SC Karl-Marx-Stadt, Chemnitz (GER)

Affiliation ID 2271
Full name Sportclub Karl-Marx-Stadt
Short name SC Karl-Marx-Stadt
Place Chemnitz (GER)

Founded as SG Chemnitz Nord in 1945. Known as BSG Fewa Chemnitz (1948-1950), BSG Chemie Chemnitz (1950-1953), BSG Karl-Marx-Stadt (1953-1956), SC Motor Karl-Marx-Stadt (1956-1963). In 1990 renamed to SC Chemnitz. The football section was seperated in 1966 and became FC Karl-Marx-Stadt. The athletics (track and field) section became part of LAC Chemnitz in 1993.

Athletes (75)

Gunter Ambraß GDR WLF Olympics 1976—1980
Hannelore Anke GDR SWM Olympics 1972—1976
Werner Arnold GDR
WLF Olympics 1960
Sabine Baeß GDR FSK Olympics 1980—1984
Frank Baumgartl GDR ATH Olympics 1976
Gerd Bonk GDR WLF Olympics 1972—1976
Jens Carlowitz GDR ATH Olympics 1988
Heike Dähne GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Ines Diers GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Thomas Dittrich GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Ute Dix GDR SSK Olympics 1976
Lutz Dombrowski GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Jürgen Fanghänel GDR BOX Olympics 1972—1980
Thomas Flemming GDR SWM Olympics 1988
Stefan Förster GDR BOX Olympics 1972—1976
Roland Freier GDR SSK Olympics 1988
Axel Freudenberg GDR SWM Olympics 1972
Heike Friedrich GDR SWM Olympics 1988
Bettina Gärtz GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Ines Geißler GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Ute Geweniger GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Stefan Grützner GDR WLF Olympics 1972
Ralf Haber GDR ATH Olympics 1988
Jan Hoffmann GDR
FSK Olympics/Referee/Other 1968—2014
Ute Hommola GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Gerhard Hönicke GDR
ATH Olympics 1960—1964
Wolfgang Hübner GDR WLF Olympics 1976
Annette Kansy GDR FSK Olympics 1972
Joachim Kunz GDR WLF Olympics 1980—1988
Gerda Kupferschmied GDR
ATH Olympics 1964
Andreas Letz GDR WLF Olympics 1980
Helga Lindner GDR SWM Olympics 1968—1972
Heinz Mäder GDR
WPO Olympics 1964
Frank Mantek GDR WLF Olympics 1980
Sonja Morgenstern GDR FSK Olympics 1968—1972
Manfred Naumann GDR
ATH Olympics 1964
Dieter Pfeifer GDR
SWM Olympics 1956—1964
Ralf Pönitzsch GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Anett Pötzsch GDR FSK Olympics 1976—1980
Bernhard Radtke GDR WLF Olympics 1972
Herbert Richter GDR CTR Olympics 1972
Immo Rittmeyer GDR
CRD Olympics 1964
Joachim Rother GDR SWM Olympics 1968
Jochen Sachse GDR ATH Olympics 1972—1976
Axel Salzmann GDR FSK Olympics 1972
Sören Schlegel GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Andreas Schlißke GDR ATH Olympics 1980
Uta Schmuck GDR SWM Olympics 1968
Petra Schneider GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Thomas Schönlebe GDR
ATH Olympics 1988—1996
Ines Schulz GDR ATH Olympics 1988
Margit Schumann GDR LUG Olympics 1972—1980
Helga Seidler GDR ATH Olympics 1972
Marianne Seydel GDR SWM Olympics 1968
Gabriele Seyfert GDR
FSK Olympics 1964—1968
Joachim Singer GDR
ATH Olympics/Non-starter 1964—1968
Christa Spielberg GDR ATH Olympics 1968
Sabine Steinbach GDR SWM Olympics 1968
Ingo Steinhöfel GDR
WLF Olympics 1988—2004
Jörg Stingl GDR SWM Olympics 1980
Ulrike Tauber GDR SWM Olympics 1976—1980
Alexander Thieme GDR ATH Olympics 1976
Tassilo Thierbach GDR FSK Olympics 1980—1984
Petra Thümer GDR SWM Olympics 1976
Eberhard Vogel GDR
FBL Olympics 1964—1972
Renate Vogel GDR SWM Olympics 1972
Marion Weber GDR FSK Olympics 1976
Ute Weiß-Oberhoffner GDR LUG Olympics 1984—1988
Matthias Wiegand GDR CTR Olympics 1976—1980
Manfred Winter GDR SSK Olympics 1976
Katarina Witt GDR
FSK Olympics 1984—1994
Harald Wolf GDR CTR Olympics 1980
Gabi Zange-Schönbrunn GDR SSK Olympics 1984—1988
Kathrin Zimmermann GDR SWM Olympics 1988
Günter Zöller GDR FSK Olympics 1968