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Singles, Women

Date23 – 25 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants30 from 23 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

There was no heavier favorite in 2010 Olympic figure skating than the Korean Kim Yu-Na. Kim was the defending World Champion, and had only lost twice since 2007, placing third at the 2008 Worlds and second in the 2009 Grand Prix Final. In 2008-09, she won the World Championships, Skate America, and the Four Continents, while in the 2009-10 season she had already won Skate America and the Grand Prix Final coming into Vancouver. In the short program, she opened well, taking a comfortable lead over Japan’s Mao Asada. Two nights later, in the free skate, her performance was the stuff of legend, as she scored 150.06 for a total of 228.56, both world best marks for women in the new scoring system – the previous bests were 133.95 and 210.03 by Kim at the 2009 French Grand Prix. This gave her a huge victory over Asada, who held on for the silver medal, leading her by 23.06 points. Kim was coached by Brian Orser, the 1988 men’s silver medalist.

The bronze medal was won by Canadian Joannie Rochette, but on this day, it shone as brilliantly in the Vancouver sun as any gold medal. Rochette had been runner-up to Kim at the 2009 World Championships and was a six-time Canadian champion, having twice won the Trophée Éric Bombard. A native of a small-town in Québec, on Saturday, only days before the short program, her mother and father flew to Vancouver to watch their daughter compete in the Olympics. On arrival at the airport, Thérèse Rochette developed chest pains and was rushed to a Vancouver hospital where she died soon thereafter from the effects of a massive heart attack. Joannie was scheduled to compete in the short program on Tuesday but it was not certain if she would compete. She elected to skate, honoring her mother, and she placed third in the short with a solid program with no significant flaws. On the night of the free skate, her father, Normand Rochette, watched from the stands as his daughter skated beautifully. She had one small stumble coming out of a combination jump, but she held up both physically and emotionally, to mount the podium in her mother’s memory, the first time a Canadian had won an Olympic medal in the ladies’ singles since Elizabeth Manley in Calgary in 1988. All Canada cheered for her.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Yu-Na KimKOR228.5678.50 (1)150.06 (1)Gold
2Mao AsadaJPN205.5073.78 (2)131.72 (2)Silver
3Joannie RochetteCAN202.6471.36 (3)131.28 (3)Bronze
4Mirai NagasuUSA190.1563.76 (6)126.39 (5)
5Miki AndoJPN188.8664.76 (4)124.10 (6)
6Laura LepistöFIN187.9761.36 (10)126.61 (4)
7Rachael FlattUSA182.4964.64 (5)117.85 (8)
8Akiko SuzukiJPN181.4461.02 (11)120.42 (7)
9Alyona LeonovaRUS172.4662.14 (8)110.32 (10)
10Kseniya MakarovaRUS171.9159.22 (12)112.69 (9)
11Kiira KorpiFIN161.5752.96 (17)108.61 (11)
12Cynthia PhaneufCAN156.6257.16 (14)99.46 (13)
13Gwak Min-JeongKOR155.5353.16 (16)102.37 (12)
14Elene GedevanishviliGEO155.2461.92 (9)93.32 (17)
15Sarah MeierSUI152.8156.70 (15)96.11 (14)
16Carolina KostnerITA151.9063.02 (7)88.88 (19)
17Júlia SebestyénHUN151.2657.46 (13)93.80 (16)
18Sarah HeckenGER143.9449.04 (23)94.90 (15)
19Liu YanCHN143.4751.74 (19)91.73 (18)
20Cheltzie LeeAUS138.1652.16 (18)86.00 (20)
21Jelena GlebovaEST134.1950.80 (20)83.39 (22)
22Sonia LafuenteESP133.5149.74 (22)83.77 (21)
23Anastasiya GimazetdinovaUZB131.6549.02 (24)82.63 (23)
24Tuğba KarademirTUR129.5450.74 (21)78.80 (24)
25 r1/2Isabelle PiemanBEL46.1046.10 (25)
26 r1/2Miriam ZieglerAUT43.8443.84 (26)
27 r1/2Teodora PoštičSLO43.8043.80 (27)
28 r1/2Ivana ReitmayerováSVK41.9441.94 (28)
29 r1/2Jenna McCorkellGBR40.6440.64 (29)
30 r1/2Anna JurkiewiczPOL36.1036.10 (30)

