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Team, Open

Date19 – 22 September 1988
LocationSeo-ul Gyeong-ma Gong-won, Gwacheon / Gyeong-ma Gyu-yug-won, Won-dang, Goyang
Participants40 from 10 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

The endurance course was designed by Hugh Thomas. It was held at Wondang Ranch, 43 km north of Kwachon, which was a hilly terrain and after inspection, six of the obstacles had to be lowered and the first element of #27 was removed. The four phases measured a total of 26,761 metres in length. The favorites were considered to be Great Britain, the World and European Champions, and West Germany. West Germany led the opening dressage phase, and also won the endurance phase, opening up a 37 point lead going into the jumping. New Zealand had been third in the dressage and second in endurance so came into the jumping in second, followed by Great Britain and Poland. West Germany placed only fifth in jumping, but still easily won the gold medal. Australia won the jumping, which moved them up from sixth to fifth place, but Great Britain tied for second with France in jumping, moving Great Britain up to the silver medal, as New Zealand dropped back to bronze, finishing only sixth in the jumping. Germany would not win this event again until 2008, as Australia would become the power in the sport, winning the gold medal in 1992, 1996, and 2000.

1West GermanyFRG-225.95-137.00 (1)-67.20 (1)-21.75 (5)Gold
Claus Erhorn Justyn Thyme-62.35-39.60-16.00-6.75
Matthias Baumann Shamrock II-68.80-50.60-13.20-5.00
Thies Kaspareit Sherry 42-94.80-46.80-38.00-10.00
Ralf Ehrenbrink Uncle ToddDQ-66.20-39.60non-scoring
2Great BritainGBR-256.80-146.40 (2)-100.40 (3)-10.00 (=2)Silver
Ian Stark Sir Wattie-52.80-50.00-2.800.00
Virginia Holgate-Leng Master Craftsman-62.00-43.20-8.80-10.00
Karen Straker-Dixon Get Smart-142.00-53.20-88.800.00
Mark Phillips CartierWD-78.20DNFnon-scoring
3New ZealandNZL-271.20-155.60 (3)-85.60 (2)-30.00 (6)Bronze
Mark Todd Charisma-42.60-37.600.00-5.00
Tinks Pottinger Volunteer-65.80-65.800.000.00
Andrew Bennie Grayshott-162.80-52.20-85.60-25.00
Marges Knighton EnterpriseDQ-74.60-90.00non-scoring
4PolandPOL-389.60-209.20 (8)-160.40 (4)-20.00 (4)
Bogusław Jarecki Niewiaza-111.40-56.60-44.80-10.00
Krzysztof Rogowski Alkierz-114.80-80.20-29.60-5.00
Krzysztof Rafalak Dzwinograd-163.40-72.40-86.00-5.00
Eugeniusz Koczorski Idrys-277.30-90.00-170.80-16.50non-scoring
5AustraliaAUS-457.60-180.60 (6)-236.40 (6)-5.00 (1)
Andrew Hoy Kiwi-89.00-57.00-32.000.00
Scott Keach Trade Commissioner-176.60-67.60-104.00-5.00
David Green Shannagh-192.00-56.00-136.000.00
Barry Roycroft Last Tango-195.80-85.40-100.40-10.00non-scoring
6FranceFRA-498.80-177.00 (5)-307.20 (7)-10.00 (=2)
Jean Teulère Mohican V-69.00-57.60-6.40-5.00
Vincent Berthet Jet Crub-202.20-59.40-142.800.00
Pascal Morvillers Frangin III-227.60-64.60-158.00-5.00
Marie-Christine Duroy Harley-233.80-60.00-168.80-5.00non-scoring
7Republic of KoreaKOR-740.15-228.40 (9)-427.60 (8)-56.75 (7)
Choi Myeong-Jin Snuffler-130.55-69.40-60.40-0.75
Park Dong-Ju Aqaba Legend A-227.00-99.80-117.20-10.00
Park So-Un Moisson d'Avril-382.60-86.60-250.00-46.00
Kim Hyeong-Chil Chasson RoadWD-72.40non-scoring
DNFUnited StatesUSA-162.20 (4)– (DNF)
Phyllis Dawson Albany II-99.60-54.60-40.00
Bruce Davidson Dr. Peaches-141.80-50.40-76.40
Ann Sutton TarzanDNF-57.20DNF
Karen Lende O'Connor The OptimistDQ-64.20DNF
DNFItalyITA-184.40 (7)-204.40 (5)
Bartolo Ambrosione Phoenix-107.90-58.80-47.60
Francesco Girardi Moreado-166.35-70.80-94.80
Dino Costantini Boardmans BeautyDQ-67.80-62.00
Ranieri Campello Cotton EndDNF-57.80DNF
DNFJapanJPN-242.60 (10)– (DNF)
Eiki Miyazaki Scrooge-201.60-97.20-94.40
Kazuhiro Iwatani Copen Hagen V-517.25-79.00-382.00
Hisashi Wakahara Lord WaterfordDNF-96.40DNF
Hiroshi Watanabe Yakumo MasonoriDNF-67.20DNF