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Decathlon, Men

Date21 – 22 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Tiyuchang, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants40 from 28 countries
FormatScoring by 1985 point tables.

The two best decathletes since 2004 had been Czech star Roman Šebrle and American Bryan Clay. They had taken turns since that time winning the major meets, and at Athina in 2004, Šebrle had won the gold and Clay the silver. They reversed that finish at the 2005 World Championships but in 2007, Šebrle returned to win the Worlds, as Clay was nursing an injury most of that year. At the major invitational, in Götzis, Austria, Clay won in 2006, ending the streak of Šebrle, who had won from 2001-2005. But going into Beijing Clay was favored, partly because Šebrle was at less than his best from injuries, and partly because he had been outstanding at the US Olympic Trials, which he won easily. The first day of the decathlon was difficult, with intermittent rains, which at times became a downpour. Clay won the first event, the 100, in the rain, and also won the long jump, taking a solid lead. When he set a personal best of 16.27 (53-4½) in the shot put, he seemed to be on his way to the gold medal, and was on world record pace. But he jumped poorly in the high jump, and had only a mediocre 400, and he had let the field back in the chase and obviated any chance of a world record. After five events, Šebrle was in fifth, with Clay leading Belarussian Andrey Kravchenko by 89 points. On the second day, Clay ran 13.93 in the hurdles and in one of his best events, the discus, nailed it with 53.79 (176-5¾), to secure the gold medal if he could finish. When he made a height in the pole vault, the gold medal was his. Kravchenko was in second after the vault and javelin and held on in the 1,500 with 4:27.47 to get silver. Cuba’s Lionel Suárez was a surprising third, moving up from sixth place after the first day. Šebrle never factored for a medal, placing sixth. Clay struggled thru the 1,500, running 5:06.59 but won gold by 240 points.

PosNrAthleteNOCPoints100 metresLong JumpShot PutHigh Jump400 metres110 metres HurdlesDiscus ThrowPole VaultJavelin Throw1,500 metres
13148Bryan ClayUSA879110.447.7816.271.9948.9213.9353.795.0070.975:06.59Gold
21152Andrei KrauchankaBLR855110.967.6114.392.1147.3014.2144.585.0060.234:27.47Silver
31491Leonel SuárezCUB852710.907.3314.492.0547.9114.1544.454.7073.984:29.17Bronze
41722Romain BarrasFRA825311.267.0815.421.9649.5114.2145.175.0065.404:29.29
51531Roman ŠebrleCZE824111.217.6814.782.1149.5414.7145.504.8063.934:49.63
63060Oleksiy KasianovUKR823810.537.5615.151.9647.7014.3748.394.3051.594:28.94
71865André NiklausGER822011.127.2913.232.0549.6514.3745.395.2060.214:32.90
82144Maurice SmithJAM820510.857.0415.091.9947.9614.0850.914.6051.524:31.62
91867Michael SchraderGER819410.807.7013.671.9948.4714.7140.414.8060.274:26.77
101644Mikk PahapillEST817811.157.0414.362.1150.9014.5149.354.8067.074:47.03
112809Aleksey DrozdovRUS815411.027.2316.262.0251.5615.5147.435.1062.574:41.34
121646Andres RajaEST811810.897.2914.791.9648.9814.0639.834.8067.164:49.60
132495Eugène MartineauNED805511.197.1913.781.9949.9914.7344.094.7071.444:37.96
141488Yordanis GarcíaCUB799210.647.0715.821.9649.6613.9036.734.7065.605:00.49
151158Mikalai ShubianokBLR790611.316.8614.881.9950.0214.5245.804.6062.104:38.14
161156Aliaksandr ParkhomenkaBLR783811.296.9915.491.9350.7115.0645.274.7064.604:45.17
171371Qi HaifengCHN783511.157.2213.401.9349.3914.6046.464.3063.094:39.32
181286Massimo BertocchiCAN771411.007.0514.101.9048.7214.3244.914.7045.334:42.26
192349Jangy AddyLBR766510.767.3814.911.9348.5114.3142.304.2052.505:12.22
201850Daniel AwdeGBR751611.067.1212.031.7847.1614.6937.124.9053.184:44.80
212037Hadi SepehrzadIRI748310.926.8016.021.9050.7514.6450.324.0049.565:06.67
222886Damjan SitarSLO733611.217.2512.412.0550.1015.0339.254.0047.234:37.37
232948Slaven DizdarevičSVK702111.167.0213.971.9652.0215.6139.864.0043.584:51.42
241631David GómezESP687611.126.8513.581.8149.2714.6140.1762.224:30.74
251709Mikko HalvariFIN648611.186.8813.721.9350.6016.2547.7155.115:20.26
DNF1326Gonzalo BarroilhetCHI11.337.0813.231.9351.9114.2646.07
DNF3175Trey HardeeUSA10.527.7213.492.0547.7514.2043.55
DNF2330Jānis KarlivānsLAT11.367.2614.851.8451.6115.2844.54
DNF2797Aleksey SysoyevRUS11.036.7715.422.1150.71
DNF3294Pavel AndreyevUZB11.476.6214.151.99
DNF1223Carlos ChininBRA10.996.941.9949.21
DNF2425Victor CovalencoMDA11.876.5013.441.81
DNF1122Frédéric XhonneuxBEL11.416.9413.991.90
DNF1917Arthur AbeleGER10.906.4713.551.90
DNF1115Hans Van AlphenBEL11.286.5514.861.84
DNF3291Vitaly SmirnovUZB11.5613.51
DNF3212Tom PappasUSA11.127.41
DNF2001Attila ZsivóczkyHUN11.86
DNF2226Dmitry KarpovKAZ11.83
DQ2796Aleksandr PogorelovRUS[8328][11.07][7.37][16.53][2.08][50.91][14.47][50.04][5.00][64.01][5:01.56]1