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4 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date21 February 1988 — 9:30
LocationCanmore Nordic Centre, Canmore
Participants48 from 12 countries
Venue detailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 98 m
Maximum Climb: 50 m
Total Climbing: 204 m

The only question was the margin of victory for the Soviet Union women. In the three individual events in Calgary, they won seven of the nine medals, sweeping all the medals in 20 km, and had four of the top five finishers in the 10 km. Their team had won the World Championship relay in 1985 and 1987. Their opening skier was Svetlana Nageykina who opened a 13.9 second lead over East Germany. On the second leg, Nina Gavrylyuk increased the lead to 35.8 seconds, East Germany still in second. But the race was over. Finland would move into second at the final exchange, trailing the Soviets by well over a minute, with Norway third. On the final leg, Marianne Dahlmo would outski Finland’s Jaana Savolainen by over 32 seconds, bringing Norway a comfortable silver medal, although Finland held on for bronze, and would win the event at the 1989 World Championships. For the Soviet Union, it was their fourth gold medal in the event in their ninth, and with the dissolution of the country in 1991, final try at the relay.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
14Soviet UnionURS59:51.1Gold
4-1Sviatlana Nahieykina15:12.415:12.4 (1)
4-2Nina Gavrylyuk15:06.730:19.1 (1)
4-3Tamara Tikhonova14:53.945:13.0 (1)
4-4Anfisa Reztsova14:38.159:51.1 (1)
1-1Trude Dybendahl15:37.815:37.8 (4)
1-2Marit Wold15:32.231:10.0 (4)
1-3Anne Jahren15:31.646:41.6 (3)
1-4Marianne Dahlmo14:51.41-01:33.0 (2)
3-1Pirkko Määttä15:46.015:46.0 (5)
3-2Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi15:22.131:08.1 (3)
3-3Marjo Matikainen15:21.846:29.9 (2)
3-4Jaana Savolainen15:23.91-01:53.8 (3)
6-1Karin Thomas15:26.815:26.8 (3)
6-2Sandra Parpan16:24.731:51.5 (6)
6-3Evi Kratzer15:40.347:31.8 (4)
6-4Christina Gilli-Brügger14:27.61-01:59.4 (4)
58East GermanyGDR1-02:19.9
8-1Kerstin Moring15:26.315:26.3 (2)
8-2Simone Opitz15:28.630:54.9 (2)
8-3Silke Braun16:42.447:37.3 (5)
8-4Simone Greiner-Petter14:42.61-02:19.9 (5)
5-1Lis Frost16:36.516:36.5 (8)
5-2Anna-Lena Fritzon15:16.331:52.8 (7)
5-3Karin Lamberg-Skog16:01.647:54.4 (6)
5-4Marie-Helene Westin14:30.51-02:24.9 (6)
2-1Ľubomíra Balážová16:45.816:45.8 (9)
2-2Viera Klimková15:28.332:14.1 (9)
2-3Ivana Rádlová16:28.448:42.5 (8)
2-4Alžbeta Havrančíková14:54.61-03:37.1 (7)
87United StatesUSA1-04:08.8
7-1Dorcas DenHartog15:56.615:56.6 (7)
7-2Leslie Thompson15:31.631:28.2 (5)
7-3Nancy Fiddler16:34.348:02.5 (7)
7-4Leslie Krichko16:06.31-04:08.8 (8)
11-1Angela Schmidt-Foster15:52.415:52.4 (6)
11-2Carol Gibson16:19.332:11.7 (8)
11-3Lorna Sasseville16:36.248:47.9 (9)
11-4Marie-Andrée Masson15:34.71-04:22.6 (9)
9-1Klara Angerer17:02.617:02.6 (11)
9-2Guidina Dal Sasso15:31.232:33.8 (10)
9-3Elena Desderi16:46.749:20.5 (10)
9-4Stefania Belmondo15:03.11-04:23.6 (10)
1112West GermanyFRG1-05:48.6
12-1Stefanie Birkelbach17:02.017:02.0 (10)
12-2Karin Jäger15:49.732:51.7 (11)
12-3Birgit Kohlrusch16:51.149:42.8 (11)
12-4Sonja Bilgeri16:05.81-05:48.6 (11)
10-1Ileana Hangan18:58.918:58.9 (12)
10-2Mihaela Cârstoi17:38.536:37.4 (12)
10-3Adina Ţuţulan17:44.854:22.2 (12)
10-4Rodica Drăguș16:37.71-10:59.9 (12)