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30 kilometres (Mass Start, Classical), Women

Date27 February 2010 — 11:45
LocationWhistler Olympic Park, Whistler
Participants53 from 21 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 29,715 m
Height Differential: 85 m
Intermediate 1: 7.1 km
Intermediate 2: 15.0 km
Intermediate 2: 22.3 km
Maximum Climb: 59 m
Total Climbing: 1,047 m

There was some controversy prior to the race when Justyna Kowalczyk (POL) raised questions about the legality of asthma drugs taken by her main rival Marit Bjørgen (NOR), although some commentators were reminded of Kowalczyk’s ban for drug related offenses in 2005. She had come back to win the 2009 World Championships in the event, had also won the distance World Cup in 2008-09, and was leading that competition coming into Vancouver, narrowly ahead of Bjørgen. At 20 km there will still a number of skiers in contention, but after ski changes Kowalczyk and Bjørgen began to pull away from the field, until only these two were in contention for the gold and silver. Bjørgen made the first move, pulling ahead of Kowalczyk with a few kilometres to go and gaining around a 6-second advantage, but the lead was never decisive and Kowalczyk caught up with her on the final climb. It then came down to a sprint to the line which Kowalczyk won, covering the course in a time of 1-30:33.7, just 0.3 seconds ahead of Bjørgen. The bronze medal was won by Aino-Kaisa Saarinen (FIN), her finishing time being over a minute behind the other medallists, but comfortably ahead of fourth placed Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (GER). After the race, Kowalczyk apologized to Bjørgen for her accusations, “I am sorry, because it wasn’t such a good time for such a question and opinion. It wasn’t an attack on Marit. She is a very good athlete, but I was trying to talk about the asthma problem we have in cross-country, there are a lot of athletes sick with asthma.” Bjørgen also addressed the issue after the race, “That annoyed me a little bit, but for me it’s already yesterday’s news. I was a little bit disappointed in the beginning when she started this, but I have to forget it.”

11Justyna KowalczykPOL1-30:33.7Gold
25Marit BjørgenNOR1-30:34.0Silver
32Aino-Kaisa SaarinenFIN1-31:38.7Bronze
410Evi Sachenbacher-StehleGER1-31:52.9
524Masako IshidaJPN1-31:56.5
63Charlotte KallaSWE1-31:57.6
720Therese JohaugNOR1-32:01.3
84Kristin Størmer SteiraNOR1-32:04.4
923Anna OlssonSWE1-33:00.3
1022Karine PhilippotFRA1-33:11.4
116Marianna LongaITA1-33:19.9
1217Riikka SarajosaFIN1-33:33.2
138Virpi KuitunenFIN1-33:36.7
1435Aurore CuinetFRA1-33:58.3
1525Sara RennerCAN1-34:04.2
1627Antonella Confortola-WyattITA1-34:07.7
1726Stefanie BöhlerGER1-34:08.7
1836Oksana YatskayaKAZ1-34:11.0
1916Katrin ZellerGER1-34:18.1
2015Marthe KristoffersenNOR1-34:31.5
2138Tetyana ZavaliyUKR1-34:32.3
229Olga ZavyalovaRUS1-34:46.3
2333Kikkan RandallUSA1-34:59.0
2441Sylwia JaśkowiecPOL1-34:59.1
2530Krista LähteenmäkiFIN1-35:08.4
2642Kateryna HryhorenkoUKR1-35:11.4
2711Kristina Šmigun-VähiEST1-35:27.2
2854Paulina MaciuszekPOL1-36:31.7
2912Olga RochevaRUS1-37:15.5
3055Madoka NatsumiJPN1-37:35.4
3132Li HongxueCHN1-37:50.4
3228Katerina SmutnaAUT1-37:51.3
3319Yelena KolominaKAZ1-37:53.0
3448Marina MatrosovaKAZ1-38:00.6
3546Holly BrooksUSA1-38:14.5
3634Laura OrguéESP1-38:18.3
3714Olga ShchuchkinaRUS1-38:30.3
3829Alena SannikovaBLR1-38:31.3
3937Eva NývltováCZE1-38:40.1
4031Iva JanečkováCZE1-40:13.6
4143Tatjana MannimaEST1-40:51.3
4213Svetlana MalakhovaKAZ1-41:01.6
4351Lada NesterenkoUKR1-41:40.1
4445Nastassia DubarezavaBLR1-42:28.1
4549Madeleine WilliamsCAN1-42:33.7
4650Monika GyorgyROU1-44:03.5
4753Eva SkalníkováCZE1-44:47.8
DQ47Kornelia MarekPOL[1-33:15.4]1
DNF7Valentyna ShevchenkoUKR
DNF44Ida IngemarsdotterSWE
DNF39Cécile StortiFRA
DNF40Morgan ArritolaUSA
DNF52Laurence RochatSUI
DNS33Kamila RajdlováCZE
DNS63Sabina ValbusaITA