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10 kilometres, Women

Date28 January 1956 — 10:00
LocationStadio della Neve, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Participants40 from 11 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 90 m
Maximum Climb: 74 m
Total Climbing: 250 m

The 10 km. for ladies was first contested at the Oslo Games in 1952, and four years later the starting field had doubled from 20 skiers to 40 in Cortina. The event appeared on the FIS World Championship program in 1954, with Soviet skier Lyubov Kozyreva winning ahead of the Finns Siiri Rantanen and Mirja Hietamies. Kozyreva had also won the pre-Olympic trial at Cortina in 1955.

No official intermediate times were taken during the event, and the first starter on the Soviet team, Anna Kaaleste, with start number 7, took an early lead at the finish with a time of 40:29. The next Soviet skier to reach the finish, start number 15 Radiya Yeroshina, ended her race in excellent style with 38:16, over two minutes faster than the current leader. Alevtina Kolchina, married to double bronze medalist Pavel Kolchin, finished a few minutes later and was half a minute behind Yeroshina in second place, and the next to come was Kozyreva. The World Champion had to struggle hard to beat Yeroshina with a scant five second margin. From one of the latest starting numbers, the 25-year-old Swede Sonja Edström was able to split the leading Soviet trio and secured a surprising bronze medal, only 12 seconds behind the Olympic Champion Kozyreva. Kozyreva won the first gold medal by a Soviet woman at the Olympics.

132Lyubov KozyrevaURS38:11– (–)Gold
215Radya YeroshinaURS38:16– (–)Silver
338Sonja EdströmSWE38:23– (–)Bronze
428Alevtina KolchinaURS38:46– (–)
537Siiri RantanenFIN39:40– (–)
621Mirja HietamiesFIN40:18– (–)
729Irma JohanssonSWE40:20– (–)
89Sirkka PolkunenFIN40:25– (–)
97Anna KaalesteURS40:29– (–)
1031Kjelfrid BrusveenNOR40:38– (–)
1122Rakel WahlNOR40:49– (–)
1214Sanna KieroFIN40:52– (–)
1311Anna-Lisa ErikssonSWE40:56– (–)
=143Barbro MartinssonSWE41:04– (–)
=1440Eva LauermanováTCH41:04– (–)
1627Maria Gąsienica Bukowa-KowalskaPOL41:09– (–)
1734Józefa PęksaPOL41:28– (–)1
1830Zofia KrzeptowskaPOL41:37– (–)
1933Libuše PatočkováTCH41:52– (–)
=2013Sonnhilde HausschildGER42:22– (–)
=208Else AmannGER42:22– (–)
2235Gina ReglandNOR42:42– (–)
234Ildegarda TaffraITA42:51– (–)
2418Helena Gąsienica DanielPOL43:09– (–)
2526Olga KrasilováTCH43:10– (–)
2620Elfriede UhligGER43:15– (–)
2710Ingrid WigernæsNOR43:40– (–)
286Eva BenešováTCH43:42– (–)
2917Rita Czech-BlaselGER43:51– (–)
3023Rita BotteroITA44:03– (–)
3119Fides RomaninITA44:17– (–)
3241Amalija BelajYUG45:32– (–)
3336Mara RekarYUG45:36– (–)
345Mariya DimovaBUL45:52– (–)
351Nada KustecYUG46:03– (–)2
3624Biserka VodenličYUG46:28– (–)
3712Anita ParmesaniITA47:37– (–)
38Iuliana SimonROU49:32– (–)
39Ștefania BotcariuROU49:37– (–)
ACMargareta ArvayROU– (–)DQ3