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Three-Day Event, Team, Open

Date21 – 24 July 1996
LocationGeorgia International Horse Park, Conyers, Georgia
Participants63 from 16 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total.

For the first time ever, the three-day individual and team events were held separately. Australia came in as the defending champions and the favorites, although one of their riders, Wendy Schaeffer, had broken her leg only two months before the Atlanta Olympics. She was able to ride, however, and would be the highest ranked Australian in the event. Australia got off to a poor start, placing only sixth in the dressage, which was led by the United States, with Great Britain second, New Zealand third, and Canada and Germany in fourth and fifth, respectively. The US team placed only fifth in the endurance phase, however, which was won by Australia who moved into first place overall, with a 61.00 point lead over the Americans, with New Zealand further back in third. Australia was again only sixth in jumping, but their lead was insurmountable, as the United States placed fourth in the jumping, and Australia defended their gold medal comfortably. The US finished second with New Zealand third. Australia would again win this event at Sydney in 2000, with Andrew Hoy competing on all three gold-medal winning teams from 1992-2000.

Wendy Schaeffer-61.00
Phillip Dutton-69.40
Andrew Hoy-73.45
Gillian RoltonWDnon-scoring
2United StatesUSA-261.10Silver
David O'Connor-76.00
Bruce Davidson-79.50
Karen O'Connor-105.60
Jill HennebergDNFnon-scoring
3New ZealandNZL-268.55Bronze
Blyth Tait-70.10
Vaughn Jefferis-97.80
Andrew Nicholson-100.65
Vicky LattaDNFnon-scoring
Jacques Dulcy-78.90
Rodolphe Scherer-109.15
Koris Vieules-119.60
Marie-Christine DuroyDNFnon-scoring
5Great BritainGBR-312.90
Karen Dixon-88.55
Gary Parsonage-106.80
William Fox-Pitt-117.55
Ian Stark-171.65non-scoring
Kazuhiro Iwatani-101.00
Takeaki Tsuchiya-102.65
Yoshihiko Kowata-122.50
Masaru Fuse-154.05non-scoring
Linda Algotsson-78.45
Paula Törnqvist-99.00
Therese Olausson-167.80
Dag AlbertDNFnon-scoring
Santiago Centenera-161.00
Javier Revuelta-187.25
Luis Antonio Álvarez-273.40
Enrique SarasolaDNFnon-scoring
Bodo Battenberg-89.40
Bettina Overesch-Böker-114.75
Jürgen BlumDNF
Ralf EhrenbrinkDNF
Heinz Wehrli-138.70
Christoph Meier-178.80
Marius MarroDNF
David Foster-93.20
Virginia McGrath-291.20
Alfie BullerWD
Eric SmileyWD
Lara Villata-194.15
Nicola Delli Santi-200.30
Ranieri CampelloDNF
Giacomo Della ChiesaDNF
Pál Tuska-200.80
Attila Soós, Jr.-233.30
Gábor SchallerDNF
Tibor HerczegfalvyDNF
Kelli McMullen-Temple-74.40
Claire SmithDNF
Stuart Young-BlackWD
Therese WashtockDNF
Sergei Fofanoff-174.45
Sidney de SouzaWD
Luciano DrubiDNF
André GiovaniniDNF
Bogusław Jarecki-197.95
Rafał ChoynowskiDNF
Artur SpołowiczDNF
Bogusław OwczarekDNF