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Air Pistol, 10 metres, Men

Date24 July 2021
LocationAsaka Shooting Range, Nerima, Tokyo
Participants36 from 29 countries

The first day of the shooting schedule of the Games was unchanged and, traditionally, the 10 m air pistol event decided the first shooting medals for men at the Tokyo Games. The event was held for the ninth time at the Olympics and saw a field of 36 shooters, which was the smallest ever. The field included the reigning 2018 World Champion Jin Jong-O and runner-up Artyom Chernousov, who had lost that title in a shoot-off. The leader of the world ranking just before the Games was Javad Foroughi, followed by Saurabh Chaudhary, gold medallist at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics in this event, and Abhishek Verma. Not present was the world record holder for finals (246.5 points) Kim Song-Guk, as the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) did not send a team to Tokyo. His spot was re-allocated to the 2016 gold medallist Hoàng Xuân Vinh and, as the Rio silver medallist Felipe Wu earned a spot as the highest placed shooter in the world rankings, all three medallists from Rio 2016 were present at Tokyo.

The qualification round was still contested over six rounds with 10 shots per round, but the final saw a slight change since the last Olympics and was contested over a total of 24 shots for the two leading qualifiers. The final round started with 10 shots and, after every two shots, the shooter with the lowest score was eliminated. The winner of the qualification, Saurabh Chaudhary, was eliminated after 14 shots and placed seventh. The bronze medal went to Pang Wei and silver to Damir Mikec who both qualified for the final round only by shooting more inner 10s than Gulfam Joseph. All three had a score of 578, which left Joseph eliminated in ninth place. With this silver medal Mikec became the first male shooter to win a medal for Serbia. The gold medal went to Javad Foroughi, who had been in the lead since the second shot in the final and had a solid margin at the end. He won the first ever shooting medal for Iran at the Olympics, which made shooting only the fifth sport in which Iran had medalled after wrestling, weightlifting, taekwondo, and athletics. This was also the fifth time in a row that Asian shooters had won this event.

Finishing the qualification next to last in 35th position was Philip Elhage, who became the first ever Olympic shooting competitor to represent Aruba, although Elhage had already represented Netherlands Antilles in 2008.

11495Javad ForoughiIRI580 (5)244.8 (1)Gold
21985Damir MikecSRB578 (8)237.9 (2)Silver
31218Pang WeiCHN578 (7)217.6 (3)Bronze
42103Pavlo KorostylovUKR581 (4)198.9 (4)
51418Christian ReitzGER584 (3)176.6 (5)
61222Zhang BowenCHN586 (2)158.2 (6)
71483Saurabh ChaudharyIND586 (1)137.4 (7)
81621Kim Mo-SeKOR579 (6)115.8 (8)
91833Gulfam JosephPAK578 (9)
102121James HallUSA577 (10)
111912Artyom ChernousovROC577 (11)
121734Enkhtaivan DavaakhuuMGL577 (12)
132128Nick MowrerUSA576 (13)
141771Naung Ye TunMYA576 (14)
151620Jin Jong-OKOR576 (15)
161577Kojiro HorimizuJPN576 (16)
171485Abhishek VermaIND575 (17)
182105Oleh OmelchukUKR575 (18)
191254Jorge GrauCUB574 (19)
201092Ruslan LunevAZE574 (20)
211741Borjan BrankovskiMKD573 (21)
222161Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE573 (22)
231917Vadim MukhametyanovROC573 (23)
242082Yusuf DikeçTUR572 (24)
252083İsmail KeleşTUR572 (25)
261552Paolo MonnaITA570 (26)
272026Juraj TužinskýSVK570 (27)
281521Ásgeir SigurgeirssonISL570 (28)
291841Marko CarrilloPER569 (29)
301072Daniel RepacholiAUS568 (30)
311315Samy Abdel RazekEGY567 (31)
321151Felipe WuBRA566 (32)
331351Peeter OleskEST564 (33)
342072Ala Al-OthmaniTUN563 (34)
351051Philip ElhageARU556 (35)
361781Edwin Orlando BarberenaNCA554 (36)

Qualifying Round (24 July 2021 — 13:00)

10 metres. Six rounds of 10 shots each. Top eight from preliminary round advanced to the final round.

11483Saurabh ChaudharyIND586959898100989728Q
21222Zhang BowenCHN58698959998999718Q
31418Christian ReitzGER58497999995979721Q
42103Pavlo KorostylovUKR58198979797959715Q
51495Javad ForoughiIRI58098979797939825Q
61621Kim Mo-SeKOR57997959597989720Q
71218Pang WeiCHN57897949898969522Q
81985Damir MikecSRB57898989694969621Q
91833Gulfam JosephPAK57892989597989813
102121James HallUSA57796959795969823
111912Artyom ChernousovROC57796969499969615
121734Enkhtaivan DavaakhuuMGL5779495959798988
132128Nick MowrerUSA57696979997949322
141771Naung Ye TunMYA57692959896989717
151620Jin Jong-OKOR57695969893979717
161577Kojiro HorimizuJPN57696979497989413
171485Abhishek VermaIND57594969897989219
182105Oleh OmelchukUKR57597959895959514
191254Jorge GrauCUB574931009498969316
201092Ruslan LunevAZE57495959894979514
211741Borjan BrankovskiMKD57394939895969720
222161Hoàng Xuân VinhVIE57394989794939716
231917Vadim MukhametyanovROC57397929697969516
242082Yusuf DikeçTUR57296959497969419
252083İsmail KeleşTUR57296949695959617
261552Paolo MonnaITA57092929797959723
272026Juraj TužinskýSVK57096959595949514
281521Ásgeir SigurgeirssonISL57095989192979713
291841Marko CarrilloPER56990919997969614
301072Daniel RepacholiAUS56895939595949615
311315Samy Abdel RazekEGY56797959395949311
321151Felipe WuBRA56694949492959715
331351Peeter OleskEST5649392969692958
342072Ala Al-OthmaniTUN56393949793929416
351051Philip ElhageARU5569394949294896
361781Edwin Orlando BarberenaNCA55496909392939010

Final Round (24 July 2021 — 15:30)

Two rounds of 5 shots, then 1 round of 2 shots, with lowest shooter eliminated. Six rounds of 2 shots with lowest shooter eliminated after each round.

11495Javad ForoughiIRI244.810.310.410.49.79.910.310.49.110.310.29.810.410.810.210.210.910.410.39.810.410.19.910.510.1
21985Damir MikecSRB237.910.69.09.410.09.710.19.910.310.09.710.510.110.18.610.010.610.510.210.59.810.310.19.18.8
31218Pang WeiCHN217.69.610.
42103Pavlo KorostylovUKR198.99.710.510.
51418Christian ReitzGER176.610.78.910.410.
61222Zhang BowenCHN158.210.19.510.
71483Saurabh ChaudharyIND137.410.
81621Kim Mo-SeKOR115.89.89.810.69.310.