dave BestemanUSA632:02.26
32Pat MooreUSAACDQ

Round One (24 February 1988 — 18:00)

Heat One

1Lee Jun-HoKOR1:34.89Q
2Michel DaignaultCAN1:35.03Q
3Jaco MosNED1:35.41Q
4Yuichi AkasakaJPN1:35.46
5Enrico PerettiITA1:36.34
6Stuart HorsepoolGBR1:41.22

Heat Two

1Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN1:36.89Q
2Peter van der VeldeNED1:36.93Q
3Brian ArseneauUSA1:37.14Q
4Hugo HerrnhofITA1:37.22
5Robert BlairGBR1:40.12

Heat Three

1Kim Gi-HunKOR1:39.10Q
2Robert DubreuilCAN1:39.18Q
3Toshinobu KawaiJPN1:39.27Q
4Andy GabelUSA1:39.74
5Thierry FagotFRA1:40.88

Heat Four

1Louis GrenierCAN1:35.55Q
2Mo Ji-SuKOR1:35.73Q
3Tsutomu KawasakiJPN1:35.93Q
4Charles VeldhovenNED1:36.13
5Emmanuel MichonFRA1:37.01

Heat Five

1Wilf O'ReillyGBR1:37.98Q
2Bob PerettiITA1:38.10Q
3Richard SuytenNED1:38.66Q
4Didier ClaeysBEL2:13.98q
DQPat MooreUSA

Heat Six

1Mario VincentCAN1:38.20Q
2Orazio FagoneITA1:38.31Q
3Marc BellaFRA1:38.46Q
4Johnny KahAUS1:38.57
5Ian EllisGBR1:45.34
6Dave BestemanUSA2:02.26

Semi-Finals (24 February 1988)

Heat One

1Wilf O'ReillyGBR1:35.16QA
2Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN1:35.60QA
3Richard SuytenNED1:38.66QB
4Didier ClaeysBEL1:37.12QB
5Robert DubreuilCAN1:37.38
6Mo Ji-SuKOR1:59.63

Heat Two

1Bob PerettiITA1:34.80QA
2Lee Jun-HoKOR1:35.04QA
3Tsutomu KawasakiJPN1:37.95QB
4Michel DaignaultCAN1:41.08QB
DQMario VincentCAN

Heat Three

1Louis GrenierCAN1:34.13QA
2Marc BellaFRA1:34.29QA
3Kim Gi-HunKOR1:34.30QB
4Orazio FagoneITA1:34.43QB
5Toshinobu KawaiJPN1:35.21
6Peter van der VeldeNED1:43.14

Final Round (24 February 1988 — 20:12)

A Final

1Wilf O'ReillyGBR1:33.44
2Michel DaignaultCAN1:33.66
3Marc BellaFRA1:34.45
4Tatsuyoshi IshiharaJPN1:35.72
5Louis GrenierCAN1:37.17
6Bob PerettiITA1:48.33

B Final

1Kim Gi-HunKOR1:37.20
2Richard SuytenNED1:37.52
3Didier ClaeysBEL1:38.10
4Orazio FagoneITA1:38.35
5Tsutomu KawasakiJPN1:38.40