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Flyweight (≤51 kilograms), Men

Date17 – 28 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Pygmakhias Peristeriou, Peristeri
Participants27 from 27 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Yuriorkis Gamboa could hardly have had a more difficult pathway to the Olympic final. In successive fights he beat 2003 World champion Somjit Jongjohor, European champion Georgiy Balakshin and Rustam Rahimov, another world championship medallist, to reach the gold medal bout against Frenchman Jérôme Thomas. In contrast 2001 World champion Thomas had reached the final without testing himself against any of the big names in the division.

Gamboa’s major assets were speed of both hands and feet and he used them to strong effect as he comfortably outpointed his French opponent to claim the gold medal. The Cuban dominated the second of the four rounds to build up a lead that Thomas never looked like closing. This meant Cuba began the second session of finals, as it had the first session, with a gold medal.

In late 2006 Gamboa and two of his team mates defected during a tournament in Venezuela. He based himself in the USA and began a career as a professional which, though 2013, has seen him remain unbeaten and win a world title in the featherweight division.

Thomas’s Olympic medal wins in 2000 and 2004 were achieved despite him suffering from a condition called “Poland Syndrome”, a birth defect in which, among other deformities, his chest muscle is missing from one side of the body. In his case his left arm and hand are smaller than his right.

1Yuriorkis GamboaCUBGold
2Jérôme ThomasFRASilver
=3Rustam RahimovGERBronze
=3Fuad AslanovAZEBronze
=5Paulus AmbundaNAM
=5Georgy BalakshinRUS
=5Andrzej RżanyPOL
=5Tolyashboy DoniyorovUZB
=9Óscar EscandónCOL
=9Jonny MendozaVEN
=9Somjit JongjohorTHA
=9Mirzhan RakhimzhanovKAZ
=9Hicham MesbahiMAR
=9Nik'oloz IzoriaGEO
=9Juan Carlos PayanoDOM
=9Ron SilerUSA
=17Kim Gi-SeokKOR
=17Igor SamoilencoMDA
=17Joseph SerranoPUR
=17Mebarek SoltaniALG
=17Bonyx Yusak SawehoINA
=17Lechedzani LuzaBOT
=17Walid CherifTUN
=17Akhil KumarIND
=17Bato-Munko VankeyevBLR
=17Bradley HoreAUS
=17Violito PaylaPHI
DNSGeorge RakotoarimbeloMAD

Round One (17 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Rustam RahimovGER Bye
Match #2 Óscar EscandónCOL Bye
Match #3 Paulus AmbundaNAM Bye
Match #4 Jonny MendozaVEN Bye
Match #5 Somjit JongjohorTHA Kim Gi-SeokKOR Decision (22 - 12)
Match #6 Yuriorkis GamboaCUB Igor SamoilencoMDA Decision (46 - 33)
Match #7 Mirzhan RakhimzhanovKAZ Joseph SerranoPUR Decision (42 - 23)
Match #8 Georgy BalakshinRUS Mebarek SoltaniALG Decision (26 - 15)
Match #9 Andrzej RżanyPOL Bonyx Yusak SawehoINA Decision (25 - 19)
Match #10 Hicham MesbahiMAR Lechedzani LuzaBOT Decision (25 - 20)
Match #11 Nik'oloz IzoriaGEO Walid CherifTUN Decision (24 - 14)
Match #12 1 Fuad AslanovAZE George RakotoarimbeloMAD 2Walkover
Match #13 Jérôme ThomasFRA Akhil KumarIND Decision (37 - 16)
Match #14 Juan Carlos PayanoDOM Bato-Munko VankeyevBLR Decision (26 - 18)
Match #15 Ron SilerUSA Bradley HoreAUS Decision (32 - 18)
Match #16 Tolyashboy DoniyorovUZB Violito PaylaPHI Decision (36 - 26)

Round Two (21 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Rustam RahimovGER Óscar EscandónCOL Decision (25 - 15)
Match #2 Paulus AmbundaNAM Jonny MendozaVEN Decision (39 - 19)
Match #3 Yuriorkis GamboaCUB Somjit JongjohorTHA Decision (26 - 21)
Match #4 Georgy BalakshinRUS Mirzhan RakhimzhanovKAZ Decision (29 - 20)
Match #5 Andrzej RżanyPOL Hicham MesbahiMAR Decision (33 - 20)
Match #6 Fuad AslanovAZE Nik'oloz IzoriaGEO Decision (27 - 21)
Match #7 Jérôme ThomasFRA Juan Carlos PayanoDOM Decision (36 - 17)
Match #8 Tolyashboy DoniyorovUZB Ron SilerUSA Decision (45 - 22)

Quarter-Finals (25 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Rustam RahimovGER Paulus AmbundaNAM Decision (28 - 15)
Match #2 Yuriorkis GamboaCUB Georgy BalakshinRUS Decision (26 - 18)
Match #3 Fuad AslanovAZE Andrzej RżanyPOL Decision (24 - 23)
Match #4 Jérôme ThomasFRA Tolyashboy DoniyorovUZB Decision (25 - 16)

Semi-Finals (27 August 2004)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Yuriorkis GamboaCUB Rustam RahimovGER Decision (20 - 11)
Match #2 Jérôme ThomasFRA Fuad AslanovAZE Decision (23 - 18)

Final Round (28 August 2004)

Match 1/2 Yuriorkis GamboaCUB Jérôme ThomasFRA Decision (38 - 23)