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1,500 metres, Men

Date 9 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants36 from 16 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:10.485 / Im Hyo-Jun KOR / 10 February 2018

Already with two gold medals to his name (the 1,000 m and the mixed relay), China’s Ren Ziwei was the favorite for the 1,500 m. Ren had also won the last two World Cup races of the season, with the others going to 35-year-old Yuri Confortola and Semyon Yelistratov. Veteran star Charles Hamelin had claimed two of the world titles since the 2018 Olympics (2018 and 2021), while the 2019 champion Im Hyo-Jun was not in competition after a harassment scandal and nationality change.

The quarter-finals proceeded without major incidents or upsets. The first two semi-finals were also fairly uneventful, but the third, which featured Ren, Hamelin, Confortola, as well as Shaoang Liu, bronze medallist in the 1,000 m, and Park Jang-Hyuk, who had earned three World Cup bronzes earlier in the year, saw some drama. Early in the race, Hamelin blocked Confortola and Treacy in an overtake attempt, causing the Italian to crash. Similarly, Ren arm blocked Galiakhmetov, meaning both Ren and Hamelin were penalized. All of the five other racers qualified for the final, bringing that to a massive 10-person field.

There were no penalties in the final, which saw a lot of lead changes in the opening laps. With 9 laps to go, Hwang Dae-Heon, moved up from the middle of the pack to the lead, passing all on the outside within a lap. Closely followed by Steven Dubois and Yelistratov, the Korean then gradually increased the pace, making it very hard for the others to pass. Despite furious attempts by among others Yelistratov, the top three did not change again. It was Hwang’s second Olympic medal, having won silver in the 2018 500 m, while Yelistratov retained the bronze he had also won in PyeongChang.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
152Hwang Dae-HeonKORAF-11-12:09.219Gold
216Steven DuboisCANAF-26-32:09.254Silver
33Semyon YelistratovROCAF-32-22:09.267Bronze
41Shaoang LiuHUNAF-41-22:09.409
546Lee Jun-SeoKORAF-51-12:09.622
62Shaolin Sándor LiuHUNAF-62-12:09.213
7195Park Jang-HyeokKORAF-72-32:10.176
815Adil GaliakhmetovKAZAF-84-22:11.584
9114Farrell TreacyGBRAF-93-32:11.988
1020Yuri ConfortolaITAAF-105-42:12.384
1166John-Henry KruegerHUNBF-15-32:12.525
1257Denis AyrapetyanROCBF-23-32:09.776
139Stijn DesmetBELBF-35-32:11.169
1464Sven RoesNEDBF-44-22:10.841
1525Reinis BērziņšLATBF-54-52:14.714
1659Kazuki YoshinagaJPNBF-63-22:12.450
1713Vladislav BykanovISRSF-66-42:09.932
1872Pascal DionCANSF-77-22:09.723
196Charles HamelinCANSF-DQDQ-12:11.239
2014Sjinkie KnegtNEDSF-DQDQ-12:12.208
2154Ren ZiweiCHNSF-DQDQ-12:15.084
2278Kota KikuchiJPNQF-42:15.243
2373Quentin FercoqFRAQF-42:15.347
2460Daniil EybogROCQF-42:16.975
2575Sun LongCHNQF-42:19.244
2634Roberts KrūzbergsLATQF-52:10.999
2777Shogo MiyataJPNQF-52:13.799
2819Andrew HeoUSAQF-52:19.482
294Sébastien LepapeFRAQF-52:41.547
305Itzhak de LaatNEDQF-53:08.907
3127Michał NiewińskiPOLQF-62:12.852
3210Luca SpechenhauserITAQF-62:56.796
33206Zhang TianyiCHNQF-6
DQ7Pietro SighelITA
DQ17Denis NikishaKAZ
DQ23Ryan PivirottoUSA

Round One (9 February 2022 — 19:00)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1 (19:00)

12Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN2:09.213QOR
21Pascal DionCAN2:09.723Q
34Denis AyrapetyanROC2:09.776Q
43Vladislav BykanovISR2:09.932q
55Roberts KrūzbergsLAT2:10.999
66Michał NiewińskiPOL2:12.852

Heat #2

16Lee Jun-SeoKOR2:18.630Q
24Sven RoesNED2:18.687Q
32Stijn DesmetBEL2:19.112Q
41Sun LongCHN2:19.244
55Andrew HeoUSA2:19.482
DQ3Pietro SighelITA

Heat #3

12Hwang Dae-HeonKOR2:14.910Q
21Semyon YelistratovROC2:15.094Q
33Steven DuboisCAN2:15.123Q
46Kota KikuchiJPN2:15.243
54Reinis BērziņšLAT2:15.371ADV
DQ5Ryan PivirottoUSA

Heat #4

13Charles HamelinCAN2:11.239Q
22Adil GaliakhmetovKAZ2:11.823Q
31Park Jang-HyeokKOR2:12.116Q
45Quentin FercoqFRA2:15.347
54Itzhak de LaatNED3:08.907
DQ6Denis NikishaKAZ

Heat #5

11Sjinkie KnegtNED2:12.208Q
24Kazuki YoshinagaJPN2:12.450Q
33John-Henry KruegerHUN2:12.525Q
42Yuri ConfortolaITA2:12.853q
55Shogo MiyataJPN2:13.799
66Zhang TianyiCHN

Heat #6

11Ren ZiweiCHN2:15.084Q
23Shaoang LiuHUN2:15.376Q
35Farrell TreacyGBR2:16.880Q
46Daniil EybogROC2:16.975
52Sébastien LepapeFRA2:41.547
64Luca SpechenhauserITA2:56.796

Semi-Finals (9 February 2022 — 20:29)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1 (20:29)

15Lee Jun-SeoKOR2:10.586Q
21Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN2:10.685Q
33Denis AyrapetyanROC2:10.773
46Sven RoesNED2:10.841
57Stijn DesmetBEL2:11.169
64Vladislav BykanovISR2:13.491
72Pascal DionCAN2:15.271

Heat #2

14Hwang Dae-HeonKOR2:13.188Q
25Semyon YelistratovROC2:13.229Q
32Kazuki YoshinagaJPN2:14.014
47Reinis BērziņšLAT2:14.714
53John-Henry KruegerHUN2:18.671
66Steven DuboisCAN2:38.000ADV
DQ1Sjinkie KnegtNED

Heat #3

16Shaoang LiuHUN2:12.519Q
23Park Jang-HyeokKOR2:12.751Q
37Farrell TreacyGBR2:13.736ADV
42Adil GaliakhmetovKAZ2:18.291ADV
54Yuri ConfortolaITAADV
DQ1Charles HamelinCAN
DQ5Ren ZiweiCHN

Final Round (9 February 2022 — 21:13)

B Final (21:13)

16John-Henry KruegerHUN2:18.059
21Denis AyrapetyanROC2:18.076
33Stijn DesmetBEL2:18.278
42Sven RoesNED2:18.299
55Reinis BērziņšLAT2:18.499
64Kazuki YoshinagaJPN2:18.585

A Final (21:20)

15Hwang Dae-HeonKOR2:09.219
29Steven DuboisCAN2:09.254
36Semyon YelistratovROC2:09.267
43Shaoang LiuHUN2:09.409
51Lee Jun-SeoKOR2:09.622
62Shaolin Sándor LiuHUN2:09.953
74Park Jang-HyeokKOR2:10.176
88Adil GaliakhmetovKAZ2:11.584
97Farrell TreacyGBR2:11.988
1010Yuri ConfortolaITA2:12.384