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10 kilometres Pursuit, Women

Date18 February 2006 — 12:30
LocationCesana San Sicario
Participants58 from 22 countries
FormatStarting margin based on results of 7.5 kilometer. Penalty loop (150 metres) skied for each missed target.
DetailsCourse Length: 10,000 m
Height Differential: 41 m
Maximum Climb: 13 m
Shooting 1: Prone at 2.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 2: Prone at 4.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 3: Standing at 6.0 km, 50 m range
Shooting 4: Standing at 8.0 km, 50 m range
Total Climbing: 340 m

The very close finish in the sprint, with the top eight finishers within 22 seconds of one another, meant that this race would also have a lot of contenders. The race was on a course that had seen a snowfall the night before, making for difficult ski conditions. Germany’s Uschi Disl was the defending World Champion, and was trying to finally win an individual Olympic gold medal. But she started almost two minutes back and could only get up to 10th. The sprint champion, France’s Florence Baverel-Robert, was done in by poor shooting, missing four targets. Despite the closeness of the start, the event would be a runaway for German Kati Wilhelm. Starting only 18 seconds back, she took the lead early and pushed ahead, missing only one target, and winning by 1:13.6 over her teammate Martina Glagow. The bronze went to Russian Albina Akhatova, and Glagow and Akhatova had finished in the same positions in the 15 km individual, although only after the doping disqualification of Olga Pyleva. This was Wilhelm’s third Olympic gold medal, after sprint and relay golds in 2002, and she would add two more silvers in Torino, in the pursuit and relay.

PosNrBiathleteNOCTimeMissesStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
17Kati WilhelmGER36:43.61+0:1836:25.6 (1)Gold
217Martina GlagowGER37:57.22+1:0536:52.2 (2)Silver
34Albina AkhatovaRUS38:05.01+0:0937:56.0 (6)Bronze
410Svetlana IshmuratovaRUS38:29.02+0:3937:50.0 (4)
513Michela PonzaITA38:51.71+0:5637:55.7 (5)
612Liv Grete Skjelbreid-PoiréeNOR39:03.42+0:4938:14.4 (8)
78Volha NazaravaBLR39:09.73+0:2238:47.7 (10)
83Liliya YefremovaUKR39:09.83+0:0739:02.8 (=11)
911Liu XianyingCHN39:25.33+0:4638:39.3 (9)
1034Uschi DislGER39:30.84+1:5837:32.8 (3)
1122Katrin ApelGER39:38.93+1:3438:04.9 (7)
126Sandrine BaillyFRA39:39.43+0:1239:27.4 (17)
131Florence Baverel-RobertFRA39:57.6439:57.6 (21)
142Anna-Carin OlofssonSWE40:06.17+0:0240:04.1 (23)
1519Linda TjørhomNOR40:19.83+1:1739:02.8 (=11)
1615Teja GregorinSLO40:20.12+1:0039:20.1 (16)
1724Kong YingchaoCHN40:41.93+1:3639:05.9 (13)
1823Tora BergerNOR40:44.82+1:3439:10.8 (=14)
199Olga ZaytsevaRUS40:49.05+0:3440:15.0 (24)
2028Madara LīdumaLAT40:50.86+1:4039:10.8 (=14)
2120Magdalena GwizdońPOL41:12.63+1:2339:49.6 (20)
2221Sun RiboCHN41:28.87+1:2640:02.8 (22)
2341Natalia LevcencovaMDA41:36.11+2:0339:33.1 (18)
2439Kateřina HolubcováCZE41:37.52+2:0239:35.5 (19)
255Alena ZubrilavaBLR41:42.98+0:0941:33.9 (35)
2614Delphine PerettoFRA41:52.83+1:0040:52.8 (31)
2718Diana RasimovičiūtėLTU41:56.34+1:1740:39.3 (28)
2833Ekaterina DafovskaBUL42:07.66+1:5240:15.6 (25)
2937Katsiaryna IvanovaBLR42:15.57+1:5940:16.5 (26)
3036Irina NikulchinaBUL42:26.87+1:5940:27.8 (27)
3131Tadeja BrankovičSLO42:42.15+1:4340:59.1 (32)
3246Pavlina FilipovaBUL43:04.56+2:2240:42.5 (30)
3348Dana PlotogeaROU43:11.03+2:3040:41.0 (29)
3430Sylvie BecaertFRA43:17.13+1:4241:35.1 (37)
3543Zdeňka VejnarováCZE43:17.74+2:1541:02.7 (33)
3632Lenka FaltusováCZE43:22.54+1:4641:36.5 (38)
3725Krystyna PałkaPOL43:26.55+1:3641:50.5 (40)
3826Nathalie SanterITA43:31.68+1:3841:53.6 (41)
3935Rachel SteerUSA43:32.82+1:5841:34.8 (36)
4040Gro Marit Istad KristiansenNOR43:41.56+2:0341:38.5 (39)
4150Nina LemeshUKR43:48.65+2:4241:06.6 (34)
DNF38Anna MurínováSVK+2:01– (–)
DNF42Liudmila AnankaBLR+2:05– (–)
DNF53Katja HallerITA+2:51– (–)
DNF16Martina HalinárováSVK8+1:01– (–)lapped
DNF27Soňa MihokováSVK8+1:39– (–)lapped
DNF29Marcela PavkovčekováSVK5+1:40– (–)lapped
DNF45Alexandra RusuROU4+2:21– (–)lapped
DNF47Eveli SaueEST7+2:24– (–)lapped
DNF49Oksana KhvostenkoUKR4+2:39– (–)lapped
DNF51Ikuyo TsukidateJPN7+2:46– (–)lapped
DNF52Anna LebedevaKAZ6+2:50– (–)lapped
DNF55Dijana GrudičekSLO8+2:57– (–)lapped
DNF56Magdalena NykielPOL5+3:01– (–)lapped
DNF57Saskia SanterITA7+3:11– (–)lapped
DNF58Radka PopovaBUL3+3:30– (–)lapped
DNF59Andreja MaliSLO3+3:31– (–)lapped
DNF60Andžela BriceLAT2+3:32– (–)lapped
DNS44Olena PetrovaUKR+2:21– (–)
DNS54Hou YuxiaCHN+2:54– (–)