Short Program (23 February 2010 — 16:30)

Judge #1Allan BöhmSVK
Judge #2Rhee ChiheeKOR
Judge #3Deborah CurrieUSA
Judge #4Claudia FassoraSUI
Judge #5Yuliya AndreyevaRUS
Judge #6Mieko FujimoriJPN
Judge #7Helene CucuphatFRA
Judge #8Dagmar LurzGER
Judge #9Suzanne LindseyGBR
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
123Yu-Na KimKOR78.5044.7033.800.00Q
222Mao AsadaJPN73.7841.5032.280.00Q
326Joannie RochetteCAN71.3639.2032.160.00Q
430Miki AndoJPN64.7634.8029.960.00Q
528Rachael FlattUSA64.6436.8027.840.00Q
611Mirai NagasuUSA63.7637.0026.760.00Q
729Carolina KostnerITA63.0233.3429.680.00Q
825Alyona LeonovaRUS62.1433.9028.240.00Q
916Elene GedevanishviliGEO61.9235.8026.120.00Q
1021Laura LepistöFIN61.3632.8828.480.00Q
1124Akiko SuzukiJPN61.0233.1027.920.00Q
128Kseniya MakarovaRUS59.2235.4623.760.00Q
1327Júlia SebestyénHUN57.4630.7026.760.00Q
1415Cynthia PhaneufCAN57.1631.8026.361.00Q
1517Sarah MeierSUI56.7030.7026.000.00Q
169Gwak Min-JeongKOR53.1631.4021.760.00Q
1719Kiira KorpiFIN52.9627.7226.241.00Q
185Cheltzie LeeAUS52.1630.7221.440.00Q
196Liu YanCHN51.7429.9421.800.00Q
2018Jelena GlebovaEST50.8027.2023.600.00Q
217Tuğba KarademirTUR50.7428.7422.000.00Q
221Sonia LafuenteESP49.7428.9420.800.00Q
2320Sarah HeckenGER49.0427.0422.000.00Q
2414Anastasiya GimazetdinovaUZB49.0227.9421.080.00Q
2512Isabelle PiemanBEL46.1026.2619.840.00
263Miriam ZieglerAUT43.8424.8020.041.00
2713Teodora PoštičSLO43.8023.8020.000.00
282Ivana ReitmayerováSVK41.9422.6619.280.00
2910Jenna McCorkellGBR40.6420.0821.561.00
304Anna JurkiewiczPOL36.1016.7819.320.00

Free Skating (25 February 2010 — 17:00)

Judge #1Claudia FassoraSUI
Judge #2Cynthia BensonCAN
Judge #3Leena KurriFIN
Judge #4Helene CucuphatFRA
Judge #5Helmut SieberAUT
Judge #6Allan BöhmSVK
Judge #7Rhee ChiheeKOR
Judge #8Maria MillerPOL
Judge #9Dagmar LurzGER
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
121Yu-Na KimKOR150.0678.3071.760.00
222Mao AsadaJPN131.7264.6867.040.00
323Joannie RochetteCAN131.2862.8068.480.00
416Laura LepistöFIN126.6163.8962.720.00
524Mirai NagasuUSA126.3965.8360.560.00
620Miki AndoJPN124.1062.5061.600.00
714Akiko SuzukiJPN120.4260.9859.440.00
819Rachael FlattUSA117.8559.3758.480.00
917Kseniya MakarovaRUS112.6958.7753.920.00
1013Alyona LeonovaRUS110.3255.8454.480.00
118Kiira KorpiFIN108.6154.9353.680.00
1212Gwak Min-JeongKOR102.3753.5748.800.00
137Cynthia PhaneufCAN99.4648.9451.521.00
1410Sarah MeierSUI96.1143.8752.240.00
156Sarah HeckenGER94.9050.9843.920.00
1611Júlia SebestyénHUN93.8041.3252.480.00
1718Elene GedevanishviliGEO93.3240.6453.681.00
183Liu YanCHN91.7349.3342.400.00
1915Carolina KostnerITA88.8834.8457.043.00
209Cheltzie LeeAUS86.0042.4444.561.00
212Sonia LafuenteESP83.7743.9740.801.00
224Jelena GlebovaEST83.3939.1145.281.00
235Anastasiya GimazetdinovaUZB82.6341.4742.161.00
241Tuğba KarademirTUR78.8037.6442.161.00