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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date27 July – 1 August 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants40 from 34 countries

The defending champion was Kazakhstan’s Dmitry Balandin, who also won the 2019 World Championships, but he was no longer considered much of a threat and would not make the final. The favorite seemed to be world record holder Anton Chupkov of the Russian Olympic Committee team, who had won bronze at the 2019 Worlds. Arno Kamminga of the Netherlands had won silver at Tokyo in the 100 breaststroke and was also highly considered.

Chupkov and Kamminga both qualified for the final but the heats and semi-finals were led by Australian Zac Stubblety-Cook, who led the world list coming into Tokyo with his 2:06.28 at the Australian Olympic Trials (Stubblety-Cook and Kamminga actually co-led the preliminary round in 2:07.37).

Kamminga took the final out fast, leading at the 50, 100, and 150 metre marks, as Stubblety-Cook lingered back in sixth and fifth place, and Chupkov was eighth and last for much of the early going. However, Kamminga died on the final lap, recording the slowest split of the finalists and barely hung on for the silver medal. Stubblety-Cook recorded the fastest final 50 split in the final by over 7/10ths of a second and came on for gold, as Chupkov was touched out for bronze by little known Matti Mattsson of Finland.

1Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:07.37 (=1 h4)2:07.35 (1 h2)2:06.38 (1)Gold
2Arno KammingaNED2:07.37 (=1 h4)2:07.99 (1 h1)2:07.01 (2)Silver
3Matti MattssonFIN2:08.44 (1 h3)2:08.22 (3 h2)2:07.13 (3)Bronze
4Anton ChupkovROC2:08.54 (2 h5)2:08.54 (4 h2)2:07.24 (4)
5Nic FinkUSA2:08.48 (1 h5)2:08.00 (2 h1)2:07.93 (5)
6James WilbyGBR2:09.70 (4 h3)2:07.91 (2 h2)2:08.19 (6)
7Ryuya MuraJPN2:09.00 (3 h4)2:08.27 (3 h1)2:08.42 (7)
8Erik PerssonSWE2:08.76 (3 h5)2:08.76 (4 h1)2:08.88 (8)
9Kirill PrigodaROC2:09.21 (4 h4)2:08.88 (5 h2)
10Shoma SatoJPN2:09.43 (2 h3)2:09.04 (6 h2)
11Dmitry BalandinKAZ2:08.99 (4 h5)2:09.22 (7 h2)
=12Ross MurdochGBR2:09.95 (5 h3)2:09.97 (=5 h1)
=12Antoine ViqueratFRA2:09.54 (3 h3)2:09.97 (=5 h1)
14Matt WilsonAUS2:09.29 (5 h5)2:10.10 (7 h1)
15Lyubo EpitropovBUL2:09.68 (5 h4)2:10.33 (8 h1)
16Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU2:09.56 (6 h5)2:10.69 (8 h2)
17Andrew WilsonUSA2:09.97 (6 h4)
18Denis PetrashovKGZ2:10.07 (1 h2)
19Cho Seong-JaeKOR2:10.17 (6 h3)
20Marco KochGER2:10.18 (7 h3)
21Caspar CorbeauNED2:10.21 (7 h4)
22Berkay ÖğretirTUR2:10.73 (8 h4)
23Darragh GreeneIRL2:11.09 (7 h5)
24Anton McKeeISL2:11.64 (2 h2)
25Martin AllikveeEST2:12.60 (3 h2)
26Amro Al-WirJOR2:12.61 (4 h2)
27Ron PolonskyISR2:12.71 (5 h2)
28Christopher RothbauerAUT2:13.19 (8 h3)
29Tyler ChristiansonPAN2:13.41 (1 h1)
30Jorge MurilloCOL2:13.46 (6 h2)
31Daniils BobrovsLAT2:14.25 (7 h2)
32Ryan MaskelynePNG2:15.33 (2 h1)
33Adriel SanesISV2:16.87 (8 h2)
34Josué DomínguezDOM2:17.34 (3 h1)
35Taichi VakasamaFIJ2:17.35 (4 h1)
36Izaak BastianBAH2:17.40 (5 h1)
37Julio HorregoHON2:17.51 (6 h1)
38Arnoldo HerreraCRC2:20.09 (7 h1)
39Abdul Aziz Al-ObaidlyQAT2:23.22 (8 h1)
DQQin HaiyangCHN– (8 h5)

Round One (27 July 2021 — 19:38)

