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Two, Men1

Date14 – 15 February 1936
LocationOlympia-Bobbahn, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Participants46 from 13 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
Venue detailsCurves: 17
Length: 1525 m
Start Altitude: 919 m
Vertical Drop: 129 m

The competition in the two-man event was wide open. There was defending World Champion Reto Capadrutt of Switzerland, and home favourite Hanns Kilian of Garmisch. The Romanians entered 1934 World Champion Alexandru Frim, and Britain sent 4-man bronze medallist Freddie McEvoy. But none of these crews would medal. The 1935 North American Championships were rather unknown in Europe, but that did not mean they weren’t strong. Ivan Brown and Al Washbond basically decided the competition competition in the very first run, taking an insurmountable lead of nearly three seconds. They did not win any of the remaining runs, but still had a rather comfortable 1.35 second lead over Switzerland II. That sled was steered by Fritz Feierabend, who had already won a silver medal in the four-man event as a crewman for Capadrutt. He had placed 6th in the first run, but won the three remaining runs to move up to the silver medal position. Third place was taken by the second USA sled, which was steered by Gil Colgate, Jr. He was the great-grandson of the William Colgate, founder of the soap and toothpaste company Colgate (now Colgate-Palmolive). He would later become a director of that corporation.

Further back in the field, Eduard, Baron von Falz-Fein was one of the first four competitors from the tiny nation of Liechtenstein to compete in the Olympics. He had founded the Liechtenstein NOC the previous year to make participation possible. The Baron would return to the Olympics no less than 15 times, in various official functions, including for the Liechtensteinstein NOC, the Liechtenstein Cycling Association, and the International Luge Federation.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
1United States IUSA5:29.291:22.50 (1)1:21.02 (2)1:25.39 (3)1:20.38 (2)Gold
Ivan BrownAl Washbond
2Switzerland IISUI5:30.641:26.34 (6)1:20.31 (1)1:24.11 (1)1:19.88 (1)Silver
Fritz FeierabendJoseph Beerli
3United States IIUSA5:33.961:25.06 (2)1:21.94 (3)1:24.80 (2)1:22.16 (3)Bronze
Gil Colgate, Jr.Dick Lawrence
4Great Britain GBR5:40.251:25.61 (4)1:23.85 (6)1:28.58 (9)1:22.21 (4)
Freddie McEvoyJames Cardno
5Germany IGER5:42.011:27.29 (7)1:24.24 (8)1:26.63 (7)1:23.85 (8)
Hanns KilianHermann von Valta
6Germany IIGER5:44.711:30.66 (12)1:23.33 (4)1:26.94 (8)1:23.78 (6)
Fritz GrauAlbert Brehme
7Switzerland ISUI5:46.231:25.45 (3)1:23.69 (5)1:34.09 (18)1:23.00 (5)
Reto CapadruttCharles Bouvier
8Belgium IBEL5:46.281:25.82 (5)1:24.35 (9)1:32.31 (16)1:23.80 (7)
René, Baron de LundenEric De Spoelberch
9Belgium IIBEL5:47.321:31.73 (16)1:24.05 (7)1:26.13 (6)1:25.41 (11)
Max HoubenMartial Van Schelle
10Netherlands NED5:48.111:31.41 (15)1:24.99 (10)1:25.71 (4)1:26.00 (12)
Willem, Baron GeversSam Dunlop
11Italy IIITA5:51.021:30.03 (10)1:25.66 (13)1:29.04 (11)1:26.29 (14)
Edgardo VaghiDario Poggi
12Italy IITA5:51.211:33.38 (19)1:27.85 (18)1:25.78 (5)1:24.20 (9)
Tonino, Marquis Brivio SforzaCarlo Soldini
13Austria IAUT5:52.001:28.12 (8)1:25.20 (11)1:30.55 (14)1:28.13 (17)
Hanns StürerHans Rottensteiner
14France IFRA5:54.811:32.49 (17)1:25.59 (12)1:28.93 (10)1:27.80 (16)
Jean, Marquis de Suarez d'AulanJacques Bridou
15Romania IROU5:56.011:29.96 (9)1:27.26 (16)1:34.06 (17)1:24.73 (10)
Alexandru FrimTiţă Rădulescu
16Romania IIROU5:58.911:30.37 (11)1:27.58 (17)1:34.11 (19)1:26.85 (15)
Alexandru BudișteanuDumitru Gheorghiu
17Czechoslovakia IITCH5:59.471:32.53 (18)1:29.23 (20)1:31.59 (15)1:26.12 (13)
Gustav LeubnerWilhelm Blechschmidt
18Liechtenstein LIE6:01.941:30.96 (13)1:26.91 (15)1:35.27 (21)1:28.80 (18)
Eduard, Baron von Falz-FeinEugen Büchel
19Austria IIAUT6:02.301:33.71 (20)1:26.28 (14)1:30.50 (13)1:31.81 (20)
Hans VolckmarAnton Kaltenberger
20Czechoslovakia ITCH6:09.701:31.40 (14)1:28.90 (19)1:36.57 (23)1:32.83 (21)
Josef LanzendörferKarel Růžička
21France IIFRA6:20.071:41.99 (21)1:31.92 (22)1:35.09 (20)1:31.07 (19)
Anatole BozonÉmile Kleber
22Luxembourg ILUX6:32.791:45.41 (23)1:33.95 (23)1:35.96 (22)1:37.47 (22)
Raoul WeckbeckerGéza Wertheim
ACLuxembourg IILUX1:42.02 (22)1:31.91 (21)1:29.76 (12)– (AC)DNF
Henri KochBib Wagner