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1,000 metres, Men

Date15 February 1998 — 15:00
LocationM-Wave, Nagano
Participants43 from 17 countries
StarterStanley StrzykalskiUSA
RefereeFolkert BrouwerNED

The 1000 m world record had taken quite a beating before the Olympics. Starting out at 1:11.67, it was first lowered to 1:10.63 by Jan Bos and Manabu Horii, who tied for first at the Calgary World Cup. On the second day of competition there, Lee Gyu-Hyeok again lowered it to 1:10.42, before Jeremy Wotherspoon, brought it down even further to 1:10.16. Of these skaters, the top favorite was Jan Bos, having won the distance twice at the recent World Sprint Championships. He was expected be challenged by the other Dutch and Canadian skaters, though.

With no skaters having approached the 1:11.00 barrier yet, the first to touch it was 500 m champion Hiroyasu Shimizu. Not known for his 1000 ms, the Japanese continued his 500 m form and clocked 1:11.00 exactly, a new personal best. The very next pair featured an outside favorite for a medal, Ids Postma. Not a regular 1000 m skater, he was better known as an allround skater. His Olympics had not been as he had expected, having fallen in the first 500 m race, and losing the 1500 m gold due to a mishap in the last curve. Postma got his revenge in this race, setting the fastest time, by virtue of an excellent final lap. Wotherspoon led Postma’s split at the bell by 0.6 seconds, but dropped back to an eventual 6th place finish. Leeuwangh and Sylvain Bouchard met a similar fate, leaving only Jan Bos to challenge in the final pair. He, too had a half-second lead over his compatriot, but also failed in the final lap, missing the gold by just 0.07 seconds. Ids Postma was a farmer from Friesland, the province in the Netherlands best known for its speed skaters. He was, however, the first Olympic Champion speed skating champion to come from Friesland.

117OIds PostmaNED1:10.64GoldOR
221OJan BosNED1:10.71Silver
316OHiroyasu ShimizuJPN1:11.00BronzeOR
418IJakko Jan LeeuwanghNED1:11.26
520ISylvain BouchardCAN1:11.29
619OJeremy WotherspoonCAN1:11.39
716ICasey FitzRandolphUSA1:11.64
817IKC BoutietteUSA1:11.75
=92IPeter AdebergGER1:11.90OR
=922OKevin OverlandCAN1:11.90
1115IYusuke ImaiJPN1:11.96
1219IMartin HersmanNED1:12.00
1322ILee Gyu-HyeokKOR1:12.05
=143OGrunde NjøsNOR1:12.27
=145IDavide CartaITA1:12.27
1611IChristian BreuerGER1:12.33
=179OSergey TsybenkoKAZ1:12.40
=1720OManabu HoriiJPN1:12.40
1921IPat BouchardCAN1:12.49
2012IKim Yun-ManKOR1:12.50
=2111OJanne HänninenFIN1:12.55
=2114OCheon Ju-HyeonKOR1:12.55
=238OAndrey AnufriyenkoRUS1:12.61
=2310INathaniel MillsUSA1:12.61
2510OHiroyuki NoakeJPN1:12.68
2613IPaweł AbratkiewiczPOL1:12.80
2714IErmanno IoriattiITA1:12.83
2812OAleksandr KibalkoRUS1:12.94
2918OCory CarpenterUSA1:13.03
305OJegar Seong-RyeolKOR1:13.09
3113ORoland BrunnerAUT1:13.16
329IDmitry ShepelRUS1:13.31
334ISergey KlevchenyaRUS1:13.51
346IRoger StrømNOR1:13.58
351IAndrew NicholsonNZL1:13.86
367ODai DengwenCHN1:14.20
376OVladimir KlepininKAZ1:14.38
384OLi YuCHN1:14.50
397IOleh KostromitinUKR1:14.53
401OLiu HongboCHN1:15.06
4115OTomasz ŚwistPOL1:15.55
422OZsolt BalóHUN1:15.87
DNF3IWu FenglongCHNfall
DNS8ICédric KuentzFRA