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Extra-Lightweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date24 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants23 from 23 countries

Gold medallist Naohisa Takato had been one of the bronze medal winners four years earlier and with three titles at World Championships he was the most successful athlete in his class in the last decade. The top seed Japanese sailed through all rounds with Ippons (full points) except the semi-final against the second seed Kazakh Yeldos Smetov, when he managed to win by Waza-ari (half point) in extra-time. Takato, however, had to go into the Golden Score in his final three bouts. In the final, he prevailed in extra time by defeating his opponent Yang Yung-Wei from Chinese Taipei based on penalization for inactivity with Ippon. Yang had defeated Luka Mkheidze, a Frenchman of Georgian descent, and silver medallist at the 2021 European Championships, by Ippon for a Yoko-shiho-gatame after 9:21 min in the second semi-final. Smetov and Mkheidze eventually made their way through the repêchage and took bronze. Robert Mshvidobadze (ROC), who was third in the ranking list, already lost his first bout against Dutchman Tornike Tsjakadoea, who defended his early Waza-ari for Ushi-mata until the end of the normal time. Tsjakadoea then fell victim of Yang in the next round.

1Naohisa TakatoJPNGold
2Yang Yung-WeiTPESilver
=3Yeldos SmetovKAZBronze
=3Luka MkheidzeFRABronze
=5Tornike TsjakadoeaNED
=5Kim Won-JinKOR
=7Artem LesiukUKR
=7Lukhumi ChkhvimianiGEO
=9Kəramət HüseynovAZE
=9Jorre VerstraetenBEL
=9Eric TakabatakeBRA
=9Yanislav GerchevBUL
=9Francisco GarrigósESP
=9Robert MshvidobadzeROC
=9Mihraç AkkuşTUR
=9Sharafuddin LutfillaevUZB
=17Ngawang NamgyelBHU
=17Lenin PreciadoECU
=17Ashley McKenzieGBR
=17Moritz PlafkyGER
=17José RamosGUA
=17Soukphaxay SithisaneLAO
=17Dashdavaa AmartuvshinMGL

Round One

Date24 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinners advance to round three.
Match #124 Jul 11:00Robert MshvidobadzeROCbye
Match #224 Jul 11:06Mat 2Tornike TsjakadoeaNEDWaza-ariDashdavaa AmartuvshinMGL
Match #324 Jul 11:13Yang Yung-WeiTPEbye
Match #424 Jul 11:19Mat 2Yanislav GerchevBULIpponLenin PreciadoECU
Match #524 Jul 11:26Francisco GarrigósESPbye
Match #624 Jul 11:32Luka MkheidzeFRAbye
Match #724 Jul 11:39Sharafuddin LutfillaevUZBbye
Match #824 JulMat 2Artem LesiukUKRIpponJosé RamosGUA
Match #924 JulNaohisa TakatoJPNbye
Match #1024 JulMat 2Jorre VerstraetenBELWaza-ariMoritz PlafkyGER
Match #1124 JulLukhumi ChkhvimianiGEObye
Match #1224 JulMat 2Kəramət HüseynovAZEWaza-ariAshley McKenzieGBR
Match #1324 JulYeldos SmetovKAZbye
Match #1424 JulMat 2Mihraç AkkuşTURIpponNgawang NamgyelBHU
Match #1524 JulKim Won-JinKORbye
Match #1624 JulMat 2Eric TakabatakeBRAIpponSoukphaxay SithisaneLAO

Round Two

Date24 July 2021 — 11:45
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #124 Jul 11:45Mat 2Tornike TsjakadoeaNEDWaza-ariRobert MshvidobadzeROC
Match #224 Jul 11:52Mat 2Yang Yung-WeiTPEIpponYanislav GerchevBUL
Match #324 Jul 11:58Mat 2Luka MkheidzeFRAWaza-ariFrancisco GarrigósESP
Match #424 Jul 12:05Mat 2Artem LesiukUKRWaza-ariSharafuddin LutfillaevUZB
Match #524 Jul 12:11Mat 2Naohisa TakatoJPNIpponJorre VerstraetenBEL
Match #624 Jul 12:18Mat 2Lukhumi ChkhvimianiGEOIpponKəramət HüseynovAZE
Match #724 Jul 12:24Mat 2Yeldos SmetovKAZIpponMihraç AkkuşTUR
Match #824 Jul 12:41Mat 2Kim Won-JinKORIpponEric TakabatakeBRA


Date24 July 2021 — 12:47
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #124 Jul 12:47Mat 2Yang Yung-WeiTPEIpponTornike TsjakadoeaNED
Match #224 Jul 12:54Mat 2Luka MkheidzeFRAIpponArtem LesiukUKR
Match #324 Jul 13:00Mat 2Naohisa TakatoJPNIpponLukhumi ChkhvimianiGEO
Match #424 Jul 13:07Mat 2Yeldos SmetovKAZIpponKim Won-JinKOR


Date24 July 2021 — 17:34
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #124 Jul 17:34Mat 1Tornike TsjakadoeaNEDIpponArtem LesiukUKR
Match #224 Jul 17:42Mat 1Kim Won-JinKORIpponLukhumi ChkhvimianiGEO


Date24 July 2021 — 17:51
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #124 Jul 17:59Mat 1Yang Yung-WeiTPEIpponLuka MkheidzeFRA
Match #224 Jul 17:51Mat 1Naohisa TakatoJPNWaza-ariYeldos SmetovKAZ

Final Round

Date24 July 2021 — 18:49
Match 3/524 Jul 18:49Mat 1Yeldos SmetovKAZWaza-ariTornike TsjakadoeaNED
Match 3/524 Jul 18:59Mat 1Luka MkheidzeFRAIpponKim Won-JinKOR
Match 1/224 Jul 19:09Mat 1Naohisa TakatoJPNIpponYang Yung-WeiTPE