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Welterweight, Greco-Roman (≤74 kilograms), Men

Date31 July – 2 August 1984 — 12:00-15:00-18:00-20:30 (all days)
LocationAnaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA
Participants17 from 17 countries
FormatTwo groups of competitors. Placement within each group decided by a series of matches with positive points awarded for each result, from 4.0 for victory by fall, to 0.0 for defeat by fall. When three wrestlers remained within a group, they wrestled a round-robin series to determine the top three placements within the group. The winners of each group then wrestled for 1st and 2nd place. Runners-up in each group wrestled for 3rd and 4th place. Third-place finishers within each group wrestled for 5th and 6th place..

Soviet Georgian Mikhail Mamiashvili was the top wrestler in this class in 1984 but he could not compete in Los Angeles due to the Soviet-led boycott. In his absence the favorite was Romanian Ştefan Rusu, Olympic gold medalist in 1976 and 1980 as a lightweight. In round two of Group B, however, Rusu lost to Finland’s Jouko Salomäki and Salomäki would win the group and head to the gold medal match against Sweden’s Roger Tallroth, silver medalist at the 1982 European Championships. Salomäki opened a big lead, 5-0, in the final, but Tallroth fought back and made it close, eventually losing, 5-4. Rusu did manage to win the bronze medal match over Korean Kim Yeong-Nam on points, 6-1. Mamiashvili would compete at the 1988 Olympics, winning the middleweight gold medal.

1Jouko SalomäkiFINGold
2Roger TallrothSWESilver
3Ștefan RusuROUBronze
4Kim Yeong-NamKOR
5Karlo KasapYUG
6Martial MischlerFRA
7Chris CatalfoUSA
8Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
ACCelal TaşkıranTUREliminated r4/4 Group A4,0
ACKarl-Heinz HelbingFRGEliminated r3/4 Group A5,5
ACTakahiro MukaiJPNEliminated r2/4 Group A1,0
ACÓscar StráticoARGEliminated r2/4 Group A0,0
ACIssam AwarkeLBNEliminated r2/4 Group A0,0
ACJeff StuebingCANEliminated r3/4 Group B4,0
ACAbdel Aziz TahirMAREliminated r2/4 Group B1,5
ACRomelio SalasCOLEliminated r2/4 Group B1,0
ACAli Hussain FarisIRQEliminated r2/4 Group B0,5

Group A - Round One (31 July 1984)

=1Martial MischlerFRA4,0
=1Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG4,0
=3Kim Yeong-NamKOR3,0
=3Celal TaşkıranTUR3,0
=5Takahiro MukaiJPN1,0
=5Chris CatalfoUSA1,0
=7Óscar StráticoARG0,0
=7Issam AwarkeLBN0,0
=7Roger TallrothSWE0,0

Match #1 Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG
decision (12-0) (2:23)
Óscar StráticoARG
Match #2 Kim Yeong-NamKOR
decision (12-6)
Chris CatalfoUSA
Match #3 Martial MischlerFRA
decision (13-0) (2:02)
Issam AwarkeLBN
Match #4 Celal TaşkıranTUR
decision (10-9)
Takahiro MukaiJPN
Match #5 Roger TallrothSWE bye

Group A - Round Two (31 July 1984)

1Martial MischlerFRA8,0
2Kim Yeong-NamKOR6,0
=3Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG5,0
=3Chris CatalfoUSA5,0
5Roger TallrothSWE4,0
6Celal TaşkıranTUR3,0
7Takahiro MukaiJPN1,0eliminated
=8Óscar StráticoARG0,0eliminated
=8Issam AwarkeLBN0,0eliminated

Match #1 Roger TallrothSWE
decision (12-0) (1:25)
Óscar StráticoARG
Match #2 Kim Yeong-NamKOR
decision (7-2)
Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG
Match #3 Chris CatalfoUSA
DQ (1:40)
Issam AwarkeLBN
Match #4 Martial MischlerFRA
decision (13-1) (2:42)
Takahiro MukaiJPN
Match #5 Celal TaşkıranTUR bye

Group A - Round Three (31 July 1984)

=1Martial MischlerFRA9,0
=1Kim Yeong-NamKOR9,0
3Chris CatalfoUSA8,5
4Roger TallrothSWE7,5
5Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG5,5eliminated
6Celal TaşkıranTUR3,0

