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Combined, Women1

Date14 February 2002
LocationSnowbasin Ski Resort, Huntsville, Utah (Wildflower)
Participants31 from 14 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 53
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 2100 m
Vertical Drop: 152 m

The women’s combined downhill was delayed a few hours due to high winds and held after the slalom. The 2001 World Cup champion was Croatian Janica Kostelić, who had overcome significant knee problems to get to that level. During a training run in December 1999, she had sustained a multi-ligament knee injury and the resultant surgery kept her out until the 2000 season. After winning the World Cup, she had undergone a series of knee surgeries in the summer of 2001, and was still recovering as she came into Salt Lake City. Better in the slalom than the downhill, the weather delay helped her as she was able to take the lead by placing first in the slalom, ahead of Martina Ertl, the 2001 World Champion. The downhill was won by Austrian Renate Götschl, who had been fourth in the slalom. It moved her up to second place, but Kostelić placed third in the downhill, to hold onto her lead and take the gold medal. It was her first ever Olympic gold medal, but during the 2002 Winter Olympics, she would win three golds and four medals. Her four Alpine gold medals at one Olympics was a record for any alpine skier of either gender.

11Janica KostelićCRO2:43.281:27.28 (1)1:16.00 (3)Gold
22Renate GötschlAUT2:44.771:29.50 (4)1:15.27 (1)Silver
36Martina ErtlGER2:45.161:28.38 (2)1:16.78 (7)Bronze
44Marlies OesterSUI2:46.611:29.34 (3)1:17.27 (10)
511Michaela DorfmeisterAUT2:46.851:31.00 (7)1:15.85 (2)
610Lindsey KildowUSA2:48.051:31.44 (9)1:16.61 (4)
714Geneviève SimardCAN2:48.141:29.88 (5)1:18.26 (17)
822Catherine BorghiSUI2:48.791:31.91 (10)1:16.88 (8)
921Jenny OwensAUS2:49.311:32.35 (14)1:16.96 (9)
1017Sara-Maude BoucherCAN2:49.371:31.27 (8)1:18.10 (16)
1115Selina HereggerAUT2:49.691:32.40 (16)1:17.29 (12)
1225Alice JonesAUS2:50.221:32.39 (15)1:17.83 (15)
1312Julia MancusoUSA2:51.331:33.73 (19)1:17.60 (13)
1416Chemmy AlcottGBR2:51.341:32.28 (12)1:19.06 (18)
159Daniela CeccarelliITA2:51.811:35.06 (20)1:16.75 (6)
1613Petra ZakouřilováCZE2:51.831:31.93 (11)1:19.90 (23)
1726Macarena Simari BirknerARG2:52.901:33.69 (18)1:19.21 (20)
1823Lucia RecchiaITA2:53.101:35.82 (21)1:17.28 (11)
1931Elena TagliabueITA2:53.961:36.30 (23)1:17.66 (14)
2024María Belén Simari BirknerARG2:55.921:35.98 (22)1:19.94 (24)
2130Patrizia BassisITA2:58.081:41.36 (27)1:16.72 (5)
2229Alexandra MunteanuROU2:58.531:39.00 (25)1:19.53 (22)
2328Gabriela MartinovováCZE2:58.661:39.49 (26)1:19.17 (19)
2419Rowena BrightAUS3:10.681:51.22 (28)1:19.46 (21)
DNF3Janette HarginSWE1:30.32 (6)– (DNF)
DNF20Petra HaltmayrGER1:32.32 (13)– (DNF)
DNF8Hilde GergGER1:33.27 (17)– (DNF)
DNF26Dagný Linda KristjánsdóttirISL1:38.16 (24)– (DNF)
DNF5Caroline LaliveUSA– (DNF)
DNF7Christine SponringAUT– (DNF)
DNF18Lucie HrstkováCZE– (DNF)