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Middleweight, Freestyle (≤82 kilograms), Men

Date9 – 11 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants16 from 16 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

This class was wide-open because the top four ranked wrestlers were boycotted out of the Los Angeles Olympics. This gave American Mark Schultz the favorite’s role, one day after his brother, Dave, had won the welterweight gold medal. He was expected to be challenged by Turkey’s Reşit Karabacak, the 1982 European Champion. Unfortunately, because wrestling was not seeded in this era, they met in the first round of Group B. Schultz quickly pinned Karabacak, fracturing his left arm in the process. The Turks protested and it was upheld, with Schultz disqualified, but Karabacak was out of the competition. Schultz went on to win all his other matches, despite the officials noting that they were watching him closely, scrutinizing him for possible excessive brutality. In the final Schultz dominated Japanese Hideyuki Nakashima, winning by technical superiority, 13-0. Schultz would later win the 1985 and 1987 World Championships.

1Mark SchultzUSAGold
2Hideyuki NagashimaJPNSilver
3Chris RinkeCANBronze
4Reiner TrikFRG
5Kim Tae-UKOR
6Ken ReinsfieldNZL
7Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE
8Luciano OrtelliITA
ACGünter BusarelloAUTEliminated r3/4 Group A5,0
ACLennart LundellSWEEliminated r3/4 Group A4,0
ACJouni IlomäkiFINEliminated r2/4 Group A1,0
ACBarthelémy N'ToCMREliminated r2/4 Group A0,0
ACNabawi El-AshramEGYEliminated r3/4 Group B8,0
ACStefan KurpasGBREliminated r3/4 Group B3,0
ACKally AgogoNGREliminated r2/4 Group B1,0
ACReşit KarabacakTURWithdrew r2/4 Group B4,0

Group A - Round One (9 August 1984)

1Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE4,0
=2Reiner TrikFRG3,0
=2Kim Tae-UKOR3,0
=2Lennart LundellSWE3,0
=5Günter BusarelloAUT1,0
=5Jouni IlomäkiFIN1,0
=5Hideyuki NagashimaJPN1,0
8Barthelémy N'ToCMR0,0

Match #1 Reiner TrikFRG
decision (5-3)
Günter BusarelloAUT
Match #2 Lennart LundellSWE
decision (6-1)
Jouni IlomäkiFIN
Match #3 Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE
fall (1:28)
Barthelémy N'ToCMR
Match #4 Kim Tae-UKOR
decision (10-5)
Hideyuki NagashimaJPN

Group A - Round Two (9 August 1984)

=1Reiner TrikFRG6,0
=1Kim Tae-UKOR6,0
=3Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE5,0
=3Hideyuki NagashimaJPN5,0
5Günter BusarelloAUT4,0
6Lennart LundellSWE3,0
7Jouni IlomäkiFIN1,0eliminated
8Barthelémy N'ToCMR0,0eliminated

Match #1 Reiner TrikFRG
decision (7-0)
Lennart LundellSWE
Match #2 Günter BusarelloAUT
decision (5-0)
Jouni IlomäkiFIN
Match #3 Hideyuki NagashimaJPN
fall (2:03)
Barthelémy N'ToCMR
Match #4 Kim Tae-UKOR
decision (6-2)
Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE

Group A - Round Three (9 August 1984)

1Kim Tae-UKOR9,0
=2Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE8,0
=2Hideyuki NagashimaJPN8,0
4Reiner TrikFRG7,0
5Günter BusarelloAUT5,0eliminated
6Lennart LundellSWE4,0eliminated

Match #1 Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE
decision (5-4)
Reiner TrikFRG
Match #2 Hideyuki NagashimaJPN
decision (7-4)
Günter BusarelloAUT
Match #3 Kim Tae-UKOR
decision (8-2)
Lennart LundellSWE

Group A - Round Four (10 August 1984)

1Hideyuki NagashimaJPN11,0
=2Reiner TrikFRG10,0
=2Kim Tae-UKOR10,0
4Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE9,0

Match #1 Reiner TrikFRG
decision (5-2)
Kim Tae-UKOR
Match #2 Hideyuki NagashimaJPN
decision (6-1)
Iraklis DeskoulidisGRE

Group A - Final (10 August 1984)

1Hideyuki NagashimaJPN4,0
2Reiner TrikFRG4,0
3Kim Tae-UKOR4,0

Match #1 Hideyuki NagashimaJPN
decision (6-3)
Reiner TrikFRG
Match #2 Reiner TrikFRG Kim Tae-UKOR
Match #3 Kim Tae-UKOR Hideyuki NagashimaJPN

Group B - Round One (9 August 1984)

=1Chris RinkeCAN4,0
=1Reşit KarabacakTUR4,0
=3Luciano OrtelliITA3,0
=3Ken ReinsfieldNZL3,0
=5Nabawi El-AshramEGY1,0
=5Kally AgogoNGR1,0
=7Stefan KurpasGBR0,0
=7Mark SchultzUSA0,0

Match #1 Ken ReinsfieldNZL
decision (5-1)
Kally AgogoNGR
Match #2 Reşit KarabacakTUR
DQ (0:30)
Mark SchultzUSA
Match #3 Chris RinkeCAN
decision (12-0) (4:52)
Stefan KurpasGBR
Match #4 Luciano OrtelliITA
decision (7-2)
Nabawi El-AshramEGY

Group B - Round Two (9 August 1984)

1Chris RinkeCAN7,5
2Nabawi El-AshramEGY4,0
=3Ken ReinsfieldNZL3,5
=3Mark SchultzUSA3,5
=5Stefan KurpasGBR3,0
=5Luciano OrtelliITA3,0
7Kally AgogoNGR1,0eliminated

Match #1 Mark SchultzUSA
decision (16-7)
Ken ReinsfieldNZL
Match #2 Stefan KurpasGBR
passivity (4:36)
Kally AgogoNGR
Match #3 Chris RinkeCAN
decision (10-0)
Luciano OrtelliITA
Match #4 Nabawi El-AshramEGY bye

Group B - Round Three (9 August 1984)

1Chris RinkeCAN8,5
2Nabawi El-AshramEGY8,0eliminated
3Ken ReinsfieldNZL7,0
4Mark SchultzUSA6,5
5Luciano OrtelliITA6,0
6Stefan KurpasGBR3,0eliminated

Match #1 Ken ReinsfieldNZL
passivity (5:49)
Nabawi El-AshramEGY
Match #2 Mark SchultzUSA
decision (5-3)
Chris RinkeCAN
Match #3 Luciano OrtelliITA
passivity (4:34)
Stefan KurpasGBR

Group B - Round Four (9 August 1984)

1Chris RinkeCAN11,5
2Mark SchultzUSA10,5
3Ken ReinsfieldNZL8,0
4Luciano OrtelliITA6,0

Match #1 Chris RinkeCAN
decision (9-2)
Ken ReinsfieldNZL
Match #2 Mark SchultzUSA
fall (1:36)
Luciano OrtelliITA

Group B - Final (9 August 1984)

1Mark SchultzUSA3,0
2Chris RinkeCAN1,0

Match #1 Mark SchultzUSA Chris RinkeCAN

Final Round (11 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Mark SchultzUSA
decision (13-0) (1:59)
Hideyuki NagashimaJPN
Match 3/4 Chris RinkeCAN
decision (5-2)
Reiner TrikFRG
Match 5/6 Kim Tae-UKOR
decision (10-3)
Ken ReinsfieldNZL