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Flyweight (≤51 kilograms), Men

Date22 July – 2 August 1980
LocationTsentralnaya arena, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants22 from 22 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Viktor Miroshnychenko had a difficult task to reach the Olympic final but the Soviet boxer eliminated world silver medalist Jorge Hernández and world champion Henryk Średnicki to progress. His opponent in the final was Petar Lesov of Bulgaria and it was the Bulgarian who would take the gold medal after the referee stopped the contest in the second round. Lesov proved himself a worthy champion by winning the next two editions of the European Championships and would have been amongst the favourites for the 1984 Olympic Games but for the Soviet-led boycott. A bout of hepatitis stalled his career from 1985 onwards but, after the fall of the Berlin Wall had made it possible, he turned professional in 1991. This proved a disaster for his reputation as he lost all five of his fights against moderate opposition.

1Petar LesovBULGold
2Viktor MiroshnichenkoURSSilver
=3Hugh RussellIRLBronze
=3János VáradiHUNBronze
=5Jo Ryon-SikPRK
=5Daniel RaduROU
=5Gilberto RománMEX
=5Henryk ŚrednickiPOL
=9Alberto MercadoPUR
=9Hassan SherifETH
=9Emmanuel MlundwaTAN
=9Armando GuevaraVEN
=9Keith WallaceGBR
=9Rabi Raj ThapaNEP
=9Jorge HernándezCUB
=9Webbyego MwanguZAM
=17Barry AguibouGUI
=17Onofre RamírezNCA
=17Talal El-ChawaSYR
=17Amal DasIND
=17Samir KhenyabIRQ
=17Nyamyn NarantuyaaMGL

Round One

Date22 July 1980
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #122 JulJorge HernándezCUB
Match #222 JulViktor MiroshnichenkoURS
Match #322 JulWebbyego MwanguZAM
Match #422 JulHenryk ŚrednickiPOL
Match #522 JulDaniel RaduROU
Match #622 JulKeith WallaceGBR
Match #722 JulRabi Raj ThapaNEP
Match #822 JulJános VáradiHUN
Match #922 JulAlberto MercadoPUR
Match #1022 JulGilberto RománMEX
Match #1122 JulPetar LesovBULDecisionOnofre RamírezNCA
Match #1222 JulHassan SherifETHDisqualifiedBarry AguibouGUI
Match #1322 JulEmmanuel MlundwaTANReferee stops contest (head blow)Talal El-ChawaSYR
Match #1422 JulHugh RussellIRLDecisionSamir KhenyabIRQ
Match #1522 JulJo Ryon-SikPRKDecisionAmal DasIND
Match #1622 JulArmando GuevaraVENDecisionNyamyn NarantuyaaMGL

Round Two

Date26 July 1980
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #126 JulViktor MiroshnichenkoURSDecisionJorge HernándezCUB
Match #226 JulHenryk ŚrednickiPOLDecisionWebbyego MwanguZAM
Match #326 JulDaniel RaduROUDecisionKeith WallaceGBR
Match #426 JulJános VáradiHUNReferee stops contest (head blow)Rabi Raj ThapaNEP
Match #526 JulGilberto RománMEXReferee stops contestAlberto MercadoPUR
Match #626 JulPetar LesovBULDecisionHassan SherifETH
Match #726 JulHugh RussellIRLDecisionEmmanuel MlundwaTAN
Match #826 JulJo Ryon-SikPRKDecisionArmando GuevaraVEN


Date29 July 1980
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #129 JulViktor MiroshnichenkoURSDecisionHenryk ŚrednickiPOL
Match #229 JulJános VáradiHUNDecisionDaniel RaduROU
Match #329 JulPetar LesovBULDecisionGilberto RománMEX
Match #429 JulHugh RussellIRLDecisionJo Ryon-SikPRK


Date31 July 1980
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #131 JulViktor MiroshnichenkoURSDecisionJános VáradiHUN
Match #231 JulPetar LesovBULDecisionHugh RussellIRL

Final Round

Date2 August 1980
Match 1/202 AugPetar LesovBULReferee stops contestViktor MiroshnichenkoURS