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12.5 kilometres Pursuit, Men

Date16 February 2002 — 09:00
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants57 from 23 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 10 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: 12,939 m
Height Differential: 42 m
Maximum Climb: 22 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.5 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 5.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 7.5 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 10 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 388 m

This was a new Olympic event which consisted of the skiers going off in the order of their finish in the 10 km sprint. The leader in that event starts off, and then every skier after him would start behind by the time margin from the sprint. Only the top 60 finishers from the sprint were eligible to start, but in reality, many of the lower finishers would elect not to start this race. For the men, only 57 eventually started in Salt Lake City. The pursuit had been contested at the World Championships since 1997.

The favorite was Ole Einar Bjørndalen, who had already won the 20 km and 10 km sprint in Salt Lake City, and thus started with a 29-second lead. Also to be considered was France’s Raphaël Poirée, who had won the seasonal World Cup in 1999-2000 and 2000-01, and would win again in 2002, but he had finished a disappointing ninth in the sprint, and would start 1:06 behind Bjørndalen. Sven Fischer had been second in the sprint and started only 29 seconds behind. In the end it was a fairly easy victory for Bjørndalen, who was not seriously challenged in winning his third gold medal in Salt Lake City. Fischer shot poorly in this section, missed four targets, and dropped back to 12th place. Poirée came on very strong and gained 23 seconds on Bjørndalen to move up to the silver medal position. The deciding move came at the final shooting range, when Poirée missed only once, and German Ricco Groß missed twice.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
11Ole Einar BjørndalenNOR32:34.6232:34.6 (6)Gold
29Raphaël PoiréeFRA33:17.61+1:0632:11.6 (2)Silver
34Ricco GroßGER33:30.62+0:5332:37.6 (7)Bronze
410Ludwig GredlerAUT33:35.52+1:1332:22.5 (4)
56Pavel RostovtsevRUS33:43.12+0:5932:44.1 (10)
65Wolfgang RottmannAUT33:45.14+0:5832:47.1 (11)
77Viktor MaygurovRUS33:55.13+1:0032:55.1 (16)
813Halvard HanevoldNOR33:59.62+1:2132:38.6 (8)
93Wolfgang PernerAUT34:00.13+0:5333:07.1 (18)
1012Vadzim SashurynBLR34:00.51+1:1932:41.5 (9)
1129Frank LuckGER34:01.01+1:5632:05.0 (1)
122Sven FischerGER34:09.54+0:2933:40.5 (27)
1326Jay HakkinenUSA34:11.81+1:5232:19.8 (3)
148Frode AndresenNOR34:14.55+1:0033:14.5 (19)
1524Egil GjellandNOR34:16.91+1:5132:25.9 (5)
1615Michael GreisGER34:19.93+1:2732:52.9 (14)
1714Zdeněk VítekCZE34:21.03+1:2332:58.0 (17)
1821Vincent DefrasneFRA34:33.63+1:4532:48.6 (12)
1923Tomaž GlobočnikSLO34:42.60+1:4932:53.6 (15)
2022René CattarinussiITA35:00.91+1:4633:14.9 (20)
2111Aleh RyzhankouBLR35:08.32+1:1433:54.3 (29)
2225Vesa HietalahtiFIN35:10.01+1:5233:18.0 (21)
2320Jeremy TeelaUSA35:18.13+1:4533:33.1 (24)
2417Björn FerrySWE35:27.54+1:3933:48.5 (28)
2531Tomasz SikoraPOL35:30.01+2:0833:22.0 (22)
2630Dimitri BorovikEST35:33.12+1:5933:34.1 (25)
2751Sergey RozhkovRUS35:37.31+2:4932:48.3 (13)
2816Paavo PuurunenFIN36:03.53+1:3334:30.5 (37)
2927Marko DolencSLO36:06.14+1:5634:10.1 (33)
3046Oļegs MaļuhinsLAT36:10.53+2:3933:31.5 (23)
3133Sergey RusinovRUS36:14.53+2:1334:01.5 (32)
3219Timo AntilaFIN36:16.75+1:4234:34.7 (38)
3350Wilfried PallhuberITA36:19.72+2:4433:35.7 (26)
3418Wojciech KozubPOL36:27.84+1:4134:46.8 (43)
3541Kyoji SugaJPN36:28.83+2:3033:58.8 (31)
3628Carl Johan BergmanSWE36:33.41+1:5634:37.4 (40)
3749Paolo LongoITA36:38.81+2:4133:57.8 (30)
3844Janez MaričSLO36:51.45+2:3734:14.4 (34)
3935Julien RobertFRA36:55.44+2:1434:41.4 (41)
4036V'iacheslav DerkachUKR36:56.83+2:1434:42.8 (42)
4148Indrek TobrelutsEST36:57.43+2:4034:17.4 (35)
4243Robin CleggCAN37:04.63+2:3734:27.6 (36)
4339Marek MatiaškoSVK37:26.05+2:2135:05.0 (45)
4434Roman DostálCZE37:26.86+2:1435:12.8 (47)
4532Tomáš HolubecCZE37:31.16+2:1135:20.1 (48)
4659Sašo GrajfSLO37:38.93+3:0134:37.9 (39)
4755Roland ZwahlenSUI37:40.63+2:5234:48.6 (44)
4837Aliaksei AydarauBLR37:43.06+2:1535:28.0 (49)
4957Aliaksandr SymanBLR38:05.83+2:5435:11.8 (46)
5058Wiesław ZiemianinPOL38:45.74+2:5635:49.7 (50)
5140Ilmārs BricisLAT38:49.97+2:2636:23.9 (53)
5254Lawton RedmanUSA38:59.06+2:5236:07.0 (51)
5356Zhang QingCHN39:11.15+2:5436:17.1 (52)
5452Jēkabs NākumsLAT39:19.35+2:5036:29.3 (54)
5542Marian BlajROU39:31.26+2:3436:57.2 (55)
5660Georgi KasabovBUL40:38.57+3:0537:33.5 (56)
DNF45Janno PrantsEST+2:38– (–)
DNS38Andriy DeryzemliaUKR+2:20– (–)
DNS47Petr GarabíkCZE+2:40– (–)
DNS53Ruslan LysenkoUKR+2:52– (–)