Match #1 Roger TallrothSWE
passivity (5:13)
Celal TaşkıranTUR
Match #2 Chris CatalfoUSA
decision (13-3)
Karl-Heinz HelbingFRG
Match #3 Kim Yeong-NamKOR
decision (7-3)
Martial MischlerFRA

Group A - Round Four (1 August 1984)

1Kim Yeong-NamKOR12,0
2Roger TallrothSWE11,0
=3Martial MischlerFRA9,0
=3Chris CatalfoUSA9,0
5Celal TaşkıranTUR4,0eliminated

Match #1 Kim Yeong-NamKOR
decision (9-3)
Celal TaşkıranTUR
Match #2 Roger TallrothSWE
decision (13-4)
Chris CatalfoUSA
Match #3 Martial MischlerFRA bye

Group A - Final (1 August 1984)

1Roger TallrothSWE7,0
2Kim Yeong-NamKOR3,0
3Martial MischlerFRA1,0

Match #1 Roger TallrothSWE
passivity (5:46)
Martial MischlerFRA
Match #2 Kim Yeong-NamKOR Martial MischlerFRA
Match #3 Roger TallrothSWE
decision (11-0)
Kim Yeong-NamKOR

Group B - Round One (31 July 1984)

=1Jouko SalomäkiFIN4,0
=1Ștefan RusuROU4,0
3Karlo KasapYUG3,5
4Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY3,0
5Romelio SalasCOL1,0
6Abdel Aziz TahirMAR0,5
=7Jeff StuebingCAN0,0
=7Ali Hussain FarisIRQ0,0

Match #1 Ștefan RusuROU
decision (12-0) (4:34)
Jeff StuebingCAN
Match #2 Jouko SalomäkiFIN
decision (12-0) (1:23)
Ali Hussain FarisIRQ
Match #3 Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
decision (12-5)
Romelio SalasCOL
Match #4 Karlo KasapYUG
decision (13-3)
Abdel Aziz TahirMAR

Group B - Round Two (31 July 1984)

1Karlo KasapYUG7,5
2Jouko SalomäkiFIN7,0
3Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY6,0
4Ștefan RusuROU5,0
5Jeff StuebingCAN4,0
6Abdel Aziz TahirMAR1,5eliminated
7Romelio SalasCOL1,0eliminated
8Ali Hussain FarisIRQ0,5eliminated

Match #1 Jeff StuebingCAN
fall (4:56)
Ali Hussain FarisIRQ
Match #2 Jouko SalomäkiFIN
criteria (6:00)
Ștefan RusuROU
Match #3 Karlo KasapYUG
decision (13-0) (2:38)
Romelio SalasCOL
Match #4 Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
criteria (6:00)
Abdel Aziz TahirMAR

Group B - Round Three (31 July 1984)

1Jouko SalomäkiFIN10,0
2Ștefan RusuROU9,0
3Karlo KasapYUG7,5
4Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY6,0
5Jeff StuebingCAN4,0eliminated

Match #1 Jouko SalomäkiFIN
decision (3-0)
Jeff StuebingCAN
Match #2 Ștefan RusuROU
decision (14-0) (4:15)
Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY
Match #3 Karlo KasapYUG bye

Group B - Round Four (1 August 1984)

1Jouko SalomäkiFIN14,0
2Ștefan RusuROU12,0
3Karlo KasapYUG8,5
4Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY6,0

Match #1 Ștefan RusuROU
decision (4-2)
Karlo KasapYUG
Match #2 Jouko SalomäkiFIN
grand superiority (3:50)
Mohamed Ibrahim AbdulsattarEGY

Group B - Final (1 August 1984)

1Jouko SalomäkiFIN4,0
2Ștefan RusuROU4,0
3Karlo KasapYUG4,0

Match #1 Ștefan RusuROU Karlo KasapYUG
Match #2 Karlo KasapYUG
decision (5-1)
Jouko SalomäkiFIN
Match #3 Jouko SalomäkiFIN Ștefan RusuROU

Final Round (2 August 1984)

Match 1/2 Jouko SalomäkiFIN
decision (5-4)
Roger TallrothSWE
Match 3/4 Ștefan RusuROU
decision (6-1)
Kim Yeong-NamKOR
Match 5/6 Karlo KasapYUG
decision (6-3)
Martial MischlerFRA