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500 metres, Men

Date9 – 10 February 1998
LocationM-Wave, Nagano
Participants42 from 16 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Olympic Record 36.33 / Aleksandr Golubev RUS / 14 February 1994
StarterStanley StrzykalskiUSA
RefereeFolkert BrouwerNED

Unlike in other distances, there had not yet been a new world record in the 500 m set on clap skates. The current record of 35.36 had been set by the local favorite for the gold, Hiroyasu Shimizu. He had won the World Championships in 1996, the 500 m World Cup in 1995 and 1997, and had medaled three times at the World Sprint Championships on account of his 500 m results. He had not done particular well in the Olympic season, though, winning only the first World Cup race in Roseville. Top challenger was Canadian Jeremy Wotherspoon, who had won four World Cup races and was runner-up at the World Sprint Championships earlier in the season.

The 1994 Olympic Record was broken in the very first pair, and eventually improved to 35.76 by Shimizu, who won the first run with that time. Trailing by just 0.02 seconds was Kevin Overland (Canada), followed by American Casey FitzRandolph, with 35.81. Also in contention for a medal were Sylvain Bouchard (Canada), Patrick Bouchard (Canada) and Erben Wennemars (Netherlands). With 36.04, Wotherspoon was considered too far off the lead to threaten Shimizu. The first of the leaders to race on the second day, he disproved that theory, setting what would turn out to be the second fastest time of the day (35.80), good enough to climb to the 2nd place in the rankings.

Fifth-placed Erben Wennemars was eliminated by his falling pairmate Grunde Njøs and had to be stretchered off. Overland, and the two Bouchards (not related) all posted times slower than 36 seconds, and fell in the rankings, as did FitzRandolph, who only clocked the 13th time of the day. This gave room for Shimizu to collect a much applauded gold medal, but he did so in style, setting the best time of the competition with 35.59. Later that year, Shimizu became the first skater to beat 35 seconds in the 500 m, lowering the world best to 34.82.

PosCompetitorNOCTimeRace #1Race #2
1Hiroyasu ShimizuJPN71.3535.76 (1)35.59 (1)GoldOR
2Jeremy WotherspoonCAN71.8436.04 (7)35.80 (2)SilverOR
3Kevin OverlandCAN71.8635.78 (2)36.08 (3)Bronze
4Sylvain BouchardCAN72.0035.90 (4)36.10 (5)
5Pat BouchardCAN72.0535.96 (=5)36.09 (4)
6Casey FitzRandolphUSA72.2035.81 (3)36.39 (=13)
7Kim Yun-ManKOR72.3636.13 (8)36.23 (9)
8Lee Gyu-HyeokKOR72.5536.14 (9)36.41 (=15)
9Ermanno IoriattiITA72.6636.30 (10)36.36 (12)
10Roger StrømNOR72.6836.53 (14)36.15 (7)OR
11Michael KünzelGER72.7536.56 (=15)36.19 (8)OR
12Jan BosNED72.7736.66 (20)36.11 (6)OR
13Manabu HoriiJPN72.7836.37 (=12)36.41 (=15)
14Sergey KlevchenyaRUS72.8636.56 (=15)36.30 (=10)
15Hiroaki YamakageJPN72.9136.61 (19)36.30 (=10)
=16Jegar Seong-RyeolKOR72.9736.58 (=17)36.39 (=13)
=16Toshiyuki KuroiwaJPN72.9736.37 (=12)36.60 (24)
18Janne HänninenFIN73.0436.58 (=17)36.46 (19)
19Christian BreuerGER73.1936.78 (26)36.41 (=15)OR
20Aleksandr GolubevRUS73.2136.67 (=21)36.54 (=21)
21Jakko Jan LeeuwanghNED73.2336.69 (23)36.54 (=21)
22Paweł AbratkiewiczPOL73.2736.76 (24)36.51 (20)
23Marc PelchatUSA73.3536.94 (32)36.41 (=15)OR
24Vadim ShakshakbayevKAZ73.4436.87 (29)36.57 (23)
25Dave CruikshankUSA73.5336.67 (=21)36.86 (=28)
26Tomasz ŚwistPOL73.5436.86 (28)36.68 (25)
27Li YuCHN73.5836.79 (27)36.79 (26)
28Liu HongboCHN73.7236.77 (25)36.95 (=32)
29Roland BrunnerAUT73.7636.90 (30)36.86 (=28)
30Davide CartaITA73.9137.11 (34)36.80 (27)OR
31Dai DengwenCHN73.9837.03 (33)36.95 (=32)
32Vladimir KlepininKAZ74.1437.22 (36)36.92 (31)
33Aleksandr KibalkoRUS74.1837.32 (38)36.86 (=28)OR
34Kim Jin-SuKOR74.3237.19 (35)37.13 (34)
35Oleh KostromitinUKR74.4637.27 (37)37.19 (35)
36Cory CarpenterUSA75.1137.35 (39)37.76 (36)
37Zsolt BalóHUN76.5638.48 (40)38.08 (38)OR
38Ids PostmaNED116.491:18.68 (41)37.81 (37)
DNFErben WennemarsNED35.96 (=5)– (DNF)
DNFGrunde NjøsNOR36.32 (11)– (DNF)
DNFPeter AdebergGER36.92 (31)– (DNS)
DQSergey SavelyevRUS– (DQ)– (DNS)