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Lightweight (≤67½ kilograms), Men

Date10 August 1948 — 14:30
LocationEmpress Hall, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London
Participants22 from 17 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, 1-Hand Clean & Jerk)95.0 WR / Félix Bichsel SUI / 22 July 1924
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, 1-Hand Snatch)75.0 WR / Anton Zwerina AUT / 22 July 1924
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, Clean & Jerk)145.0 WR / Anwar Mousbah EGY / 2 August 1936
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, Military Press)105.0 / Robert Fein AUT / 2 August 1936
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, Pentathlon)440.0 / Edmond Décottignies FRA / 22 July 1924
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, Snatch)105.0 / Anwar Mousbah EGY / 2 August 1936
Olympic Record (≤67½ kg, Triathlon)342.5 / Anwar Mousbah EGY / 2 August 1936
342.5 / Robert Fein AUT / 2 August 1936

The last two World Champions were Americans Stan Stanczyk (1946) and Pete George (1947) but, although both were present in London, they had moved up in weight. The 1936 featherweight bronze medalist, Egypt’s Ibrahim Hassanien Shams also moved up in weight, and competed as a lightweight in London. The leader after the press was Canada’s John Stuart, with an Olympic record 107.5 kg, trailed by Shams teammate, Attia Mohammed Hamouda, who lifted 105.0 kg. Hamouda had been the silver medalist in the class at the 1938 World Championships. Hamouda took the lead with a snatch of 110.0 kg, but Shams’ Olympic record of 115.0 kg moved him into second place. After Hamouda lifted 145.0 kg in the clean & jerk, Shams had to hoist 147.5 kg to tie him and win the gold medal on lower bodyweight. Shams backed off from the bar twice, but on his third approach, he quickly lifted it overhead cleanly to win the title. Britain Jim Halliday and American John Terpak tied for third at 340.0 kg, 20.0 kg behind the Egyptians, but Halliday won the bronze medal on lower bodyweight, 40 grams lighter than Terpak (about 1⅓ ounce).

1Ibrahim ShamsEGY360.0ORGold
2Attia MohammedEGY360.0ORSilver
3Jim HallidayGBR340.0Bronze
4John TerpakUSA340.0
5John StuartCAN332.5
6Kim Chang-HuiKOR330.0
7Na Si-YunKOR330.0
8Joe PitmanUSA322.5
9George EspeutJAM322.5
10Jørgen Fryd PetersenDEN315.0
11René AlemanFRA315.0
12Giuseppe ColantuonoITA312.5
13Ron ElandGBR310.0
14Sigvard KinnunenSWE307.5
15Frank TeräskariFIN307.5
16Gonzalo AlvaradoPER305.0
17Théophile HuygeBEL300.0
18Salvador Lo PrestiARG300.0
19Asadollah MihaniIRI295.0
20Hugo D'AtriARG295.0
21Hugo BandaMEX272.5
22Fernando LouroCUB185.0