=15Arno KammingaNED2:07.37Q
=14Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:07.37Q
32Matti MattssonFIN2:08.44Q
43Nic FinkUSA2:08.48Q
54Anton ChupkovROC2:08.54Q
66Erik PerssonSWE2:08.76Q
72Dmitry BalandinKAZ2:08.99Q
83Ryuya MuraJPN2:09.00Q
92Kirill PrigodaROC2:09.21Q
105Matt WilsonAUS2:09.29Q
114Shoma SatoJPN2:09.43Q
128Antoine ViqueratFRA2:09.54Q
131Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU2:09.56Q
148Lyubo EpitropovBUL2:09.68Q
155James WilbyGBR2:09.70Q
166Ross MurdochGBR2:09.95Q
176Andrew WilsonUSA2:09.97
183Denis PetrashovKGZ2:10.07
197Cho Seong-JaeKOR2:10.17
203Marco KochGER2:10.18
217Caspar CorbeauNED2:10.21
221Berkay ÖğretirTUR2:10.73
238Darragh GreeneIRL2:11.09
244Anton McKeeISL2:11.64
255Martin AllikveeEST2:12.60
262Amro Al-WirJOR2:12.61
277Ron PolonskyISR2:12.71
281Christopher RothbauerAUT2:13.19
292Tyler ChristiansonPAN2:13.41
306Jorge MurilloCOL2:13.46
318Daniils BobrovsLAT2:14.25
326Ryan MaskelynePNG2:15.33
331Adriel SanesISV2:16.87
343Josué DomínguezDOM2:17.34
354Taichi VakasamaFIJ2:17.35
365Izaak BastianBAH2:17.40
377Julio HorregoHON2:17.51
381Arnoldo HerreraCRC2:20.09
398Abdul Aziz Al-ObaidlyQAT2:23.22
DQ7Qin HaiyangCHN

Heat One (19:38)

12Tyler ChristiansonPAN2:13.410.65
26Ryan MaskelynePNG2:15.330.63
33Josué DomínguezDOM2:17.340.61
44Taichi VakasamaFIJ2:17.350.72
55Izaak BastianBAH2:17.400.60
67Julio HorregoHON2:17.510.70
71Arnoldo HerreraCRC2:20.090.67
88Abdul Aziz Al-ObaidlyQAT2:23.220.67

Heat Two (19:44)

13Denis PetrashovKGZ2:10.070.76
24Anton McKeeISL2:11.640.60
35Martin AllikveeEST2:12.600.64
42Amro Al-WirJOR2:12.610.66
57Ron PolonskyISR2:12.710.68
66Jorge MurilloCOL2:13.460.66
78Daniils BobrovsLAT2:14.250.68
81Adriel SanesISV2:16.870.64

Heat Three (19:50)

12Matti MattssonFIN2:08.440.66Q
24Shoma SatoJPN2:09.430.63Q
38Antoine ViqueratFRA2:09.540.67Q
45James WilbyGBR2:09.700.67Q
56Ross MurdochGBR2:09.950.63Q
67Cho Seong-JaeKOR2:10.170.66
73Marco KochGER2:10.180.70
81Christopher RothbauerAUT2:13.190.65

Heat Four (19:56)

=15Arno KammingaNED2:07.370.64Q
=14Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:07.370.68Q
33Ryuya MuraJPN2:09.000.59Q
42Kirill PrigodaROC2:09.210.58Q
58Lyubo EpitropovBUL2:09.680.69Q
66Andrew WilsonUSA2:09.970.62
77Caspar CorbeauNED2:10.210.68
81Berkay ÖğretirTUR2:10.730.64

Heat Five (20:02)

13Nic FinkUSA2:08.480.71Q
24Anton ChupkovROC2:08.540.65Q
36Erik PerssonSWE2:08.760.67Q
42Dmitry BalandinKAZ2:08.990.68Q
55Matt WilsonAUS2:09.290.64Q
61Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU2:09.560.68Q
78Darragh GreeneIRL2:11.090.62
87Qin HaiyangCHNDQ

Semi-Finals (28 July 2021 — 11:21)

14Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:07.35Q
28James WilbyGBR2:07.91Q
34Arno KammingaNED2:07.99Q
45Nic FinkUSA2:08.00Q
55Matti MattssonFIN2:08.22Q
66Ryuya MuraJPN2:08.27Q
73Anton ChupkovROC2:08.54Q
83Erik PerssonSWE2:08.76Q
92Kirill PrigodaROC2:08.88
107Shoma SatoJPN2:09.04
116Dmitry BalandinKAZ2:09.22
=128Ross MurdochGBR2:09.97
=127Antoine ViqueratFRA2:09.97
142Matt WilsonAUS2:10.10
151Lyubo EpitropovBUL2:10.33
161Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU2:10.69

Heat One (11:21)

14Arno KammingaNED2:07.990.65Q
25Nic FinkUSA2:08.000.72Q
36Ryuya MuraJPN2:08.270.62Q
43Erik PerssonSWE2:08.760.66Q
=58Ross MurdochGBR2:09.970.66
=57Antoine ViqueratFRA2:09.970.65
72Matt WilsonAUS2:10.100.63
81Lyubo EpitropovBUL2:10.330.68

Heat Two (11:28)

14Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:07.350.69Q
28James WilbyGBR2:07.910.65Q
35Matti MattssonFIN2:08.220.67Q
43Anton ChupkovROC2:08.540.58Q
52Kirill PrigodaROC2:08.880.59
67Shoma SatoJPN2:09.040.61
76Dmitry BalandinKAZ2:09.220.66
81Andrius ŠidlauskasLTU2:10.690.68

Final (29 July 2021 — 10:44)

14Zac Stubblety-CookAUS2:06.380.65OR
23Arno KammingaNED2:07.010.65
32Matti MattssonFIN2:07.130.68
41Anton ChupkovROC2:07.240.62
56Nic FinkUSA2:07.930.71
65James WilbyGBR2:08.190.65
77Ryuya MuraJPN2:08.420.59
88Erik PerssonSWE2:08.880.66