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50 kilometres, Men

Date30 January 1924 — 8:37
LocationStade Olympique, Chamonix
Participants33 from 11 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 820 m
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

The classical 50 km race was the first cross country event in Chamonix, and it was the first time that the top skiers from the dominant Nordic countries met on “neutral” ground. The big Norwegian star Thorleif Haug had won the classical Holmenkollen 50 km (the only cross country event in Holmenkollen until 1933, when the 18 km was included in the program) five times between 1918 and 1923, but in 1922 the Norwegians were shocked by a Finnish double, when Anton Collin and Tapani Niku outclassed the Norwegians and Haug had to be content with a modest 9th place. It was the first time that a non-Norwegian was able to win in Holmenkollen. Besides Collin and Niku, the Norwegians also feared their Swedish neighbours. The small and quiet Torkel Persson, a native Sami from Jämtland, was considered as the strongest in the team together with Per-Erik Hedlund from Särna, the starting point of another Nordic classical competition, Vasaloppet.

The 33 competitors were met with cold and windy conditions when the first starter, the Frenchman André Blusset was sent away at 8:37 AM. The skiers started with intervals of one minute in a one-lap course with a really demanding height difference of 820 meters. First of the favorites was Collin with number 3, chased by the Norwegian Johan Grøttumsbraaten 1 minute behind. The big favorite Haug started as number 23, chasing Niku 2 minutes ahead of him. Already in the early stages of the race, it was clear that this would be a great day for the Norwegians. Collin broke one of his skies and had to give up. Grøttumsbraaten had a 1.30 lead over Haug after 20 km, followed by Matti Raivio, Hedlund, Niku and the two other Norwegians, Jon Mårdalen and Thoralf Strømstad. 10 km later all four Norwegians were in front. Haug had overtaken Grøttumsbraaten by one minute, with Strømstad 7 and Mårdalen 8 minutes behind. Niku and Hedlund were fading, 15 and 16 minutes behind Haug, and both gave up shortly after. Strømstad was fastest in the last stage of the race and passed Grøttumsbraaten, but Haug kept his lead to the finish, and his victory margin to Strømstad was a clear 1.51. Mårdalen finished his last 20 km 6 minutes faster than Grøttumsbraaten, but had to be content with 4th place. Persson in 5th place was 16 minutes behind Mårdalen, and all 8 skiers from the Nordic countries that finished the race took the 8th first places. The Italians were the best of the Middle Europeans, placing 9-10-11-13.

The Norwegian journalist Finn Amundsen, later a famous sports commentator for Norwegain radio, wired an enthusiastic report home to his paper Idrætsliv under the heading “Vi viste verden vinterveien!” (We showed the world the winter way!), later to become a famous slogan for Norwegian winter sports.

123Thorleif HaugNOR3-44:32Gold
232Thoralf StrømstadNOR3-46:23Silver
34Johan GrøttumsbraatenNOR3-47:46Bronze
48Jon MårdalenNOR3-49:48
518Torkel PerssonSWE4-05:59
69Ernst AlmSWE4-06:31
710Matti RaivioFIN4-06:50
828Oskar LindbergSWE4-07:44
911Enrico ColliITA4-10:50
1030Giuseppe GhedinaITA4-27:48
1131Vincenzo ColliITA4-31:34
1219Štěpán HevákTCH4-44:58
136Benigno FerreraITA4-45:39
1422Anton GottsteinTCH4-45:48
1515Édouard Pouteil-NobleFRA4-58:27
1626Auguste PerrinFRA5-04:16
1716Josef NěmeckýTCH5-05:06
1827Camille MédyFRA5-10:44
1914Oldřich KolářTCH5-18:14
2013Ferenc NémethHUN6-16:32
2124Szczepan WitkowskiPOL6-25:58
DNF12Per Erik HedlundSWE
DNF21Tapani NikuFIN
DNF1André BlussetFRA
DNF33Erkki KämäräinenFIN
DNF25Simon JulenSUI
DNF17Dušan ZinajaYUG
DNF2Roberts PlūmeLAT
DNF5Mirko PandakovićYUG
DNF7Hans HerrmannSUI
DNF20Zdenko ŠvigeljYUG
DNF29Alfred AufdenblattenSUI
DNF3Anton CollinFIN
DNSErnest AppleyardGBR
DNSGuy ClarksonGBR
DNSAllan CurrieGBR
DNSChris MackintoshGBR
DNSAlfons JulenSUI
DNSJohn CarletonUSA
DNSAnders HaugenUSA
DNSRagnar OmtvedtUSA
DNSSigurd OverbyUSA
DNSMilivoj BenkovićYUG