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Lightweight (≤60 kilograms), Men

Date29 July – 12 August 2012
LocationExCeL, Newham, London
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine had been awarded the Val Barker Trophy as the outstanding boxer of the 2008 Olympic Games and the years between Beijing and London had seen him virtually unbeatable in tournament boxing. He had won the 2009 world championship at featherweight and then in 2011 added the lightweight world title after the abolition of the featherweight division in amateur boxing had forced him to fight at 3 kgs heavier than in 2008. His route to a second Olympic gold was pretty straightforward and his biggest test, which came in a semi-final with Cuba’s Yasnier Toledo, was passed without any great alarm. Lomachenko’s opponent in the final was Han Sun-Cheol, a surprise contender from Korea. Han was no match for the Ukrainian and was comfortably outscored by a full 10 point margin.

1Vasyl LomachenkoUKRGold
2Han Sun-CheolKORSilver
=3Yasniel ToledoCUBBronze
=3Evaldas PetrauskasLTUBronze
=5Félix VerdejoPUR
=5Gani ZhaylauovKAZ
=5Domenico ValentinoITA
=5Fazliddin GaybnazarovUZB
=9Wellington AriasDOM
=9Ahmed MejriTUN
=9Jai BhagwanIND
=9Liu QiangCHN
=9Josh TaylorGBR
=9Fatih KeleşTUR
=9Jose RamirezUSA
=9Vazhen SafariantsBLR
=17Eduard MarriagaCOL
=17Shafiq ChitouBEN
=17Juan HuertasPAN
=17Saylom ArdeeTHA
=17Andrique AllisopSEY
=17Luke JacksonAUS
=17Robson ConceiçãoBRA
=17Miklós VargaHUN
=17Abdelkader ChadiALG
=17Yhyacinthe AbdonCMR
=17Rachid AzzedineFRA
=17Mohamed RamadanEGY

Round One

Date29 July 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #129 JulVasyl LomachenkoUKR
Match #229 JulWellington AriasDOMDecisionEduard MarriagaCOL
Match #329 JulAhmed MejriTUNDecisionShafiq ChitouBEN
Match #429 JulFélix VerdejoPURDecisionJuan HuertasPAN
Match #529 JulGani ZhaylauovKAZDecisionSaylom ArdeeTHA
Match #629 JulJai BhagwanINDDecisionAndrique AllisopSEY
Match #729 JulLiu QiangCHNDecisionLuke JacksonAUS
Match #829 JulYasniel ToledoCUB
Match #929 JulDomenico ValentinoITA
Match #1029 JulJosh TaylorGBRDecisionRobson ConceiçãoBRA
Match #1129 JulEvaldas PetrauskasLTUDecisionMiklós VargaHUN
Match #1229 JulFatih KeleşTURDecisionAbdelkader ChadiALG
Match #1329 JulFazliddin GaybnazarovUZBDecisionYhyacinthe AbdonCMR
Match #1429 JulJose RamirezUSADecisionRachid AzzedineFRA
Match #1529 JulHan Sun-CheolKORDecisionMohamed RamadanEGY
Match #1629 JulVazhen SafariantsBLR

Round Two

Date2 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #102 AugVasyl LomachenkoUKRDecisionWellington AriasDOM
Match #202 AugFélix VerdejoPURDecisionAhmed MejriTUN
Match #302 AugGani ZhaylauovKAZDecisionJai BhagwanIND
Match #402 AugYasniel ToledoCUBDecisionLiu QiangCHN
Match #502 AugDomenico ValentinoITADecisionJosh TaylorGBR
Match #602 AugEvaldas PetrauskasLTUDecisionFatih KeleşTUR
Match #702 AugFazliddin GaybnazarovUZBDecisionJose RamirezUSA
Match #802 AugHan Sun-CheolKORDecisionVazhen SafariantsBLR


Date6 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #106 AugVasyl LomachenkoUKRDecisionFélix VerdejoPUR
Match #206 AugYasniel ToledoCUBDecisionGani ZhaylauovKAZ
Match #306 AugEvaldas PetrauskasLTUDecisionDomenico ValentinoITA
Match #406 AugHan Sun-CheolKORDecisionFazliddin GaybnazarovUZB


Date10 August 2012
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #110 AugVasyl LomachenkoUKRDecisionYasniel ToledoCUB
Match #210 AugHan Sun-CheolKORDecisionEvaldas PetrauskasLTU

Final Round

Date12 August 2012
Match 1/212 AugVasyl LomachenkoUKRDecisionHan Sun-CheolKOR