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Middleweight (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date28 July – 11 August 2012
LocationExCeL, Newham, London
Participants28 from 28 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

Yevhen Khytrov, the world champion and top seed in the division, was the victim of a huge shock in his first bout of the Games. His fight against British boxer Anthony Ogogo ended in a 14-14 tie and incredibly the two men could not be divided by the countback system which had them level at 52-52. It took the individual preference votes of the judges to decide that the Briton, despite having been given two standing counts, was the winner.

Ogogo’s winning run was snapped in the semi-final by Esquiva Florentino of Brazil who was one of two brothers who won medals at boxing in Beijing. The other semi-final was a close affair that was awarded to Ryota Murata of Japan over Abbos Atayev of Uzbekistan by a single point. One point was also the margin that decided the final and again it was the Japanese fighter who came out on top. An appeal on behalf on Florentino was denied by the AIBA.

Both champion Murata and bronze medallist Ogogo had been through difficult times prior to the Olympics. Murata’s former coach had committed suicide six months before the Games began whilst Ogogo’s preparations had to be put on hold when his mother lapsed into a coma following a brain aneurysm in June. Murata’s gold medal was the first by a Japanese fighter since 1964 and the first to be won outside Japan.

1Ryota MurataJPNGold
2Esquiva FlorentinoBRASilver
=3Anthony OgogoGBRBronze
=3Abbos AtoyevUZBBronze
=5Stefan HärtelGER
=5Zoltán HarcsaHUN
=5Vijender SinghIND
=8Yevhen KhytrovUKR
=8Darren O'NeillIRL
=8Mujandjae KasutoNAM
=8Soltan MigitinovAZE
=8Bogdan JuratoniROU
=8Terrell GaushaUSA
=8Aleksandar DrenovakSRB
=8Abdelmalek RahouALG
=16Junior CastilloDOM
=16Muideen AkanjiNGR
=16Enrique CollazoPUR
=16Sobirjon NazarovTJK
=16José EspinozaVEN
=16Mohamed HikalEGY
=16Badr-Eddine HaddiouiMAR
=16Andranik HakobyanARM
=16Danabek SuzhanovKAZ
=16Nursähet PazzyýewTKM
=16Marlo DelgadoECU
=16Jesse RossAUS
ACAdem KılıççıTURDQ1

Round One (28 July 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the second round.

Match #1 Yevhen KhytrovUKR Bye
Match #2 Anthony OgogoGBR Junior CastilloDOM Decision (13 - 6)
Match #3 Darren O'NeillIRL Muideen AkanjiNGR Decision (15 - 6)
Match #4 Stefan HärtelGER Enrique CollazoPUR Decision (18 - 10)
Match #5 Mujandjae KasutoNAM Sobirjon NazarovTJK Decision (11 - 8)
Match #6 Zoltán HarcsaHUN José EspinozaVEN Decision (16 - 13)
Match #7 Soltan MigitinovAZE Mohamed HikalEGY Decision (20 - 12)
Match #8 Esquiva FlorentinoBRA Bye
Match #9 Bogdan JuratoniROU Bye
Match #10 Abbos AtoyevUZB Badr-Eddine HaddiouiMAR Decision (11 - 9)
Match #11 Terrell GaushaUSA Andranik HakobyanARM Referee Stops Contest (Round 3, 10800)
Match #12 Vijender SinghIND Danabek SuzhanovKAZ Decision (14 - 10)
Match #13 2 Nursähet PazzyýewTKM Adem KılıççıTUR 3
Match #14 Aleksandar DrenovakSRB Marlo DelgadoECU Decision (13 - 12)
Match #15 Abdelmalek RahouALG Jesse RossAUS Decision (13 - 11)
Match #16 Ryota MurataJPN Bye

Round Two (2 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Anthony OgogoGBR Yevhen KhytrovUKR Decision (18 - 18)
Match #2 Stefan HärtelGER Darren O'NeillIRL Decision (19 - 12)
Match #3 Zoltán HarcsaHUN Mujandjae KasutoNAM Decision (16 - 7)
Match #4 Esquiva FlorentinoBRA Soltan MigitinovAZE Decision (24 - 11)
Match #5 Abbos AtoyevUZB Bogdan JuratoniROU Decision (12 - 10)
Match #6 Vijender SinghIND Terrell GaushaUSA Decision (16 - 15)
Match #7 4 Aleksandar DrenovakSRB Adem KılıççıTUR 5
Match #8 Ryota MurataJPN Abdelmalek RahouALG Decision (21 - 12)

Quarter-Finals (6 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Anthony OgogoGBR Stefan HärtelGER Decision (15 - 10)
Match #2 Esquiva FlorentinoBRA Zoltán HarcsaHUN Decision (14 - 10)
Match #3 Abbos AtoyevUZB Vijender SinghIND Decision (17 - 13)
Match #4 6 Ryota MurataJPN Adem KılıççıTUR 7Decision (17 - 13)

Semi-Finals (10 August 2012)

Winner of each match advanced to the final match.

Match #1 Esquiva FlorentinoBRA Anthony OgogoGBR Decision (16 - 9)
Match #2 Ryota MurataJPN Abbos AtoyevUZB Decision (13 - 12)

Final Round (11 August 2012)

Match 1/2 Ryota MurataJPN Esquiva FlorentinoBRA Decision (14 - 13)