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Four, Men

Date3 – 4 February 1956 — 08:00
LocationPista del Bob, Ronco, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Participants86 from 12 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 16
Length: 1700 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 153 m

The World Championship winning pilots from 1953 and 1954, Lloyd Johnson of the USA and Fritz Feierabend of Switzerland were not present but the reigning World Champion, Franz Kapus, appeared in Cortina with the same Switzerland I crew that he had steered to victory in 1955.

Whilst the two-man event had been completely dominated by Italy the four-man event was a very different competition. At the end of day one, during which temperatures had dipped to -16° C. (3° F.), four crews were left in contention for the medals. Switzerland I and II topped the leader board in that order with USA I and Italy’s II bob in close proximity. The decisive run was Switzerland I’s third as they blazed down the track over a second faster than their rivals and ensured that victory would be a formality. A disastrous final run from Switzerland II eliminated them from medal contention so it was left to Eugenio Monti’s Italian crew to sneak past American veteran Art Tyler for the second place on the podium.

For winning pilot Franz Kapus, at 46 years of age and in his third Olympics, it was a fitting climax to his career. Kapus remains the oldest man to pilot a bob to Olympic gold and the second oldest, after 48 year old J.J. O’Brien, of any Olympic bobsleigh champion.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
11Switzerland ISUI5:10.441:18.00 (4)1:17.19 (1)1:17.09 (1)1:18.16 (1)Gold
Franz KapusGottfried DienerRobert AltHeiri Angst
29Italy IIITA5:12.101:17.69 (2)1:17.97 (4)1:18.13 (2)1:18.31 (2)Silver
Eugenio MontiUlrico GirardiRenzo AlveràRenato Mocellini
34United States IUSA5:12.391:17.75 (3)1:17.87 (3)1:18.25 (3)1:18.52 (3)Bronze
Art TylerBill DodgeTom ButlerJim Lamy
414Switzerland IISUI5:14.271:17.41 (1)1:17.85 (2)1:18.68 (5)1:20.33 (9)
Max AngstAbi GartmannHarry WarburtonRolf Gerber
516Italy IITA5:14.661:18.10 (5)1:18.65 (5)1:18.50 (4)1:19.41 (4)
Dino De MartinGiovanni De MartinGiovanni TabacchiCarlo Da Pra
615Germany IGER5:18.021:18.61 (6)1:19.04 (8)1:19.43 (7)1:20.94 (13)
Hans RöschMichael PössingerLorenz NieberlSylvester Wackerle, Sr.
72Austria IIAUT5:18.291:19.37 (10)1:19.12 (9)1:20.08 (9)1:19.72 (5)
Kurt LoserthWilfried ThurnerKarl SchwarzböckFrank Dominik
811Germany IIGER5:18.501:19.03 (9)1:18.84 (7)1:19.31 (6)1:21.32 (15)
Franz SchelleJakob NirschlHans HennEdmund Koller
921Spain ESP5:19.491:18.87 (7)1:19.27 (10)1:21.37 (17)1:19.98 (6)
Fon, Marquis de PortagoVicente SartoriusGonzalo TaboadaLuis Muñoz
105Austria IAUT5:20.621:19.60 (11)1:20.74 (17)1:19.98 (8)1:20.30 (8)
Karl WagnerFritz RurschAdolf TonnHeinrich Isser
113Norway NOR5:21.501:20.96 (17)1:20.08 (13)1:20.45 (11)1:20.01 (7)
Arne RøgdenArnold DyrdahlOdd SolliTrygve Brudevold
1213Great Britain IGBR5:22.121:21.39 (20)1:18.73 (6)1:20.42 (10)1:21.58 (16)
Keith SchellenbergRollo BrandtRalph RafflesJohn Rainforth
1312Sweden IISWE5:23.181:20.58 (14)1:20.32 (15)1:21.15 (15)1:21.13 (14)
Kjell HolmströmSven ErbsWalter AronsonJan de Man Lapidoth
1410Romania IROU5:23.191:21.53 (21)1:20.58 (16)1:20.64 (12)1:20.44 (10)
Heinrich EneaDumitru Frățilă 1Nicolae MoiceanuMărgărit BlăgescuDumitru Peteu 2
1517Poland IPOL5:23.491:19.95 (12)1:20.25 (14)1:21.10 (14)1:22.19 (20)
Stefan CiapałaJerzy OlesiakJózef SzymańskiAleksander Habela
1620Sweden ISWE5:23.541:18.95 (8)1:19.98 (12)1:22.75 (21)1:21.86 (18)
Olle AxelsonEbbe WallénSune SkagerlingGunnar Åhs
1719Great Britain IIGBR5:23.731:20.72 (16)1:19.92 (11)1:22.51 (19)1:20.58 (12)
Stuart ParkinsonJohn ReadRodney Mann 3Christopher Williams
186France FRA5:23.831:20.00 (13)1:21.25 (19)1:20.95 (13)1:21.63 (17)
André RobinPierre BouvierJacques PanciroliLucien Grosso
198United States IIUSA5:25.161:20.97 (18)1:22.47 (20)1:21.22 (16)1:20.50 (11)
Jim Bickford, Jr.Donald Jacques, Jr.Larry McKillipHubert Miller
2018Romania IIROU5:27.831:21.21 (19)1:21.22 (18)1:22.37 (18)1:23.03 (21)
Constantin DragomirVasile PanaitIon StaicuGheorghe Moldoveanu
217Poland IIPOL5:28.401:20.64 (15)1:23.13 (21)1:22.52 (20)1:22.11 (19)4
Aleksy KoniecznyZygmunt KoniecznyWłodzimierz ŹróbikZbigniew SkowrońskiJan Dombrowski