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5,000 metres, Men

Date16 February 1980 — 10:36
LocationJames C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, Lake Placid
Participants29 from 15 countries
Olympic Record 7:22.4 WR / Fred Anton Maier NOR / 15 February 1968
RefereeGeorg PetterssonSWE

Eric Heiden had one gold medal, having already won the 500 metres, and was also favored at this distance. He had won the last three World All-Arounds, and won the 5,000 at that meet in both 1978 and 1979. He had only lost the distance one time in 1978-79 at a major meet. His biggest competition was expected to come from the Norwegian, Kai Arne Stenshjemmet. Stenshjemmet was the world record holder, with 6:56.9, set at Medeo in March 1977. He had been third at the 1979 World All-Around, and fourth in 1978, and was better at longer distances. Norway’s Tom Erik Oxholm started in the first pair and recorded 7:05.59, a mark for Heiden to shoot at in the second pair. Skating with Dutchman Hilbert van der Duim, Heiden was two seconds in front after 4½ laps, and defeated van der Duim by over five seconds, posting 7:02.29. It gave Stenshjemmet a goal and he set his lap times accordingly. Thru 10 laps he was ahead of Heiden’s pace, but at 4,200 metres he trailed by 1/100th of a second, and that was it. He had little left, and fell back a full second on the last two laps. Heiden had his second gold, but Stenshjemmet did hang on for the silver medal, with Oxholm getting bronze.

12IEric HeidenUSA7:02.29GoldOR
24IKay Arne StenshjemmetNOR7:03.28Silver
31ITom Erik OxholmNOR7:05.59BronzeOR
42OHilbert van der DuimNED7:07.97
53IØyvind TveterNOR7:08.36
66OPiet KleineNED7:08.96
73OMike WoodsUSA7:10.39
88IUlf EkstrandSWE7:13.13
95OYep KramerNED7:14.09
1010IAndreas EhrigGDR7:14.56
114OViktor LyoskinURS7:16.24
121OTomas GustafsonSWE7:16.85
139IDmitry OgloblinURS7:16.92
1410OJan JunellSWE7:19.50
158OSergey BerezinURS7:19.93
1614IYasuhiro ShimizuJPN7:21.50
1712IPertti NiittyläFIN7:21.51
187ICraig KresslerUSA7:25.43
197OColin CoatesAUS7:27.25
209OCraig WebsterCAN7:28.94
215IMasahiko YamamotoJPN7:33.02
2211OAndrei ErdelyROU7:34.41
2314OMaurizio MarchettoITA7:35.50
2411INa Yun-SuKOR7:39.62
256IMasayuki KawaharaJPN7:42.18
2612OAlan LukeGBR7:52.65
2715IJohn FrenchGBR7:59.62
2813IGeoff SandysGBR8:01.09
2913OTömörbaataryn NyamdavaaMGL8:07.68