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Three-Day Event, Team, Open

Date28 – 30 July 1992
LocationReal Club de Polo, Barcelona / Club Hípico El Montanyà, Montanyà
Participants72 from 18 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

Because of a dangerously high heat index, the steeplechase course was reduced from 3,205 metres to 2,760 metres, the second roads and track section was reduced from 11.1 km to 9.0 km, and three minutes of rest time were added after the second roads and track section. The endurance course, designed by Wolfgang Field, then consisted of the following phases: roads and track – 5,060 metres; steeplechase – 2,769 metres with 7 obstacles; roads and track – 9,000 metres; and cross-country – 7,410 metres with 33 obstacles.

New Zealand moved ahead after the endurance phase, although the two-time defending individual champion, Mark Todd, was eliminated on the cross-country course, and would not ride in the jumping. The Kiwis were led by Andrew Nicholson, who was in second place individually after the endurance ride. Great Britain was second after the second phase, 7.60 points behind, with Australia trailing their Oceanic neighbors by 32.80 points. Britain struggled in jumping, recording 30 faults, and dropped back to sixth place overall. New Zealand was even worse, as Nicholson knocked over nine fences, for 45 faults, the worst ride of the jumping, dropping him to 16th place and moving New Zealand off the top step of the podium, although they held on for silver, led by Blyth Tait and Vicky Latta, who finished third- and fourth, respectively, in the individual event. Australia led the jumping with only 15 total faults, and moved up to the gold medal. This was the first of three consecutive Olympics (1992-2000) at which Australia won the team eventing.

Matt Ryan-70.00
Andrew Hoy-89.40
Gillian Rolton-129.20
David GreenDNFnon-scoring
2New ZealandNZL-290.80Silver
Blyth Tait-87.60
Vicky Latta-87.80
Andrew Nicholson-115.40
Mark ToddDNFnon-scoring
Herbert Blöcker-81.30
Ralf Ehrenbrink-108.60
Cord Mysegaes-110.40
Matthias Baumann-157.40non-scoring
Karin Donckers-104.40
Jef Desmedt-108.40
Willy Sneyers-120.25
Dirk Van Der Elst-166.40non-scoring
Luis Antonio Álvarez-102.20
Santiago de la Rocha-122.40
Fernando Villalón-164.20
Santiago CenteneraDNFnon-scoring
6Great BritainGBR-406.60
Karen Dixon-92.40
Mary Thomson-105.40
Richard Walker-208.80
Ian StarkDNFnon-scoring
Yoshihiko Kowata-135.80
Eiki Miyazaki-137.80
Kojiro Goto-161.20
Kazuhiro Iwatani-163.20non-scoring
Eric Smiley-140.40
Máiréad Curran-149.40
Melanie Duff-156.00
Polly Holohan-164.20non-scoring
Jacek Krukowski-157.40
Piotr Piasecki-158.60
Bogusław Jarecki-178.40
Arkadiusz Bachur-198.60non-scoring
10United StatesUSA-515.20
Jil Walton-116.80
J. Michael Plumb-195.20
Stephen Bradley-203.20
Todd TrewinDNFnon-scoring
Peder Fredricson-111.00
Anna Hermann-178.60
Erik Duvander-234.45
Staffan LidbeckDNFnon-scoring
Robert Stevenson-129.20
Rachel Hunter-196.80
Nick Holmes-Smith-203.60
Stuart Young-BlackDNFnon-scoring
Lara Villata-133.00
Federico Roman-190.20
Francesco Girardi-211.45
Fabio MagniDNFnon-scoring
Marie-Christine Duroy-109.85
Michel Bouquet-145.20
Jean-Jacques Boisson-335.00
Didier SeguretDNFnon-scoring
Vasco Ramires, Jr.-173.80
António Ramos-186.70
António Bráz-238.60
Alberto RodriguesDNFnon-scoring
Martin Lips-114.00DNF
Fieps, Baroness van Tuyll van Serooskerken-180.80DNF
Anchela RohofDNFDNF
Eddy StibbeDNFDNF
Attila Soós, Jr.-152.60DNF
Tibor Herczegfalvy-208.60DNF
Zsolt BubánDNFDNF
Attila LingDNFDNF
ACUnified TeamEUNDNF
Vasiliu Tanas-201.20DNF
Mikhail Rybak-467.80DNF
Oleg KarpovDNFDNF
Sandro ChikhladzeDNFDNF