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5/10 kilometres Pursuit, Women

Date13 February 1992
LocationLes Saisies
Participants58 from 21 countries
Format5 kilometres classical style race on day one. On day two, runners left in order of their finish in the 5 kilometres classical, based on time differential, and skiied 10 kilometres freestyle, with final placements determined by finish of that race.
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 87 m
Maximum Climb: 61 m
Total Climbing: 381 m

This was the first time the pursuit was contested at the Winter Olympics, and it would not feature at the World Championships until the next year. The event consisted of results from the 5 km individual race, skied in the classical style. In the second section, skiers skied 10 km freestyle, starting in the order of their placements from the 5 km. Thus, the first skier across the line was the winner of the race. The co-leaders at the start were Marjut Lukkarinen, winner of the 5 km, and Lyubov Yegorova, who had won the silver in that event. The margin of victory in that race had been 0.9 seconds, but because starting margins are rounded down to the lesser second, they started together. Yegorova would post the fastest freestyle time to win the gold medal in this event. The fourth starter, Stefania Belmondo, took the early lead in the freestyle section, but Yegorova moved ahead at 6.5 km and defeated her by over 24 seconds. Yelena Välbe started third, having finished third in the 5 km, she posted the third fastest freestyle section, and won the bronze medal in this event as well. Lukkarinen dropped back to fouth place, with only the seventh fastest freestyle split. In 1993, Belmondo would win the inaugural World Championship in this event, with Yegorova placing third.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeStart BehindRace Time (Pos)
12Lyubov YegorovaEUN25:53.725:53.7 (1)Gold
24Stefania BelmondoITA26:17.8+0:1226:05.8 (2)Silver
33Yelena VälbeEUN26:37.7+0:0826:29.7 (3)Bronze
41Marjut LukkarinenFIN26:52.126:52.1 (7)
5Elin NilsenNOR27:13.9+0:3726:36.9 (4)
69Marie-Helene WestinSWE27:14.2+0:2826:46.2 (6)
75Inger Helene NybråtenNOR27:21.1+0:1927:02.1 (8)
87Larisa LazutinaEUN27:34.8+0:2727:07.8 (10)
922Isabelle ManciniFRA27:39.3+0:5826:41.3 (5)
1012Manuela Di CentaITA27:55.7+0:4127:14.7 (12)
116Olga DanilovaEUN28:10.2+0:2327:47.2 (21)
1227Simone OpitzGER28:17.3+1:1127:06.3 (9)
1315Sylvia HoneggerSUI28:17.7+0:4927:28.7 (15)
1416Gabriele HeßGER28:19.2+0:4927:30.2 (16)
158Solveig PedersenNOR28:26.6+0:2827:58.6 (25)
1623Gabriella ParuzziITA28:38.8+1:0027:38.8 (19)
1734Alžbeta HavrančíkováTCH28:39.9+1:3027:09.9 (11)
1826Jaana SavolainenFIN28:43.1+1:0627:37.1 (18)
1930Fumiko AokiJPN28:44.4+1:1927:25.4 (13)
2028Bice VanzettaITA28:48.7+1:1427:34.7 (17)
2124Dorota KwaśnyPOL28:54.7+1:0227:52.7 (22)
2213Kateřina NeumannováTCH28:56.5+0:4528:11.5 (28)
2314Carina GörlinSWE28:57.6+0:4728:10.6 (26)
2418Iveta ZelingerováTCH29:03.4+0:5228:11.4 (27)
2517Heike WezelGER29:08.6+0:5028:18.6 (30)
2611Ľubomíra BalážováTCH29:11.0+0:4028:31.0 (34)
2736Bernadetta BocekPOL29:14.3+1:3327:41.3 (20)
2819Vida VencienėLTU29:19.1+0:5428:25.1 (32)
2925Nancy FiddlerUSA29:24.9+1:0528:19.9 (31)
3035Karin SäterkvistSWE29:27.6+1:3027:57.6 (24)
3149Sophie VilleneuveFRA29:28.5+2:0127:27.5 (14)
3245Sylvie Giry-RoussetFRA29:46.3+1:5227:54.3 (23)
3329Tuulikki PyykkönenFIN30:02.5+1:1728:45.5 (37)
3448Naomi HoshikawaJPN30:10.8+1:5928:11.8 (29)
3533Ann-Marie KarlssonSWE30:14.1+1:3028:44.1 (36)
3644Elvira KnechtSUI30:17.2+1:5128:26.2 (33)
3720Brigitte AlbrechtSUI30:28.8+0:5529:33.8 (44)
3842Manuela OschmannGER30:52.5+1:4729:05.5 (40)
3946Lucy SteeleCAN30:57.4+1:5429:03.4 (39)
4041Rhonda DeLongCAN31:01.8+1:4529:16.8 (41)
4152Leslie ThompsonUSA31:05.1+2:1428:51.1 (38)
4232Barbara MettlerSUI31:16.3+1:1929:57.3 (47)
4343Miwa OtaJPN31:17.3+1:4929:28.3 (43)
4455Halina NowakPOL31:18.4+2:4228:36.4 (35)
4538Piret NiglasEST31:36.6+1:4129:55.6 (46)
4637Marie-Pierre GuilbaudFRA31:41.3+1:3930:02.3 (48)
4754Yumi InomataJPN31:58.6+2:3529:23.6 (42)
4847Ingrid ButtsUSA31:59.7+1:5430:05.7 (49)
4953Jane VincentCAN32:10.7+2:3329:37.7 (45)
5050Reneta BanchevaBUL32:28.3+2:0230:26.3 (50)
5139Angela Schmidt-FosterCAN32:30.1+1:4230:48.1 (51)
5256Nina KemppelUSA33:56.7+2:5930:57.7 (52)
5351Li Gyong-HuiPRK33:58.8+2:1231:46.8 (53)
5459Anna BozsikHUN36:39.8+4:1532:24.8 (54)
5557Gong GuipingCHN36:46.2+3:3433:12.2 (55)
5658Wang YanCHN38:30.3+3:4334:47.3 (56)
5760Inés AlderARG39:41.4+4:1735:24.4 (57)
5862Jenny Palacios-StilloHON48:49.6+9:0739:42.6 (58)
DNS21Trude DybendahlNOR+0:57– (–)
DNS31Marja-Liisa KirvesniemiFIN+1:20– (–)
DNS40Małgorzata RuchałaPOL+1:43– (–)
DNS61Li Gyong-AePRK+4:41– (–)